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  1. So far I saw two districts in suburban Houston.
  2. Districts in Texas are starting to cancel football.
  3. Well if its like last year does it really make a difference, everyone winning is going to be south of Jupiter, lol. JK, I actually like the I-4 Corridor as the location.
  4. There is so much that goes into that decision. The ONLY HBCU with facilities that compete with the Power 5 schools is Alabama State. Today's kids are very keen on that. Today's kids are also keen on who is playing Saturday evening and night games. Football will not be the sport to kick off a renaissance in HBCU football. However, basketball and track and field could. HBCUs have guaranteed entry into the tournament just like everyone else if they win their conference, and many schedule Power 5 schools early in the year. In basketball you could get one great recruiting class and immediately challenge for supremacy in hoops and track and field.
  5. He went to John I. Was actually a much better soccer player than he was a football player in high school. He was an undersized TE that played in an offense that rarely if ever threw the ball. Everything he accomplished was due to his incomparable work ethic.
  6. Well being black in those parts of the state is already likely a problem. It is what it is.
  7. I do not see it having any effect.
  8. A couple of schools in Palm Beach and Broward have already gotten in trouble for it.
  9. It came down from our county athletic director. I am not sure if it is on the FHSAA website or not.
  10. You can do everything BUT workout. There are rules and all of the coaches should be aware of what they are. Virtual workouts are illegal, virtual coaching sessions are legal.
  11. Our textbooks are protected, you must have a login to view them. You can't copy and paste. I have nothing to lie about. I am not Christian, or any other religion.
  12. Funny, I teach Cultural Geography and ALL of those religions are in the curriculum. But what do I know.
  13. Trust me, I am not slighting Lakewood, I used to coach there, the program is legit. The problem is having to play at that level 8 weeks during a season. Its HARD.
  14. That 2012 Plant team was VERY good. I was at Lakewood at the time, my son was on that Robinson team. That Robinson team beat us twice that year, and is probably the reason we did not win a ring while I was at Lakewood. Any Plant team other than the first and last year of Coach Weiner's term was a very formidable team. I have only been on the winning side of the scoreboard against Plant once, and that Tech team was loaded. Plant may not have had as many pro prospects as some other programs, but they were strong, physical, disciplined, and always believed they could win. They played hard and beat many teams that were more talented than they were.
  15. He was a good kid. Lived right down the street from where I work. I coached him in an all star game coming out of middle school. You hate to hear this.
  16. BTW vs Bolles has my attention, classic private vs public matchup with very contrasting schemes.
  17. Same thing in Palm Beach
  18. Georgia is just better than Florida right now because of the transfer rules. We have teams full of mercenary players that are a great collection of talent, but do not always make the best team. A lot of those GA programs are full of kids that have been playing together since little league. There are some outliers that have a lot of transfers like Grayson, but for the most part the kids show up together in 9th grade and win together. Remember when Miami Central won those titles, same as BTW those kids played together for 4 years. I remember watching Armwood beat Central when Cook and Yearby were freshman, Central won the next 3 titles with pretty much the same team. That era is dead.
  19. I saw them in the spring and they looked pretty good. They were disciplined, had decent size, and a few very good skill kids. If the elite teams take them lightly they will lose to them.
  20. I think its about right. There was another coaching change, but the ship is still headed in the same direction. Gotta do it again for the publications to give the props they earned. I think they are top 5 if they play to the level they should.
  21. Yeah, the officials scrimmages are always live, how else can the officials get their training..
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