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  1. For all you clowns who said metro suburb plan would create parity, looks like same group of suburb teams who were awesome before and made semi finals regularly are the only ones who benefitted from the plan. But, you crushed many metro schools with a huge enrollment number which led to more blowouts in district play. Nice. Put all cheaters in same couple of divisions with promotion and demotion is only real solution to the recruiting problem. Here are the state match ups. Mandarin (Jacksonville) vs. Columbus (Miami) - Gee never saw Columbus in finals huh and mandarin won a couple of years ago. Homestead vs. St. Thomas Aquinas - Rematch of last years state game Class 2MBerkeley Prep (Tampa) vs. Miami Norland- Norland new but had many transfers to get good. 1MClearwater Central Catholic vs.Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) Florida- Chaminade should be in 4m.. Class 1RMadison County (Madison) vs. HawthorneDec. Madison should be in 3 M 4SLakeland vs. VeniceDec - surprise...never saw these two in state game before. Lakeland State House Rep started this whole crap. . 3SMainland (Daytona Beach) vs. St. Augustine- these teams were state semi-finalsts regularly before break up and both won state before. Class 2SBradford (Starke) vs. Cocoa - Cocoa is such a lock to win state here that even Fanduel would not post odds on it. 1STrinity Catholic (Ocala) vs. Cardinal Mooney (Sarasota) - Never saw Trinity before.
  2. https://www.naplesnews.com/videos/sports/high-school/football/2023/11/25/highlights-dunbar-stuns-naples-behind-kelby-tyres-kickoff-return-touchdown/71700509007/ I may not be a rocket scientist, but who kicks the ball deep with 10 seconds to play to a d-1 prospect? I don't like to blame refs or coaches for losses but this ending is hard not to put on the head coach . geez. a squib kick to a team that does not have an elite kicker seem obvious. Tough way to get knocked out of the playoffs. Mainland would have beaten them anyway probably but losing this way in not fun.
  3. I thought this was the year Lake Mary went to the state championship game. I have no idea how they got beat so bad. Anyone at the game have some more details. How did they not score more point?
  4. Administration has to be the rock of any solid football program and it seems that that school has been a disaster in football over the years and you actully made it matter and they quit on the program. sad for players.
  5. Didn't winter park get busted for a horrible recruiting scandal when they were paying for apartments and such and the only punishment was the kids had to sit out only 5 games and were back for playoffs. No penalty for head coach or school so that basically said go ahead and cheat and its a ok with the fhsaa. So spare me your punishing the great teams with putting all the cheaters in a same 2 divisions and they would have won their division state title. Watching Chaminade destroy normal 1 s or 2 a schools is a joke.
  6. The suburb idea only helped elite suburb teams who already elite made finals or semi-finals and could not win state. Then the FHSAA punished many metro schools by condensing 8 divisions into 4 and making enrollment gaps huge. Reason for more blowouts in districts and playoffs. Demote and promote top 15% and cheaters can fight for top 2 divisions called state title and rest regionals. Only 10% of schools have any shot at a state title anyway so let them compete for regionals lower titles and let cheaters and recruiters and open enrollment giants crush each other.
  7. Lake Mary dominated most of the game and it took a crazy last 6 minutes for the noles to win. Nice job and guts but doubt it happens again. Usually, the team that dominates most of a game wins. I have no dog in the fight, but anyone who can beat APK like that must be pretty darn good and put 70 up on Dr. Phillips.
  8. Lake Mary will still win the region and maybe state. Nice win and guts by The Noles. That type of grit will help them but dont think they win a possible rematch.
  9. The suburb - metro plan just helped a few elite schools in suburb territory win state instead of being runner up or semi finalists. The real solution is promotion and demotion to get same type of schools plying each other instead of blowout city.
  10. open enrollment and transfers for academic reasons is not the problem here. Its recruiting and transfers for athletic reasons. Since our state association has zero power to rule them ineligible and even if they did, the state and courts would overturn it, we need to promote and demote. Period
  11. This division is a joke. They let everyone in playoffs and then put all crappy teams in lower divisions and when they win 3 games against other crappy schools, they say state champs. Top division is only one that matters a little.
  12. I love how the cheaters use the same old excuse to stop promotion and demotion. It penalizes winners. The goal is to get state champions and let the rest compete against similar competition. Only 10% of the schools even have a snowballs chance in hell of winning a state championship and it might be even smaller. Let cheaters who recruit and do other shady open enrollment recruiting battle it out in the top 2 divisions and only call them state champs and let the other 90% compete for regional lesser trophies. Problem solved. top 15% go up and down in each division over a 4year win average. Its too easy.
  13. The sit out a year role after a transfer was a good rule for both hs and college but it wont fly in the current climate. One lawsuit and they would cave.
  14. Multipliers never really are high enough to bump any team more than one division. Promote top15% and demote bottom 15% every year based on last 4 years record. The cream will rise to the top and we will get more parity. Call top 2 divisions a state champion and rest something else. Easy enough and the great teams that cheat and recruit and can play other similar teams. Same thing for normal schools. Its the only way that does not reward certain areas like suburb teams who are in counties more populations that some in metro.
  15. I told everyone that the metro suburb idea would not really help many teams except elite suburban ones. Committee is a joke. Promotion and demotion is only way to get true parity but elite teams will never go for it because they like their state rings and dont want to be challenged for them. We know that most elite teams recruit and should have to fight it out among the other cheaters. go by last 4 year average and bump top 15% up each year and bottom 15% down a year and you will get fair and balanced.
  16. Yet another example of why all the cheater teams should be in the same class and let them beat each other up.
  17. The open division idea floated by Damon would piss off a lot of superpowers. Teams who don’t think they could compete that year might throw a game to stay in the regular division
  18. My bad. Ok so two for lee and zero for Orlando makes a lot of sense and you wonder why lee was conveniently placed in suburban with bs density rule. Whole lot of change to help roughly six to ten suburb schools. I know it’s not going anywhere so it is what it is.
  19. How do we end up with two board member from same county. Seems stupid. I don’t see dade anywhere or Orange County. That’s convenient
  20. Most districts are 40 per cent of schedule not 27%. It’s rare to have four team districts in monster metro big boy major leagues
  21. There really needs to be a running clock in regular season especially now that district matchups are so unfair in many games with new condensed 8 districts into four. I am fine with no running clock in playoffs
  22. The transfer rule idea makes sense but would be too hard to calculate. Promote and demotion would do the same thing where afyer four to six years. All the recruiting cheaters would be in top two divisions without people gaming the system of defining who is a a official recruit
  23. The promotion demotion plan would solve the issue without seeing a real number of transfers
  24. Cheaters always look for extremes to justify their cheating. Put all the cheaters in same division
  25. Only have one true state champ in elite divisions and call rest consolation division.
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