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  1. I was just tagging u bro I kno u wasn’t clowning us & facts
  2. Multiple personal foul penalties ..multiple false starts ..multiple holding penalties .. offense & defense ..illegal procedure penalties smh
  3. Did u realit throw Douglas in there we would have blasted Douglas their schedule was even more pathetic then ours plantation ? What makes them top 10 over us ? Scheduling a top schedule doesn’t make u a top 10 team ..your not even from south Florida so u have no expertise on any team down here your just solely going off name & past history. two of our opponents from this year is in the state semis ..we beat them both 6 teams out of the 12 we played from spring to regular season end made the playoffs it would have been 7 if Miramar didn’t have to forfeit have their season. to say their is no difference between Dillard this year & years past is a DISRESPECT to the players the coaches & to the hard work & dedication that has been put into this program & ill b DAMNED!! If I let ANYONE!! Let alone someone from north Florida disrespect us like that. a Dillard team from the past would have lost that game vs Miramar would have most definitely lost against Columbus & would have found a way to make those “EASY GAMES” harder then what they needed to be. are we nationally elite ? No not yet but are we a top 6 in broward county HELL YEA!! & unless u have expertise in south Florida football & u have seen Dillard play don’t come at me with nothing bout Dillard cuz yo opinion has ZERO VALIDITY!! you don’t get to 12-0 & hosting a reigional finals game by being below avg or sorry u don’t beat two teams that’s playing in a state semis wether it was close or by a blowout by being below avg. last Friday’s game wasn’t lost because we was overmatched or with less talent we just played a very undisciplined game & Miami central took advantage period! @DarterBlue2 @ColumbiaHighFan2017class y’all doing all this clowning on Dillard like I said we was Mater dei or STA all I’ve been saying all year was that since that lost last year to central we wanted another shot THATS IT & we Got it and we didn’t take Advantage of the opportunity nuff said.
  4. We went to the state finals in 2000 & went went to the state semis in 01 if Dillard had the north’s path to a title Dillard would have way more state championships & final appearances. put any other school a Armwood a lakeland & etc with our path their history would look like ours playing the #1 team in the nation in the 2ns round year after year in STA where they won national championships. then right after we’re put in a region facing nationally ranked Miami central or carol city in the first round as a district champion. also adding to the fact not being able to keep players because were fighting with nationally recruited STA whose literally 8 min away AHP ...now u school & Chaminade all schools who can offer more. It’s tough man. It’s not like we have been losing to local state level schools on the same playing field as us we’ve been having to go against some national powerhouses in the first & second round and this year third round.
  5. We played two teams That we’re “Non district “ opponents who are in the state semis Right now. but I most definitely get what you are saying hopefully we can get a home & home with MNW & DFB next year
  6. Over 50 flags were thrown in our game & we we were penalized alone for 173 yards smh
  7. Yessir & that team was central; but in no game this year or last did we have 7 turnovers & 173 yards in penalties in any game which sucks because in the regular season ATLEAST u have another week but this happen in a game where it was win or go home. I was also frustrated with our offensive coaching it’s clear the running wasn’t working why not scheme up something else ? Then our Qb Jones he threw ATLEAST 9 interceptions this postseason combined after his second tonight the coaches in my opinion should have switched somethings up see what you have in your back up Qb for a possession or two throw something new at the defense & see what you have. but instead they kept em in and more interceptions & under & over throws followed. This the playoffs this not about seniors & all that we’re tryna advance but hey congrats to all the dade teams & go win it all.
