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  1. Congrats to Apopka. Really nice. Win and you are district champs and get home games throughout regional final probably. You might have a tougher time beating Seminole next time though when their starting qb is in. Still great win though.
  2. I was showing how horrible maxpreps rankings are when they count margin of victory. If you end up with a 4-5 team at number 9 in 4m and another 5-4 team who did not not beat anybody in top 16. Then something is wrong with your ranking formula. The one team lost 37-7 a week ago and rose three spots in the state. SOS is weighted wayyyyy too heavy in maxpreps. Go back to rpi which makes sense a lot more than this dumb ranking .
  3. So I want to get this straight. Your telling me that a 4-5 team Palmetto is the 9th best team this year. It seems maxoreps does not count losses if you lose to a solid team at all. They have a 5-4 team lake Brantley rated super high too. What a joke. End this crazy rankings next year and go back to rpi. The rankings don’t really match up that much anyway when the fhsaa ones come out. Whole things is maddening because playoffs will be determined by this.
  4. There will be issues with any system. I just have a problem with the lack of transparency of maxpreps ratings. I see a team with four losses ranked super high and they got beat bad in three of them. The latest. A 27plus beat down and they rose four spots in regular maxpreps rankings of the state. The regular rankings must focus too much on Strength of schedule for that non sense to happen
  5. I have seen examples where teams get run off field and rise a few spots in the maxpreps rankings and other times where the drop like a rock. Using maxpreps without knowing their formula is a bad idea. The system was better when it was a third record and the. Opponents record and a third and opponents opponents record for a third but that is too easy. No money to be made off that
  6. Western hs is rated as 6th best team in 4m at 3-2 with big wins against Taravella who is 0-5. Some Georgia team that is 1-5 and coconut creek who is 3-3. Really. The. Go destroyed by ST Thomas and American h. The. That winter park team is still rated three with weak schedule and ahead of team that just beat them. O something please explain this secret dumb formula to determine playoffs to me
  7. The old system of district winner and runner up was much better
  8. The max Oreos rankings must take into account past results because how is apopka 6 in 4m. Give me a break. They struggled to beat cooler and a sad dr Phillips team. I guess losing to edgewater close matter more in dumbass secret rankings
  9. It’s tough to trust fhsaa to create and operate a playoffs system. The one idiotic system have the Laing team more points for losing than the winning team got. Maxoreps is like local newspaper who rank 1-3 teams in top 16 . What a joke.
  10. How come the fhsaa cant use the formulae they had before where it was a third win and opponents record etc. instead no one know what the heck is being judged by maxoreeos because formula protected by copyright. What a joke.
  11. I am ready to go back to district champ and runner up
  12. The new set up has not solved anything and the blowouts are even more often since metro non recruiting teams are in killer districts across huge enrollment distances.
  13. I was posting about this when we did suburban and metro debate. Who are we concerned about the most when making rules for high school football? The metro suburban plan only really helped about 10 schools who now may win a state title instead of being a semi finalist or finalist. Put elite cheaters in one class and let them beat each other’s brains on to win the elite true state champion. The other 90% of the teams who have zero chance at a real state championship now and get drilled by cheaters can compete against each other for regional crowns in lower divisions. We keep catering to elite few at cost of all.
  14. Apopka is not the fifth to best team at all. Sorry Darter but you have at least two to three losses coming. Your d is awesome but your offense is lousy and has zero chance against Edgewater or Seminole. Looks like a jv team . What happened darter to the offense .
  15. Hornet. Not to contradict you but I just looked up that Winter Park team and you idea that they are student athletes is bull crap. I saw where they were busted for recruiting where they were putting kids up in apartments and a whole slew of violations of fhsaa. Article below Winter Park High School football players ineligible after faked documentation uncovered Students transferred from Timber Creek between spring, fall 2018 Emilee Speck, Digital journalist Published: August 23, 2018, 6:33 PM Tags: WINTER PARK, Fla. – Four high school football players have been ruled ineligible after the Florida High School Athletic Association found that their residential documents were faked in order for the students to play for Winter Park High School this school year. According to the Florida High School Athletic Association investigation, Winter Park High School received multiple transfer students starting in the spring and fall of this year. State athletic officials said they were concerned about the nature of these student-athlete transfers and attempted to verify their eligibility to play for the school. Two 18-year-old football players told News 6 the now ineligible students transferred from Timber Creek High School as seniors, adding that this will probably ruin their future college football careers. Winter Park High School has received 10 other transfers this year, but those players were cleared, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
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