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  1. Gibbons is a young team this year there not that good
  2. Gibbons ain’t good this year that’s why I like how you tryed to take a shot at me dumb ass
  3. Venice is not playing this week this a bye week for them they play edge water September 3
  4. I like cardinal gibbons by 2 or 3 touchdowns
  5. That’s up to him and his dad I dnt get in to that but him and his dad know that they not good they even said that but he just a sophomore anyway so you never know
  6. Riverview dnt have the pieces to be real but I wish them the best on there season I hope they ball next week
  7. Lol you trying to act like riverview a good team and they not but you see and I no this because my little cousin is one best players on that riverview team but you see
  8. And riverview have ok coaching it’s not all that they dnt have a real identity of what they want to do on offense or defense
  9. Riverview is not that good they have a couple good pieces but who are they beating they not beating no Venice that’s a blowout just like last year it might be even worst this year Venice has one the best teams in the state and one of the best teams they ever had
  10. He was one of there best players to
  11. Facts them people dnt want that smoke we just gone sit back and enjoy it lol
  12. And y’all talking about riverview and Osceola lol please
  13. Venice will blow them people out stop that
  14. It dnt matter to be real they not like that y’all hyping them up and watching them they ok team
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