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  1. Dillard - A Program That Could Have More State Titles

    Can't do anything about how the FHSAA set up the regions though. When I was coaching in Ft Myers it was a given that whoever came out of districts was going to have to face Edison. The season ended EVERY year when Edison crossed alligator alley.
  2. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    I thought Coe did a heck of a job with the talent he had at Santaluces. Boynton is still very young, but has a very capable coaching staff. FH did lose a lot of talent, but they are physical in the trenches and run the ball well. Don't write them off. Lakes is always talented, but I need to see it on the field before I anoint them with anything. If there is a team in the county that can make the jump. Its Lakes. They looked solid in the spring jamboree. CJ should have a great season. I agree Dwyer may take a step back.
  3. Duval County New Football New Kickoff Times @6pm

    Its not going to be that big a deal. I coached in Chicago where we started playing games at 12noon on Thursdays thru 8pm on Saturdays. We went to 6pm games in Palm Beach. The biggest issue was it being hotter. The crowd sizes were smaller, but eventually filled in.
  4. 2019 Coaches Moving Van

  5. 7A Region 4 - Will the Raiders Reign Supreme?

    I watched Ely play Saturday, they will be lucky to win a game. They were down three scores in the first quarter. Gave up three safeties in 10 minutes....
  6. 7A Region 4 - Will the Raiders Reign Supreme?

    You are talking about the same Atlantic that just beat Northwestern... The same Olympic Heights that just took Southridge to the brink. You can not be serious.
  7. To the moderators

    Can we get a flag football message board, instead of using the off topic?
  8. Thanks my guy, I am not sure how I even typed that shenanigans.
  9. Hillsborough County plays good football. Talent is aggregated in certain programs. But most of the schools are in the same classifications. Like Plant has not lost a district game since 2003. The only two in county programs to beat them since then are Tech and Lakeland.
  10. There are only a few places in GA that pay those large amounts. Most of them are rural, one or two schools in the county communities. Better off chasing money in SC or TX. As for best facilities I have seen, Allen and Katy in TX are spectacular. Massillon in Ohio. There are several schools with indoor practice facilities up there. Colquitt in GA, and St Pius in GA. In Florida Jesuit in Tampa, and IMG.
  11. Vero Beach playing in spring jamboree May 22nd

    I will go check that out. Vero should roll.
  12. Former Columbia player runs 4.29 40 time at NFL combine

    Thats fast, I do not usually talk about the past, but I had 4 guys from my 2012 Defense at Lakewood run 4.39 or better at the combine.
  13. Yes, ideal move for them because SR used to run a recruiting service. He has a lot of connections.
  14. Deerfield Beach vs Columbus Facts

    They scored in the third FRI