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  1. The state legislator who wanted open enrollment and to end fhsaa because her hometown Lakeland team who got punished for recruiting finally has gotten her dream to come true. Lakeland can legally recruit now. Plus. The idiot fhsaa board members allowed one of the most populace counties Polk to be in crap second gate divisions suburban.
  2. This is the same brilliant people who gave us a playoff system a few years ago where the loser of a game earned more playoffs points than the winner of the game or at least the same number. I never trust these power rankings because someone has a formula that benefits what they think is important. So last year it was 1/3 record. 1/3 opponents record, and 1/3 opponents opponents. I see the first 2 parts but the third seemed a stretch and way to hard to predict when scheduling unless you put ST. Thomas Aquinas on the schedule. District winner and runner up was much better system es[ecially when they had a few wild cards in each division.
  3. From the genius wizards who brought us a State championship a and B. Now they are going to reseed the regional in football according to power ranking which means a district champ can be a 8 seed and face the number one team in first round. Real nice that a district winner is seeded lower than wildcard. This board is full of idiots and simpletons. This is what happens when the backwoods areas of Florida control the FHSAA. 2 crummy ideas passed in one year. Way to go board. Barney Fifes are running our state association now.
  4. I meant most supplements are based on actual length of season. Some sports coaches get paid differently according to what sport they coach. and yes the union would care about supplemental salaries. The cross country coach would wig out if the FB supplement was 25k and his was 3k. If you dont think so, go to any faculty meeting at a school or union meeting. Some of these people trip out over a minute or two shorter planning period. The natives would burn down the school board building if a FB made what he deserves plus teaching salary.
  5. reduce number of divisions and the 2-3 team districts disappear.
  6. I have not heard the reason the coach was fired immediately but interested if anyone knows whats going on there. Also, if the recent coach did not do something illegal or inappropriate. Why would anyone apply to be the new coach when they have had numerous coaches over last 4-5 years.
  7. Four team districts have a built in advantage of not have extra guaranteed losses to the teams you play which lowers your ranking. It may be tough to schedule for them but still easier path to playoffs. Less teams to beat and a higher state playoff ranking. Plus, not having districts in upper divisions would make scheduling practically impossible for the recruiting cheater teams so they will never get rid of the districts or it would make all the football factory teams play each other instead of pummeling the regular teams.
  8. So he screws up the state football playoffs whining about his school not being able to compete with the big bad metro schools and then gets his way and goes to the biggest winner in 1a as is. Real nice.
  9. People who push reforms to benefit themselves in one situation rarely try to make a change that would not benefit them in another. He is the one of the main clowns behind this crapshow suburban idea. Not a big fan of his work. hope he screw up the gold mine Madison job. He even has a easier path now.
  10. I think these team I predicted are great and just saying that the argument that we will have parity was a lie. These teams went to semi finals every year or the finals and will dominate lower sector of FHSAA playoffs now that they dont have to play Miami dade teams or Broward privates.
  11. Predictions for the WIDE open anyone from any division can win the Fake State title in the FHSAA Suburban. Spin the wheel to see who wins each year. Oh wait- it will be these for the next 2 years for sure unless a miracle happens. Hey maybe we can do a third split and go rural too and have 14 divisions after these teams roll the next two years to the second rate champ title. We can one team districts then . Everyone gets a trophy. I am sure they will somehow place Polk county into a rural district like they did to make them Suburban. What a joke. 4S- Venice /Lakeland or Osceola 3S- Mainland or Naples wins easily 2s- Cocoa for sure 1s- Victory Christian 1R Madison Here are suburban winners.
  12. The FHSAA should never went to 8 and now 9 divisions. It was fine with 6 divisions and yes the same teams won most of the titles juist like today and nobody whined because you had to be great to win a state title. The districts were not 2-3 teams and their were a few wild cards to make playoffs if you were in a stacked district. The FHSAA just caters to a few people from Lakeland whose state legislature blew up any real competition by pushing for total open enrollment so her team would be good again when they could recruit. led to super recruit teams which gave us this crazy suburb plan that creates two levels in football. The elite Metro and the lower minor leagues except for the 2-3 teams that will win all those titles now and lead to same state champs in all 9 divisions. same problem they are whining about now.
  13. Its not districts that are the problem. It that we have too many divisions. Scrap dumb suburb/ matro plan and go back to 6 divisions like the nold days and bring back wild cards for crazy stacked districts and problem solved. But then crappy teams wont get to claim fake state titles then i guess.
  14. I will say it again. Many coaches and ADS showed proof that the metro teams win 89% of the title so they wanted to separate from basically the Miami Dade and Broward privates. They admitted they cant compete with the metro but then say that the suburban divisions are not second rate joke championships. They are the B kiddie pool divisions and the metro is big boy football. Venice does not apply because they knew that the suburban will be a fake championship and tried to go to real state titles.
  15. Your right Ray but the new teacher pay is the same as a 10 year veteran right now after last years pay raise bill. It made starting pay alot better for new teachers but had no money for vets.
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