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  1. Chaminade Vs Vero

    So treasure coast was favored by 4 and Vero wins by 1....Chaminade is a top 10 team in the state in most rankings and is only favored by 6....is Chaminade overrated or they giving Vero too much credit?
  2. VERO vs Treasure Coast- Battle of the unbeatens

    Ok I stand corrected 31-30 Vero in OT great game
  3. VERO vs Treasure Coast- Battle of the unbeatens

    I’m gonna say Treasure Coast 28 Vero 14
  4. VERO vs Treasure Coast- Battle of the unbeatens

    He’s not starting...he played about 5 snaps vs PSL and had a pronounced limp after so I would say 10-15 snaps at best
  5. VERO vs Treasure Coast- Battle of the unbeatens

    McMillan has a stress fracture according to info
  6. Vero Beach traveling to Viera???

    After the PSL game you still feel the same way???
  7. Vero Beach traveling to Viera???

    Of course! IF Vero gets by Treasure Coast I believe the streak comes to an end with Chaminade
  8. Vero Beach traveling to Viera???

    I got tickets for the viera game it’s at vero
  9. Point Spreads

    Vero favored by 49 over Port St Lucie...I don’t know if Vero is capable of 49pts
  10. Centennial scores more TDs than Vero but still lost???!!!!!

    Trading Venice and ft lauderdale for Port St. Lucie should give them an extra W but hurts seeding points
  11. Centennial scores more TDs than Vero but still lost???!!!!!

    Let’s be honest this is one of the worst offensive Vero teams Jankowski has had..if the defense didn’t flex there muscle they would have at least 2 losses...I’m not convinced that this years Vero team is better than treasure coast...this is a 2nd rd playoff exit IF they get a home game first round...and for fans of Vero be worried about the offense and defense starters and backups that are seniors!
  12. Martin county over dwyer

    Dwyer misses 35yd FG and lose 22-21
  13. Truth

    While I would have agreed with you 100% a couple years ago...longest road trip ever for Vero to start the season against a state ranked team as well as back to back scheduled games against a very good Venice team and American Heritage, Viera as well...while I agree that the streak has been helped by scheduling I believe Vero has come out of its shell the last few years due to changes in playoffs
  14. Veros quest for 60

    Jury still out on QB and the defense seems to have a problem stopping the run...as usual...TC and Vero have had close games the last 3yrs all single digits...and missing two weeks for the hurricane is rough for a team that’s trying to get a new QB to gel with new receivers
  15. Veros quest for 60

    Five more wins to get to sixty. Here’s the schedule to get them there: Merritt Island centennial Port st lucie @ Treasure Coast Chaminade Madonna As you can see it’s not gonna be easy. I would rate them from easiest to hardest as PSL, centennial, Merritt Island, Treasure Coast, and Chaminade....as someone who has seen every game the last 10yrs I unfortunately think they lose to Chaminade and TC..My biggest concern is losing to M.Island which is a decent possibility