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  2. My prediction is 35-24 Vero getting off the snide....celidonio is a gamer and receivers are good enough to win this one at home...
  3. Confused?

    So I was looking at the final regular season power rankings and I’m a bit confused....so Vero goes 10-0 and beat seven playoff teams and there final ranking is 22...meanwhile Venice finishes 6th at 9-1 including a 22 point loss at home to Vero where they didn’t score in the second half...does head to head not come into play?
  4. Vero Beach vs Gateway round 1

    Can anyone tell me about gateway...I know they were .500 this year on same district as Osceola...but what kinda offense do they run
  5. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 10 Pickems

    Palm coast raines miami central south dade cocoa barron Collier wekiva navarre tampa tech clearwater
  6. Ft Pierce Central

    Amazing how far they’ve fallen in just a few years..lost 17-9 to Sebastian last night
  7. Columbiafan FL top 50 post week 8 edition

    Let’s see...Vero has beaten Venice and Pahokee who are on your top 50 both on the road and beaten Westwood Wellington treasure coast, who beat cocoa on the road, and centennial on the road...so that’s five potential playoff teams not to mention 53 regular season wins in a row and your saying it’s an eye test thing? Veros QB went for 9-13 for over 300 yds against treasure coast...
  8. Vero 34 TC 31 Final

    Harvey has impressed me a lot this year...I thought Reese shoulda been an outside LB they way he played
  9. Vero 49 Westwood 16

    Yeah he will appreciate it about as much as he appreciated that ref last night lol
  10. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 7 pickems

    Exact same
  11. Vero 20 Centennial 15

    Good win...Vero needs some tough road games
  12. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 6 pickems

    Columbia wekiva Vero navarre wakulla southridge victory venice crystal river escambia
  13. Vero 27 Pahokee 20

    All good teams have off days...just ask Armwood about that first game...the difference between good and possibly great teams is overcoming adversity when you don’t have your A game....Pahokee is a really good team with good fan base and home field advantage...Vero is a good team but some people act like they defending state champs or something...that hasn’t happened since the early 80s...it was a good hard fought victory against a good opponent on the road when not playing your best football
  14. Pinkos has Vero as a 21 point favorite over Pahokee

    Viera is like 90% white and Vero has had there hands full last two years...truth is Vero struggles against mobile QBs, running backs that hit the hole fast, and defensive fronts that can pressure without blitzing
  15. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 5 pickems

    STA AH Vero South Dade Southridge columbia Chiefland Ponte Vedra Ft Myers Navarre