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  1. Cocoa came up to Madison 10 yrs ago in the playoffs and beat them in their house . I think Madison was 10-0 before Cocoa showed up. Madison was down 14-0 at half.
  2. All Cocoa need to add is a decent QB and RB , they would be right back in state again next year. They didn't have to worry about any of those positions in the last 16yrs making it to the final 4 a county high 9 times and the finals 7 times.
  3. Names of key players returning D-Line 44 - Loren ward 6'3 268Lb 50- D'andrevios Dorsey 5"11 265Lb 52- Da'varrius Robertson 6'1 267Lb 57- Dereon Walker 6'2 260Lb 99- Tarvorise Brown 6'7 245Lb LB 15- simadre Hawkins 5'11 205Lb O-Line 76- Xavier Solis 6'2 315Lb 77- Damian Seymour 6'5 320Lb 16- kyon Calhoun 6'5 WR 21- Cedric Hawkins 6'2 WR
  4. I'm not sure with names but number 44 , 57 , 50 , 52 and 99 were starters right?
  5. Five starting offensive players and 9 defensive players. The 4-star defensive player might have to play both ways ( Cedric Hawkins ) . Plus They have the top LB in the state coming back , Cedric's cousin simadre Hawkins and all the starting D-lineman.
  6. Cocoa recruits its self in brevard county. 16 years straight final 4 or finals. Its like the Field of Dreams if you build a winning program they will come.
  7. Cocoa's D-line was very small last year, we had two guys under 200lbs on the line then. This years D-line average size is 265 lb across the line.. Cardinal Gibbons dominated in the trenches last year. I've been a major Cocoa fan since the 80's. This years 6 ft 5 QB is the best I've seen since the 2009 and 2010 QB. Plus he has 5 D1 receivers to throw to. This doesn't mean DJ Arroyo the quarterback for the last four years wasn't any good, he was just too short 5 ft 7. But Cocoa Coaches came up with great schemes for him as well , He ended up with over 8000 passing yards in 4 yrs.
  8. What do south florida fans think about this game ?
  9. 1.Cocoa 2.STA 3.miami Central 4. Raines 5. Jacksonville Trinity Christian That's my top 5.
  10. This team will be stacked on both sides of the ball. They will be top 10 in Florida easy. And top 50 in the nation or lower " Mark my words.
  11. Three from Palm Bay , one from Rockledge and one from space Coast. O-lineman , lb ,fs and a QB. Cocoa need to order more uniforms. Lol . Only sad thing" somebody will be on the bench with their feelings hurt because they were starting at their previous School.
  12. Daytona Beach mainland ? Hmmmm! Dan' Cocoa will be even better than last year. The receivers won't be as tall but more athletic. Lol
  13. Cocoa might have 50 players on Varsity next year. They are used to only having 30.
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