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  1. I heard of that city before with other older college coaches . I think Stoops, Bo Pelini , and Tressel are from there.
  2. So why should teams who are all star teams play non all star teams? The idea of Chaminade playing other 1 a teams is insane.
  3. So your saying if a team has like 15 transfers in one season, I need to have like a team of investigators and video tape to realize that the coach is recruiting. Come on. The truth is all of the super teams recruit and yes some players come because of the winning culture. I know its impossible to get full proof on everyone that cheats and even when they do have evidence and catch teams red handed like Winter Park.....NOTHING HAPPENED. Its the reason they should have competitive promotion and demotion so all the super teams who do bend (CHEAT) the rules get to beat each other up.
  4. Are you saying illegal recruiting does not occur in Florida ? Wake up and take your blinders off
  5. Welcome to the new wonderful wild west of high school football in Florida. We need to create a new position at each school. Recruiting coordinator. Because that is the only way to win big in this state now at the highest levels. The haves can turn into have not by losing one cheater coach.
  6. Only issue Only issue with starting playoffs so soon is who would care to go to a game after team is eliminated from the playoffs. An idea that could work is to double the current playoff teams and dump the idiot bye week we have in Florida. That would pretty much include everyone and the top 1 or 2 seeds get a bye if not enough teams in region.
  7. Just use the old playoff rankings system Florida used when they did 1/3 win %, 1/3 opponents win %, and opponents opponents win % and dump the secret sauce recipe Maxprepos rankings and even more secret FHSAA version of the Maxpreps secret sauce rankings. That idiot ranking system screwed Florida teams who were undefeated over St. Joe beaten team for natty the one year.
  8. What a surprise a cheater from one of the worst examples of illegally recruiting scandal that resulted in Nothing happening ends up at another in house scandal. He better watch out, that wrist slap he got at Winter Park where nobody had any punishment whatsoever really stopped him huh.
  9. The plan would get crushed by smaller enrollments in central Florida and still does not address the recruiting issue. The reason a open division with like 16 teams or a promotion and demotion makes the most sense.
  10. The FHSAA has like staff to due investigations and even if its obvious, they slap them on wrist.
  11. The issue is when the third issue become economic reasons as the new school provides benefits like free rent and other cash. Winter Park did this and stole like 15 players around the area in one year and got busted and NOTHING happened to anyone. Kids missed a few meaningless regular season games and all played on playoffs.
  12. Nole wants high schools to put together NIL packages and let the highest bidder win and the sad part is the FHSAA wont do anything even if they caught the team red handed recruiting with illegal benefits. Ridiculous
  13. about 1 per cent of players get a full d-1 scholarship.
  14. So cheating is ok as long as you reach your goal. End justifies the means. Quite Machiavellian of you. It this belief that is destroying our country today. As long as you get yours, screw everyone else mentality.
  15. It seems like a lot of turnover at many positions in that school. New coach needs to rent some apartments for players and give some 100 dollar handshakes to make it in today Florida high school football. Oh wait, no one recruits illegally here in Florida... my bad
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