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  1. In Between Broward and Davie by 95 is actually all Stranahan. Contrary to popular belief (for some) , Stranahan is actually more so in STA's backyard - not Dillard like some perceive: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Stranahan+High+School/@26.1213032,-80.1679858,14.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe5274072f5d94230!8m2!3d26.1128269!4d-80.1644877 If I am not mistaken Dillard's zone was more centered around Sunrise, like Broward blvd (west of 95) to 441 (SR7), north up to 19th St and east to like Powerline: There is no doubt that back in the day Dillard's roster had a lot of neighborhood kids surrounding Dillard HS , but 20+ years later things have changed. Mighty might be able to confirm this but has the vibe at Dillard shifted to more of a basketball atmosphere in terms of putting on that Panther uniform as a Dillard Panther with pride from the local kids in the neighborhood? I'm not saying football is still not big in those neighborhoods but it seems football seems to be of less emphasis from the community of late versus basketball?
  2. Saw some clips of that Wekiva Defense and it looked pretty scary....the speed to the ball.
  3. Winner of Jackson versus Coconut Creek might get the third playoff spot in the District. I wouldn't sleep on Creek either.
  4. The winter/spring 7 v 7 are private travel teams that play throughout FL and nationwide in some cases. Summer 7 v 7 are HS teams.
  5. But can you explain or any theory why he may move around like that from different counties/regions of FL?
  6. Surely, there are no high profile 7 V 7 tourneys outside of SFL and if there were they surely would not say anything beyond "Good game" to one another..... In SFL they set up air conditioned lounges with champagne rooms at the 7 v 7s so the kids have a nice environment to discuss business
  7. These are the kind of things that somehow go unnoticed though when it works the other way around.....That and the fact that the Immokalee roster and coaches appears to be 50% Hispanic. God forbid OldSchoolLion sees a successful team with a team photo like this: https://www.hudl.com/team/v2/12127/Boys-Varsity-Football/team Again it is not supposed to work like this but welcome to 2018.
  8. Can you explain why and how Immokalee's best player in RB Abraham Alce with multiple Power Five offers transferred from AHP to Immokalee for his Senior year? https://www.hudl.com/profile/3490471/Abraham-Alce It sounds like they are trying to build a All-Star team out there. How can he go to a random public school like that? I thought this was supposed to work the other way around. Oh, wait a minute this is a small example of how a rural public school benefited from the new rule chage - Or is it not?
  9. In 2009 Hardee (9-2) did indeed beat Immokalee (4-6). In 2013 Hardee (11-2) did beat Dunbar (5-6) as well. I'm not aware of any other wins over those programs since the early 2000s, but I may be wrong. There are few 1A schools that are of the level of Madison or Pahokee on a consistent basis in the South Region of FL so I don't know if you even would want to mention who it was. But I am curious now..... What 1A program has Hardee have a good track record with in recent years?
  10. In the link, I see some some very poor counties that are successful (Glades) and some wealthier counties that struggle (Monroe). I cannot conclude much from this. To me their are great teams from rich areas and their are great teams from poor areas. I'm not just talking FL but nationwide. There are also piss-poor inner-city teams and very strong rural teams. I think you can make a argument for it any way you wish with data...I just don't have the energy to start breaking football down by demographics and race. Again, I'm not denying your theory. I also question the accuracy of this chart. Seeing Wakulla and Broward "wealthier" then Palm Beach County raised my eyebrows. I'm not going to get into the demographics or races and am not questioning your theory on that...I'm just not going to comment or get into it on this site. As to the comment on transfers, ethics etc...you have a opinion and other people have an opinion. You both may believe you are right and can argue it both ways. All that matters though is what the FHSAA states in the present. The rest is only opinions and respectfully speaking- irrelevant to what the present state is.
