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  1. Word is Broward teams being told no games out of the Tri-County (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) will be approved. This will probably mess with some schedules. Also, being told to not be surprised if that gets restricted further to nothing out of Broward like they did with spring sports unless necessary like a district game.
  2. Before the shutdown, Spring sports had to cancel out of county games/meets because of spread unless district game. No way any out of state games will be played this year I can almost 100% guarantee it. Schools need to get ahead of that or going to be left with open dates. Only team maybe getting away with it is IMG .
  3. The FHSAA never gives summer workout guidelines or dates except that 1st day of practice is always around last week of July and before that can't use a football, sleds things like that. Summer is district based with working out and conditioning. Of course, doing team 7s tournaments and things get you around some of the using football rules. That will be more interesting with colleges cancelling team camps and tournaments. I believe some districts already said that their schools can start lifting mid June though.
  4. The problem with having football Feb.-May is other sports. Most teams only have one field, so you run into playoff soccer, lax, flag football, and a lot of schools track teams practice field events on football field. You move them and you have same problem just with different sports. Also, track, lax, and baseball guys who play football as well. You would have to change a lot to move football.
  5. On top of that, I would add that not all HS football players are healthy or without underlying conditions. Some players do have asthma, diabetes, obesity, undiagnosed heart issues that slip by etc. You are playing roulette with the odds. While most kids won't die or will be asymptomatic I would hate to be the guy who gave the go ahead and 1 kid dies or the coach of that team.
  6. I don't have details, but Larry BluStein and others on twitter reporting it.
  7. They all bother me. It is a horrible trend, but counties and schools shouldn't complain when they do the same stuff. I've seen school reps from private schools walk up to players right after games with applications already printed out. I mean road games, so they brought them with them before hand having watched a kid on film probably why scouting for that game. Then seen and heard coaches for the same schools complain when other schools poach there guys in meetings. In fact, the one school was a smaller Palm Beach private school trying to take from a smaller Broward public school that I witnessed that a few years ago. So, their complaints now just seem ridiculous.
  8. Deerfield has taken kids as well, but I would argue that Palm Beach has also taken kids from Broward and if you can't handle losing kids then you shouldn't be a part of the problem. A bunch of kids in Palm Beach have Pompano Beach in Broward listed as their hometown. I mean Lamar Jackson and Devin Singletary are 2 of the more famous kids that are from Broward, but played in Palm Beach that come to mind.
  9. A couple Gibbons kids already transferred to St. Thomas and a couple Monarch kids including All County Sophomore QB have transferred to Deerfield. Transfer season has definitely already started.
  10. blystr2002

    Rpi question

    You bring back districts in lower classes and you lose a bunch of teams back to independent within a few years. A few teams right now are in the playoffs or on the edge that were independent the better part of last 8 years because they were forced to play teams they just couldn't handle and kids were leaving. Catch 22. Does the FHSAA want to lose people again? It is also not as simple as building a program up to compete either in today's modern day of transfers. Average small schools with 25-35 kids can't afford even 2 senior transfers because they sucked one year.
  11. Miramar just forfeited 4 games for use of illegal player. Drops their record to 1-7. This wasn't taken into account for this weeks rankings. This will affect teams like Dillard who already has a horrible OWP. Now factor in a 1-7 team instead of a 5-3 team for next week.
  12. They started to play the 3rd quarter. The last touchdown was in the 3rd. More to it then just quitting most likely.
  13. I'm going to go out on a limb and say there was probably something else going on on the sidelines or some other factor then just quitting that people in the stands or Dillard fans don't know. The coach has been at NE 3-4 years and they have lost plenty including blowouts to Chaminade and Dillard in the past without quitting. It wouldn't make sense to just quit now. 42-0 in the 3rd isn't even that bad once the running clock starts you can get that over pretty quick with out reaching 60. Also, I seen some clips of the game. Dillard wasn't running over or hurting NE players oustide of the DL just being too much for NE OL. They really just were better athletes in open space and NE couldn't tackle them.
  14. Did they actually forfeit or was it weather? Was it one of those its a lightning delay and we can call the game now or keep waiting and hope it passes. If it was close teams usually wait, but 42-0 those are games that get called by coaches or ADs. I believe they started the 2nd half and it was raining. I could be wrong though.
  15. They only have 25 players and that included 9th graders as they don't have a JV. They don't have 3rd string and you don't play small freshman vs. Dillards V 3rd string.
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