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  1. U know he does look familiar now thats why he’s able to survive this message board he has already survived SCREAM
  2. Lmao lol please please one more chance lol!!!!
  3. I’ve been staying quiet on a lot of this & really just observing & I see a lot of counties either starting practice in September, some counties opting out all together. other states starting two months from now so my question is what’s gonna happen with the schedules especially with teams that have OOS matchups ?? What happens to the teams schedule who chooses to opt out of the FHSAA state series this year do they get an entire new schedule ?? Being that if u choose to opt out your religion or district is no longer relevant can someone explain this if you can. @OldSchoolLion @ColumbiaHighFan2017class
  4. I love it and I’m not even from that part of town great Analysis
  5. Have u heard of any of these schools @OldSchoolLion
  6. They stepped their game up ighh lol
  7. I wanna say Jenkins play for pahokee till he graduated in 09 what teams still have nightmares about emm ..lol that’s a tricky one ima gamble and say the one that’s in the picture (trinity catholic) cuz they met a few times in which one was a nail biter won by the devils in 08
  8. Also what I find real interesting is that in that 1986 year st Thomas one every game and lost their last one to Dillard
  9. Lol hahahahahahaha good stuff good stuff
  10. And if all else fails I’m gonna say when they went 4-6 in 1989
  11. But u did say the last 50 years that was over 50 years so I would have to say hmmmmm 1964 when they went 2-8????
  12. Ughhh I will say 1947 when they went 1-7 lost 40-7 to st Ann crusaders lost 22-7 to St. Peter & Paul Panthers out of Miami they lost 33-12 to the st Patrick shamrocks also out of Miami they also lost to the gesu crusaders 38-12 they lost 30-6 to the at Mary Corsairs out of Miami they lost 54-7!!! To the st Theresa musketeers then they ended that dreaded season with a 34-13 lost to the pompano bean pickers lol their only win was against trinity Indian Lutherans out of ft Lauderdale 13-6
  13. What’s funny is that st Thomas was shut out again that year 24-0 by south dade but it was away
  14. Hallandale chargers sep 29th 1995
  15. My fault on the lack of punctuation in that sentence, I wasn’t insisting to test them before every game I was saying to test the team band cheerleaders & caches prior to the first game. And if and when everything is clear that’s when you can move forward with officially kicking off the first game. and the rest follows as I was saying about the fans and the mask and etc. Florida has the funding to test them once to make sure they are in the clear to play/perform.
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