  11. Seriously??? You just said "Hardee would do fine against Madison or Pahokee."? Okay. I'll let you win this one.
  12. Glad someone can admit that. Stacked teams in SFL are not going away. Sometimes if something is not working you have to try something else. Ponte Vedra seemed to figured it out quickly. Venice took advantage of a opportunity in 2017. ...
  13. Okay..Fine game on. Your call. 1. I'm not denying that topic but I am surprised by the details that you state...I know AHP has not been a super power for long and I know STA has great teams in the past but not the run they have had in recent years. 2. LOL ..What does that mean? So what if WH are a 7A school. Do you want to see what some 1, 2, and 3A schools would do to Hardee? There are plenty of 1,2,3, and 4A schools that can show Hardee how to take care of business with teams like Dunbar ..LOL 3. Yeah, Okay...appreciate the answer but as much as OldSchoolLion has convinced you. "Coaching" is likely not the jist of the reason Hardee is struggling in the post-season. 4. Sure.. A true representative what a 5A in Florida High School football should look like. Glad to see you have high standards for FL HS football. 5. There are plenty of 1,2,3 and 4A schools out there that could have won 5A States last year over BC. There were also plenty of 4-5 5A schools capable of upsetting AHP. The 5A team that faced AHP at states is not one of them . Not sure how much you get away from Highway 17 and Hardee but consider getting out more. Take a trip to Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando or even Trez Powell if you get the opportunity. A stacked team is not the only reason BC lost that game. It surely had nothing to do with overall team speed, right? "5A is a mid-sized school class. " That is somewhat correct. Considering there are 8 classifications, "5" is slightly above the mid point of 4 and you have a mid/mid upper class. How about we send Madison County and Pahokee out to Hardee to teach you a thing or two about classification size and talent. Next.
  14. But that is not a problem when a 5A rep shows up at a State Championship looking like that, right? It appears others would prefer to find an issue with the team performing well and blame that for the reason for that blow out. SMH...
  15. I'm not denying that conversation we had but I was probably referencing that Broward and Dade was stacked with players and had several good teams but perhaps not as many as the last few years. Winter Haven crushed Killian in a pre-season game in 2016. That is what I remember off the top of my head. Not sure how many times they have played SFL teams of late but Winter Haven is Winter Haven and Hardee is Hardee. I think in recent year we both would agree that Winter Haven is not only a better team then Hardee but generally is more talented overall? Immokallee is another team that traditionally is not heavily loaded that is very good. I'm not denying these teams can't compete and sometimes upset powers. So I ask you if teams like Immokallee which is a 5A rural like Hardee can compete with the top teams sometimes, why can't Hardee of late??? Why can't Hardee even advance in the playoffs? Do you think Baker County was a fit team to play for a 5A State Championship in the State of Florida? You have a problem with teams hoarding "all" the top players but a team like Baker County playing for a State Championship in FLORIDA 5A is justified? Really? There are bad teams in Dade and Broward County. I'm not denying that. My argument is simply a team like Hardee is not being held back by stacked teams. I'm not attacking the school that you support. I'm stating facts and clarifying that the reason Hardee cannot be successful has nothing to do with certain programs in metro areas "hoarding all " the talent. If teams are hoarding all of the talent they why are there 10-20 teams with 20+ total rostered players with FBS offers annually? 5A is not necessarily a "small" classification. Last I checked there were teams just as (or more so) stacked in 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A as 5A.
  16. Great resume but I don't know what's going on over in Southwest Ranches with Byron Walker and Archbishop McCarthy but the last two years kids have been leaving there in droves. Any idea why?
  17. But let's blame state powers and especially the Broward and Dade powers. If all of this stopped tomorrow the state would feel the wrath and fire of Hardee football who is tired of being held back by this rule. Sometimes I feel this rule was actually created to hold teams like Hardee back from getting too strong.
