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  1. Pahokee Schedule

    That schedule is insane. They lost a lot of talent as well, but always have more coming in. Hope they can have a successful season.
  2. Opinion Circle: College Football Playoff expansion??

    I have always been against expanding the playoff. I love how important each regular season game is. It makes every week like a playoff and that is part of what is great about college football. However, with how we have seen the same teams year in and year out for the most part I do believe something needs to change. 8 or even 16 would is probably what is best for college football. With 8 or 16, there would be early upsets and we would finally see some new matchups in semi finals and finals. If there was autobids, which Im sure is how they would do it, I would like to see some changes with the conference title games. Many times one side of the division is so much weaker, and a 7-5 team gets in. If that 7-5 team was to pull an upset, there is no way they should be allowed in the 8 team playoff. I think to prevent this, conferences should get rid of divisions, and take top 2 teams. Yes scheduling would be a new issue, but Id rather have imbalanced schedules than imbalanced divisions and a team like 7-5 pitt this year even having a chance at a playoff spot on last weekof regular season. And to people saying it would be too many games or they would miss too much school, fcs does it, so does div 2 and 3. If they can pull it off, fbs sure can. One last thing, I hate the nearly month off between last game and playoff game, it makes no sense. The playoff would prevent that as well.
  3. Former Palmetto QB to Start in Bowl Game

    I am a huge WVU fan living in Palm beach county. I would have loved to see Grier play one last time for WVU, but nowadays these bowl games are just exhibitions. Other than the playoffs Id say there are 6-7 maybe that anyone really cares about. I can't blame him for not playing. On the flip side, this may be in the best interest of the program. Allison gets a month of reps with the first team, to be in meetings as the starter and starting exp against a top 20 team. I am excited to see what he can do and will be making the trip up to Orlando for the game
  4. preview for stat title games

    any good, in depth previews for the state title games this weekend? I remember the last few years there was like a 20-30 min breakdown of each game somewhere
  5. Cocoa vs University for 4A Regional Finals

    what a freaking game. thanks for the tip on the stream!
  6. streams for games tomorrow?

    Any streams for the games tomorrow night other than what is on nfhs?
  7. QB Stats for 5A-8A Teams in State Semis

    scalzo for cardinal gibbons is out for year with an acl
  8. The streak is over!!!

    way to go gc!! Great turn around from the start of the year. Hope yall take down university next week (assuming they win tomorrow)
  9. Cocoa @ Pahokee

    I've seen pahokee play a few times this year. Its a shame they are 5-4. They have the talent to win states and could easily be 81- if not 9-0. Special teams has cost them at least 2 games that I saw, and just bad discipline all around. I went to school up in VA so I don't have a team down here but always pull for Pahokee after following them during the 2016 year. Hope they can bring it together for the muck bowl and the playoffs.
  10. stream for miami central- carol city??

    oh good 730 makes it a lot easier. I thought it was 7 and probably cant get on the road til about 530
  11. anyone know of a stream anywhere for miami central- carol city?? Its not listed on nfhs but I gotta imagine some sort of facebook live stream somewhere. Not sure I want to drive down from palm beach county after work, I think Ill end up missing half the game in traffic
  12. HS Football on ESPN2 Tonight

    i did the same except instead of vero, I had Demthat (md) vs gonzaga (dc) streaming as well! also went to first 3 quarters of forest hill/ dwyer but that game was a blowout
  13. 6 Interesting Games This Week

    IMG streams all of their games on facebook live
  14. Best player on the field (PK vs ATL)

    Nelson is an animal. He was taking over the game from start to finish but there was too many bad mistakes on special teams to overcome. He really impressed me and I see him getting some more nice offers by seasons end. And that td you posted by #5 was some serious muck city speed....
  15. Miami Central-SJC link

    wow the feed cuts out at the start of overtime