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  1. The truth is Vero doesn’t have the athletes or any type of feeder program up this way...Vero isn’t talented enough top to bottom to win an 8a state championship unless an immense amount of luck happened! The truth is they are a consistently good program just not a top tier program...I’m not delusional when it comes to Vero but I don’t think getting smashed by STA or IMG or even some of the elite Dade programs is going to help the program get any better!
  2. And how many nationally ranked teams are there in Florida? And teams don’t get nationally ranked playing I ranked scrubs from the state the are in for the most part...and to be honest most school districts can’t afford to send a football team to another state to play a football game
  3. I literally felt like the officials called the game like they were tight or a younger crew...just not the kind of officiating I’m used too...and I’m one that doesn’t complain about refs....for what they are paid per game god bless em...I wouldn’t take the criticism regardless of the outcomes
  4. I disagree about Vero....RECENTLY they’ve scheduled harder quality opponents...but with exception of Venice and Oscar Smith we’ve always played them at home...but at least in past 2-3 years we are getting better
  5. I had a problem with the 2nd “ghost punch” in consecutive weeks that kicked out a player...calls that big need to only be called if there is no doubt that a punch was thrown not a “I think”....also I didn’t agree with targeting call were he clearly led with shoulder and a bunch of no calls on holding etc etc not called....it seemed the refs were somehow afraid they were gonna somehow lose control of the game and called it tighter than I think either team would have liked
  6. I have to say truthfully that’s the most talented team I’ve seen in person in some time...I’m not saying there a IMG or STA but best public high school I’ve seen...no disrespect to Chaminade or even Venice but DB is on a whole other level! Dominant O-line and D-Line, QB who can throw the ball and limited mistakes, and a running back that’s a beast! My nine year old son was at the game and as there warming up looked up at me and said Veros gonna get smashed dad! Guess I should’ve listened to him before the game...Still a very good season for Vero who came a long way this year from spring game t
  7. Wow that was an old fashioned arse kicking
  8. Not being a homer but this officiating is horrible
  9. You should add Lake Minneola to that list...heck of a turn around from a few years ago
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