  18. I never stated this. That was conversation that you two were at with ColumbiaHighFan reading your "Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust " playbooks while watching Rudy.....Admit it, your just sorry that a team named Dunbar ruined your season last year and sour a team named Lemon Bay is on Hardee's heals every year. I know....It's the world against Hardee, right. There all out to get Hardee and the reason for Hardee's failures totally has to do with the Broward and Dade powers. They are what is holding the Hardee program back. Please just tell me why SFL or any stacked teams statewide are holding Hardee back right now. How are those teams or the new rules relative to the reason Hardee cannot get to Orlando or win in the playoffs?
  19. Here is some food for thought and this is just referencing "elite" recruits. Not all FBS. Again, is it really a shocked scenario with rosters of 20+ D1 players on the same team? https://247sports.com/ContentGallery/National-Signing-Day-2018-Florida-counties-that-produce-most-elite-college-football-recruits-114717279 How come loaded teams like Jones and Armwood are never referenced? DFB traditionally gets way more transfers then private powers like AHP and STA. We'll leave that one alone though... Those teams were stacked just like SFL powers with MORE transfers. If I am not mistaken Jones had over 30 transfers last year. Not a problem when they don't dominate, right? All of a sudden when a team becomes a "gorilla" though it is a problem, right? Surely no one has an agenda against stacked teams, success and dominance. Well a team can dominate as long as they do it by YOUR standards, right?
  20. Thank's for your opinion. Fortunately, for the student-athletes and their families sake your sarcastic and condescending opinion does not dictate FHSAA rules and regulations. As to how that much talent ends up on one team. Do you even live in SFL??? I don't know they roll in Hardee but here is SFL for ya... 1. At the present time anywhere in FL , the last I checked any student can transfer anywhere providing the have their own transportation. 2. Private schools never had school zones. 3. Previous to current FHSAA transfer rules, students had options to attend multiple schools based on overcrowding of zones etc.... 4. Many student athletes families RENT in Broward and Dade, come from broken families etc...It is not your job nor the FHSAA's to dictate how these families live their private family lives. For example: A family is allowed to move out of a 7 month, annual or even BREAK a lease if they choose to. Again - not our business. 5. Magnet and charter schools allow students to attend schools of their academic interest is well. 6. Anyone that has attended youth football in many parts of Broward and Dade and cannot comprehend that they are looking at potentially 10-20 kids per team (or weight class in some cases!) may have FBS potential in 3-5 years is either naive or a moron. Considering the fact in many cases , many live in a specific area of Broward or Dade it should not be some shock that many attend the same public school or go off to a private school. Take the NW Dade or SW Broward area, go watch the youth leagues where many kids are live zoned for Miramar, Carol City, MNW etc....Are you still not getting it and can't fathom how so many land at the same public schools? Most private schools that have a strong established sports tradition nationwide are generally able to be successful. Now factor in the huge population and level of football and it should be no shock of loaded private school rosters. Duh! Who is the "gorilla" in this case AHP? Again, did AHP ever stop Hardee from being successful? Last I checked they were getting blasted by Dunbar37-17. If AHP is a "pissed of gorilla" , there are lots of pissed off gorillas out there...I guess Immokalee was also a pissed off gorilla last year as well when they almost beat AHP in their own cage.
  21. Shame on success , I guess. Om another note, the reason Hardee is struggling is not relevant to stacked teams like AHP. Are teams “scooping “ up all the Hardee talent in that Region the last few years? No.
  22. @ Hardee 20+ players with FBS players on a team from top teams in Broward, Dade and sometimes Palm Beach County is not out of the ordinary of late. Considering Broward and Dade are 1, 2 nationwide by County at producing Power 5 talent these players have to go to some school in the county. Seniors ALONE , you are looking at about 150 D1 players annually between Broward and Dade. Again, that is only the Seniors on teams. So if you do the math there are going to be stacked teams. Do suggest socialized rosters? Where all Broward and Dade rosters would have at least 7 but no more then 10 FBS players per roster?
  23. There were probably 4-5 teams in 5 A capable of beating AHP last year. All in the South Region.
  24. Part of it is they got better players in. They are a private school.
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