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  1. They lost to Hawthorne and beat them this past year but Hawthorne had like 12 starters transfer in from Gainesville Schools so that is not your normal 1 A Rural school they would play every year in the playoffs.So my point is you will have to bring in transfers to stay on the field with MC and is that not what the whole Suburban/ Metro thing wanted to put a stop too
  2. I can tell you no rural 1A is going to be forced to play Madison , that would cause a mass exodus in rural 1A
  3. I dont't know him but will give him the benefit of doubt that he's a class act till proven otherwise , but if he pushed the suburban/metro split because he thinks schools in counties with more people have a advantage then he should feel the same way when Madison can split their school in half to get under the enrollment for Rural 1 A but offer no sports at the charter school but have them come back and play for Madison is the same thing as the people wanting to split from the bigger counties.
  4. Multiplier sounds like for the cry baby ,don't forget this is not set up or everybody to win a title.
  5. Look you need to get your facts straight it's your Coach who said it wasn't fair for Madison to play Bolles ,You still want answer the question why want Madison move up since you think they can smash any team.
  6. The fact is a lot of these teams have found a way to manipulated the system not just Madison ,I dont think every body should have a chance at a State title but sounds like the cry baby is if you were for this Metro/Suburban split because you scared of the big city teams.
  7. Look Madison is a Great Team , my question too you is Madison didn't want to face Bolles every year in the playoffs is why they came up with the Charter Scholl to drop down to 1A but now since the Metro/Suburban passed why want Madison move back up were they belong and play the new 2 A because they want have to worry about Bolles or any big City Team .I just don't seem how Madison gets any satisfaction running rough shot over some small rural schools when they would still win State in the new 2 A Suburban
  8. Look us rural teams didn’t care one way or the other about the vote . It just gets me that some of these posters are 2 faced complain about going against bigger counties with more players or they know what teams will win their class every year but that’s the same problems we have in rural 1 A and nobody at the fhsaa cares to fix it.
  9. I get that not a lot of people live out there , but the fact is your still closer than all the other rural schools to a bigger population of people that maybe y’all get another Boldin and some stud on the other side of the county might want to come play with him and that’s what these small rural counties would never have a chance to get. But none of this matters because I think y’all are going to the Metro 1A anyways
  10. What were the numbers when you had Anquan Boldin ? Came to the State title game vs Bolles and that was a great team you had
  11. Do you know anything about 1 A ? It was created because the small rural schools wanted to get away from 2 powerhouse private schools in Trinity Christian an University Christian nobody knew you would have former State Champs from 3A and 4A now drop down Union County, Madison County, Pahokee , Taylor County all won State in Bigger Classes .Also wasn’t Ft White once 3 A and their is rumors before this Metro/ Surburban that Suwannee County was wanting to create a charter school to drop dow to 1 A. So the small rural schools will have to go independent if things stay the same. You can take the 3 top schools I mentioned and add in Hawthorne who had like what 10 big time transfers and is in a county of 280,000 and you next 20 out 20 State Champs will come from that group of teams. So if you think that is fair then Lake City Columbia shouldn’t complain about the schools in the Metro .
  12. Yes had family who lived down their once.
  13. You do know the only reason they got to 1A is because the created a charter school which you don’t have to count the kids to your enrollment or they would be over the 600
  14. I know they don’t have stability but if they did still have no we’re to look for transfers to compete with bigger counties
  15. I have a question how did y’all drop from either 3 or 4 A down to 1 A did a lot of kids leave the school.
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