  8. I cant speak for everyone but as for me i respected central for who they are & what they bring to the table. To say that we didnt have a chance thats false on the opening drive of the game we drove down the field and had A "TD" called back. All through the 1st and 2nd quarter dillard had drive after drive stalled by self inflicted penalties...15 yards 10 yards 5 yards & when that wasnt happening were literally throwing the ball right to the central defenders. We had 2 lost fumbles for a scoop and score & 4 interceptions. Our defense was getn to central qb & we contained amari central didnt start driving driving until dillards defense started getting worn out. I said this week this game was gonna come down to who can get the momentum. In the third qt wen it was 14-0 and dillard recoverd on MC 15 that was our chance to get the momentum back at that point u still had the whole 2nd half & who knows but instead we fumbled right back & just basically gave the game to em that led to 21-0 then the turnover gates open to fumble recovery for tds & a 35-0 win. Central did what chsmpions do which is captialize.
  9. Bro if u was at the game then u kno we was on central side of the field atleast 6 times & each time we had a momentum catch or run it was called back ...wen we didnt shoot ourselves in the foot wit unforced turnovers & penalties we moved the ball frequently on central. Our defense contained amari & held their offense to 21 after putting up 53 vs naples and 38 vs dunbar. But u cant give central short field after short field and not expect them to cash in; im not taking anything away from central they got the dub they deserved it but it wasnt jus a clear domination that central was by far the better team the score is very misleading but none of that means anything just gotta come back harder next year and get more disciplined.
  10. We didnt poke we wanted em we got em.....dillard and miami central talent wise was even. We lost the game way more then central won. It was 14-0 in the third qt central fumbled on their 15 what did we do? Give it right back we had two scores called back...every momentum catch or run we had it was called back every time with a penalty your not gonna beat ANYONE with 173 yards in penalties with 7 turnovers with 6 being unforced. Central got the win congrats they took advantage of our mental errors but when we wasnt shooting ourselves in the foot dillard drove up and down the field on central.
  11. First things first congrats to miami central on taking care of bussiness go and win the whole thing rocnation As for the game dillard defense played a hell of a game holding miami central offense to 21 points. Dillard picked the wrong game to have their most undisciplined game of the season; STORY OF THE GAME: Dillard : 7 turnovers 4 interceptions 3 fumbles...173 yards in penalties your NOT gonna be NO team with those stats Turning point in the game ?? 1 min into the 3rd quarter central fumbled the ball we recoverd on their 15 on the very next play we fumbled giving the ball right back. Defensively we held up as much as we could but no defense will be able to hold up all game after the offense keep having quick 3 and outs & turnovers giving central short field after short field their gonna get worn out and central took advantage. Whats so upsetting to everyone is if dillard played their best game and central still won u tip yo hat to the better team; but to know we played our worst game its fustrating because central was not 35 points better. Regardless of what its still PANTHER NATION WIN OR LOSE im still here through the trash talk and all. T his wasnt a dillard not being able to compete with dade powers type lost this was. A everything that coule have went wrong went wrong lost. But anybody that was at this game no we was going toe to toe with them boyz they just didnt go up and down the field on us showing complete dominance, MIAMI CENTRALGOT THE DUB and our season end at (12-1) @topnotch305 @DarterBlue2 @nolebull813
  12. This game gettin packed as hell already and it aint even 7 aclock
  13. Region 1: Apopka Region 2: Steinbrenner Region 3: deerfield beach Region 4: columbus CLASS 7A Region 1: Edgewater Region 2: Lakeland Region 3: Venice Region 4: St. Thomas Aquinas CLASS 6A Region 1: Escambia Region 2: Gaither Region 3: Palmetto Region 4: Dillard CLASS 5A Region 1: Wakulla Region 2: Jones Region 3: Jesuit Region 4: american heritage CLASS 4A Region 1: Bolles Region 2: Cocoa Region 3: Lakewood Region 4: Cardinal Gibbons CLASS 3A Region 1: Florida High Region 2: Lakeland Christian Region 3: Clearwater Central Catholic Region 4: Chaminade-Madonna CLASS 2A Region 1: University Christian Region 2: Victory Christian Region 3: Seffner Christian Region 4: Champagnat Catholic CLASS 1A Region 1: Vernon Region 2: Blountstown Region 3: Madison County Region 4: Pahokee
  14. Can’t go wrong with that pick lmao hahahaha
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