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  1. how about a south florida tournament of champions
  2. is there anyway to stream this game friday?? Or is it on radio anywhere?
  3. i was on chain crew for the muck bowl with the officials. that was one of the best games and best atmospheres of any game Ive ever been to. Only to be topped by the 2017 muck bowl.
  4. Pb central @ PB lakes is next weekend in south florida
  5. Northwestern Edgewater Atlantic (Delray) Venice Rockledge Seminole (Sanford) American Heritage Delray Bartram Trail Miami Carol City Madison County Niceville Mandarin Lakewood Palmetto South Fort Myers (
  6. thank you I appreciate it. I am in Palm Beach county
  7. appreciate it! loving it so far, just feels good to be back involved in the sport i love
  8. I think pahokee biggest issue is that schedule. Its just too much. Any size school that is a hell of a schedule. But for a 1a school, there is no way to compete week in and week out with those schools and its hard to remain focused when you keep losing to these much larger schools.
  9. Im a first year official doing jv and freshman games. This is not true. They tell us during our trainings not to call things that are on opposite side of the field, unless its unsportsmanlike, a saftey issue, or the played has been warned multiple times.
  10. how long are all of them out??
  11. ill be at their game friday. Will let ya know how they look against a chaminade
  12. hahah thats a hike for me...but Ill tell you from what I have seen. They have a dominate nose tackle going to louisville. The rest of their defense is fast, well coached with big strong linebackers and safteys, and corners that can run with anyone. The offense has 4-5 wrs that can all play at the next level. Their starting rb is an absolute stud, and from what Ive seen the backups arent shabby either. They use 2 qbs, both can run but one seems to have a much better arm, the other is really fast and plays corner as well. They have a female kicker and she is legit, I think in the kickoff classic
  13. oh wow, I didnt realize they play yall as well this year. And Columbus (miami) as well. They have rolled over Palm Beach county the last few years, this year they get to prove they are the real deal. Ive seen them play three times already and they sure look the part. No weaknesses. Will be fun to see what happens the rest of the year.
  14. Atlantic and Lakes are head and shoulders above everyone else in the county, would be fun if they played this year. Gardens is pretty good too with the transfers from Dwyer, but not on Atlantic and PBL level. Atlantic with a chance to show they are big time this friday, home vs Chaminade
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