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  1. 1.Cocoa 2.STA 3.miami Central 4. Raines 5. Jacksonville Trinity Christian That's my top 5.
  2. This team will be stacked on both sides of the ball. They will be top 10 in Florida easy. And top 50 in the nation or lower " Mark my words.
  3. Three from Palm Bay , one from Rockledge and one from space Coast. O-lineman , lb ,fs and a QB. Cocoa need to order more uniforms. Lol . Only sad thing" somebody will be on the bench with their feelings hurt because they were starting at their previous School.
  4. Daytona Beach mainland ? Hmmmm! Dan' Cocoa will be even better than last year. The receivers won't be as tall but more athletic. Lol
  5. Cocoa might have 50 players on Varsity next year. They are used to only having 30.
  6. Titusville astronaut best running back and receiver from a 10-2 team last year just transferred in and three titusville Terriers best defensive player. Wow".
  7. Arizona Cardinals just picked up another Cocoa high player DeAndre Barnett. Free agent.
  8. Cocoa had good teams in the past. The 1987, 1992 ,1996 and 1997 teams were pretty good.
  9. 4 out of 5 kids was drafted from Cocoa High School. This small town has big time talent. Mark my word " I see 3 more Coming in three years. And you know what's so sad " we have schools in Brevard county hating Cocoa High because of their success. And you know what else is sad" we had three kids transfer out after last year state championship appearance ( Cocoa has a easier route next year. They go north. ) and going to other schools that haven't made it pass the second round of the playoffs for 20 yrs. Mark my word' Cocoa will be in the finals again next year facing Carol City. That's my prediction.
  10. Tampa needs to use him as a receiver on fly patterns. 4.30 speed " he has great hands , In 2015 Cocoa used him ALot on offence on fly patterns.
  11. Jamel Dean from Cocoa High just got drafted by Tampa Bay buccaneers tonight also. Both of them played for Cocoa in 2015.
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