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  1. Funny...RULES. The point is there are no rules because of open enrollment and even when the FHSAA nails someone NOTHING happens most of the time. Let IMG IN LET IMG IN. I guess these great state champs dont want to have to play someone with twice their talent level huh. Sound familiar.
  2. Why not according the all the lets keep the current system so my team can pummel teams with have their talent.
  3. I love being attacked for making reasonable statements. I have had my favorite team get destroyed in the late playoffs by a South Florida all star team and it did suck. However, the motivation for my pushing the promotion and demotion idea is due to the fact that open enrollment has made recruiting necessary to compete at the highest levels and the distance between the cheaters and the non cheaters is getting much worse. Its futile to make some system like competitive balance where we count transfers and depend on the FHSAA to investigate or people to self regulate themselves. Promotion and demotion would get same results and let cheaters play cheaters. The metro suburb people illustrated the point 2 years ago when they showed how horrible the state games have become. The open division would need to be at least 16 teams. Here who would probably make it up and i might miss a team here or there. in no particular order. #1. STA #9.Treasure Coast #2. Columbus #10. Jesuit #3. Chaminade #11. Edgewater #4. Lakeland #12. Miami Central #5. Venice #13. Northwestern #6. Clearwater Central Cath #14. Aopka #7. Cocoa #15. Osceola #8. AHP - Broward #16. Cardinal Gibbons
  4. I know Lakeland is not only team that recruits or cheats. I dont need some investigative team to decide who does and does not cheat. Just take top 15% of teams and promote them each year on a four year basis and demote the bottom 15% and in 5 years, the top division will be all the cheaters and recruiters. Or take top 32 teams in Maxpreps and put them in 8 A and use other divisions by enrollment. Same result. Put teams who are similar in divisions. Only call top division a true state title and the rest are regional enrollment champs . Done deal.
  5. 6-8 teams that recruit seems a tad bit low. Come on. That might make up the teams that recruit in Dade and Broward county alone. The real number of football factories that recruit is is closer to 24-32. Take out top 24-32 and let them beat each other up since they disregard the FHSAA rules anyway
  6. So we can agree that in the current Florida High School football world that a team has to recruit in order to compete at the highest levels right. Than why not place all the recruiting super power teams in same classification or open division and let them play similar teams. Its not fair for a super team to play non-super teams and using enrollment number does not reflect a teams recruiting ability. This is reason why i support promotion and demotion model but am fine with a large 32-36 team open division.
  7. I am sure some kids choose to play for the powers. However, it seems that today, many coaches and players recruit the players from other schools and never get punished for it. You have coaches liking players on social media and not a darn thing happens to them. CHEATERS. Lakeland can play with anybody when they get transfers but when they were limited after probation, they were just another average team. Need an open division with about 36 teams and that would force the powers to beat each other up. Pick on someone their own size.
  8. They seem to ignore many other offenses by schools. Double standard for sure.
  9. For once we agree on something. The open division should have passed and it should have been like 32-42 teams large and get all the super all star teams that somehow miraculously form without any RECRUITING/CHEATING at all according to many clowns on this site. FHSAA board caters to a certain elite team who has been busted for cheating many times in a county that rhymes with folk.
  10. You act like the suburb plan helped tons of schools. Teams like Lake wales who made semi finals before get to win a state title. I dont love the current enrollment model but the suburb idea was not done on the up and up. The population density crap was snuck in to favor a certain polk county team whose representative started this whole mess. The elite model was a start but needed to include the top 32 so all the Miami Centrals and Venices and Chaminaddes could have fun beating each other up since they all recruit. I have been pushing promotion and demotion due to the unfairness of school who cheat and those who play by the rules.
  11. I posted the winter Park cheating and the fhsaa let all the players play in playoffs. It was obvious cheating by a public school. Recruiting is cheating and illegal and the current rules force coaches to do it or lose. Need to put elite teams who obviously recruit into same divisions so it apples to apples and not David VS Goliath.
  12. the suburb idea heled a few great teams win state in lower division. It did nothing to solve the recruiting issue in either division.
  13. I even posted a article of a public school recruiting. I mean any team that recruits. The only way to solve issue is to put all the super teams in same divisions an dlet them pummel each other instead on non super recruiters.
  14. I have been screaming for a promotion / demotion plan for last two years. For the exact same reason you stated. I just hated suburb / metro plan that really did not help many people out and punished alot more teams.
  15. So your saying their is no difference between a public 2A school who does not recruit and cheat to Chaminade-Madonna high school football. They all can recruit even though its no legal by FHSAA rules.
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