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  1. You have to take into account that CM is strictly a sports school that "recruits" and has all those kids either transfer in or go there as freshman just for football. They are hand picking the biggest lineman from around the county. Same with AHP. So, if those guys went to their home public schools it would be them individually and 4 normal sized HS linemen upfront with them. Looking at schools like them skew the picture. Also, the really fat linemen 300+ in HS that go to D1 programs usually end up losing weight or stay about the same, but convert fat to muscle with the legit strength coach
  2. It is changing literally every 3 days, but new rumor is Miami GMAC schools and Palm Beach schools are going to opt in now. This was just being thrown around this weekend in AD circles after the move to phase 2. Still not Broward though. At this point, I don't think anyone will know until it is officially done or too late.
  3. I can't speak for Miami or Palm Beach. Broward BCAA schools aren't playing a full schedule. Something like 5 or 6 plus a bonus. Don't believe they are doing any type of playoff now. 1st game week is Oct. 26th. So, depending on the start date for playoffs if a public school tries to opt in they may only play one or 2 games, which is why most won't. Losing 1st round and then scheduling extra games will be hard considering the county said teams can't leave the county or bring teams into the county. All the other opt out teams will have their schedules set already. That is another proble
  4. I know some teams have been having players meet up at parks in small groups where a coach just happens to be. I was more referring to the fact that public schools won't even have permission to play a game until I believe Oct. 26th is what they are looking at, so don't know how they could opt in. I know a couple teams are looking at different angles for it though.
  5. The public schools in broward are going to start too late, but I heard that a couple with legit chances at a run like a Deerfield might try to opt in and squeeze in a game or 2 or whatever they need. Not sure how they will do that when rest of public schools aren't practicing until 2-3rd week of October. St. Thomas and Gibbons were holding with public schools for most part, but are starting this week, so they will opt in. They will join Chaminade, Heritage and other privates in going for championship.
  6. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/os-sp-hs-deland-covid-shutdown-0903-20200903-q3huoslgorg2zpg7oyjajc6qiy-story.html Deland football quarantined and more games cancelled.
  7. Coaches in tri-county were told specifically they would be fired if they had any interaction with their players during shutdown. Couldn't even hold organized zoom practices giving direction and watching them workout. No meeting up to collect uniforms nothing. This was a full practice and given a complete pass. No matter what side your on with Covid it sets a bad precedent.
  8. Broward is Conditioning the 21st in small pods. No, inside weightrooms/classrooms and no footballs Practices will start 2-3 weeks later if things go well.
  9. About what most people could have assumed, he was reinstated by the end of June. Championships are too important.
  10. Vero and Centennial each having Covid issues as well and cancelling games. Not sure if players or other students in their classes that tested positive.
  11. Last I heard, Gibbons and STA were following and doing whatever the publics do in Broward. So, STA would be out. They follow the Archdiocese of Miami as well and they weren't planning on opting in yet. Heritage I believe will do there own thing. I could be wrong though as I am getting that as 2nd hand info.
  12. Then they should say states that can't start are allowed to have games after the state series end and do their own Jan. or whenever is best season. Then teams can stay part of the FHSAA, but do a regional championship for one season. As it is now. counties are looking to leave the FHSAA all together for the season and they may not get some back. Also, you can call it a state championship in Dec., but is it really legit if only 40-50% of teams are in it and none of the south that just swept last season. It just seems to me that forcing teams to make a deadline or not have a season is a bad ca
  13. I'm not saying the entire state should be forced to hold back 100% for 1 area, but that plan will also be without South Florida. South Florida does make up a pretty big chunk of FHSAA schools. I mean Broward has about 40 high schools alone. Palm Beach, Dade, Broward all starting school 100% online. I don't know about Dade or PB, but Broward is doing it the entire 1st quarter and won't have sports start while 100% online. The big private schools Chaminade, USchool, Gibbons, Heritage, St. Thomas said they will follow public schools and not start. Just something to consider with ideas. I think
  14. Your correct vote is the 15th. The school board are recommending though it stay virtual as well after working with health experts. Not just the teachers union.
  15. I'm not saying it will, but I wouldn't be surprised if that gets pushed back or shut down. Broward was supposed to start Monday and just decided to push it back again. Been going week to week. 6th to 13th now the 20th. Also, Palm Beach school board just announced a few hours ago that they will be starting school fully virtual next month.
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