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  1. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    dwyer lost 6 or 7 guys in the last few weeks all to palm beach gardens, that plus a new coach and I think they struggle for first time in a long time
  2. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    lol nope.... after seeing all the trasnfers etc, I think my top 10 will look pretty different.... 1. Atlantic 2. palm beach lakes 3. palm beach gardens 4. pahokee 5. palm beach central 6. glades central 7. benjamin 8. american heritage delray 9. dwyer 10. santaluces watch: seminole ridge, wellington, kings academy, park vista, cardinal newman, boca
  3. Not now Palm Beach!

    there are only 5 refs in high school. $50 per game they would need total. take it out of the gate fees if budget is done I say...
  4. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    they rebuilt last year and have a legit rb coming back... no one was a great choice at 10 so i went with them
  5. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    youll see.... boca qb is the real deal... they beat vero and dwyer in their spring game... palm beach lakes is loaded this year
  6. Pahokee

    and coaching... Pahokee is going to be very good with these transfers coming in. Hopefully they fix special teams, I know that cost them the seminole ridge game, and at least would've kept them in the atlantic game til the end and who knows what couldve happened. The schedule has to be one of the hardest in all of florida and probably the hardest 1a schedule ever. 2 defending state champs (raines and chaminade), 2 state semifinalists (trinity christian, u school), 2 quarter finalists (dwyer, glades central), a really talented dillard team, sem ridge is always solid and then clewiston should be an easy win. Their playoff run should feel like nothing compared to that.... and I think they win state this year
  7. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    Last year they improved drastically throughout the season. I saw them lose to Pahokee week one and then beat Forest Hill late in the year. They looked like an entirely different team against Forest Hill and they have a ton of talent coming back. Just a feeling that this year they are gonna make a lot of noise in palm beach county. I think I got pb central a little too low also, I may bump them right before or after dwyer. What you got for a top 10 at this point?
  8. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    I know, I wrote at top I am really familiar with Palm beach County and only the real elite teams in broward and dade so Ill do a top ten for pbc. I think talent wise pahokee is up there, but that schedule is rough and their record may not show it. Ill throw a top 20 for all of south fl out there: 1 Miami central 2 deerfield 3 carol city 4 st thomas 5 chaminade 6 northwestern 7 heritage plantation 8 columbus 9 gibbons 10 atlantic 11booker t 12 western 13 mirimar 14 macarthur 15 dillard 16 u school 17 palm beach lakes 18 pahokee 19 plantation 20southridge
  9. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    to be honest I dont know dade or broward enough to give a fair top 20. I know the elite schools there but I live in Palm Beach and am much more familiar with them. Ill give you a pbc top ten. This is strictly based on talent, Pahokee schedule is brutal so I have them high but their record may not be very good. 1. Atlantic 2. palm beach lakes 3. pahokee 4.boca raton 5. american heritage 6. dwyer 7. glades central 8. benjamin 9. pb central 10 santaluces
  10. Pahokee

    I think they def got seminole ridge, clewiston, and gc. I think they got Dwyer this year, I have a feeling Dwyer is gonna be a bit down. I dont see how they beat chaminade. I have no idea how trinity christian and raines are this year but based on past years and reputation Im gonna say those are likely losses. Dillard and U school Id say are toss ups but Id lean towards losses. That being said Pahokee has some serious talent. I saw them in spring game and they were mixing JV guys in and all their transfers did not play. You could see what was out there was pretty good and fast. THey got a whole rack of really talented transfers that are from Pahokee and moved back to play together. Add those guys in the mix and they may be a very dangerous team. Will be interesting to see what they can do against that brutal schedule. 4-6 and win states? It could happen
  11. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    got a gut feeling dwyer is gonna be down this year in palm beach county. Look out for palm beach lakes to suprise up this way
  12. Pahokee

    yeah that is brutal.....
  13. Pahokee

    I was at that spring game watching. Your O line had 3 guys that look like they are 32 year olds, my goodness.... Those boys look the part. By the time they played deerfield they were clearly tired and worn out, also deerfield maybe the best team in the state and is probably 4x the size of school so I wouldn't worry too much. And none of the transfers played that game and yall got some big time guys coming over for seminole ridge and forest Hill. Pahokee has a real tough reg season schedule (I think, saw it a few weeks ago but havent found it since) but even if you go 5-5 or 6-4 you win 1a no problem this year.
  14. Pahokee Schedule

    That schedule is insane. They lost a lot of talent as well, but always have more coming in. Hope they can have a successful season.
  15. Opinion Circle: College Football Playoff expansion??

    I have always been against expanding the playoff. I love how important each regular season game is. It makes every week like a playoff and that is part of what is great about college football. However, with how we have seen the same teams year in and year out for the most part I do believe something needs to change. 8 or even 16 would is probably what is best for college football. With 8 or 16, there would be early upsets and we would finally see some new matchups in semi finals and finals. If there was autobids, which Im sure is how they would do it, I would like to see some changes with the conference title games. Many times one side of the division is so much weaker, and a 7-5 team gets in. If that 7-5 team was to pull an upset, there is no way they should be allowed in the 8 team playoff. I think to prevent this, conferences should get rid of divisions, and take top 2 teams. Yes scheduling would be a new issue, but Id rather have imbalanced schedules than imbalanced divisions and a team like 7-5 pitt this year even having a chance at a playoff spot on last weekof regular season. And to people saying it would be too many games or they would miss too much school, fcs does it, so does div 2 and 3. If they can pull it off, fbs sure can. One last thing, I hate the nearly month off between last game and playoff game, it makes no sense. The playoff would prevent that as well.