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  1. And me mentioning STA was because perspective made a comment about img, and someone said how they respect img for who who they are, and how they don’t hide who they are which is why they play a national schedule & I mentioned that STA & iMG is basically the same type of school that do the same things so if img doesn’t qualify to compete for a state title neither should STA.
  2. I didn’t only mention STA in a post above on this very thread, I mentioned MNW MC CG AHP & etc. and also in my last post I mentioned PRIVATE & PUBLIC schools ; which is why I said if we’re gonna hate Recruiting & Etc Then We Need To Despise it 100% regardless of What School it is or their Success Rate.
  3. How I feel about all this img is no diff then STA & vice versa & if that’s the case STA Shouldn’t qualify for the FHSAA either. were either gonna respect recruiting fully or despise it fully, private or public school.
  4. How i feel what’s not good for the goose shouldn’t be good for the gander of private schools get bashed for recruiting and heavy transfers, then public schools shouldn’t get a past either. like it or not all these transfers and recruits have become a problem and a lot of schools are suffering because of it. if you’re gonna recruit and create all star teams? Fine but in my opinion all those teams should be in their own league/classification. how can you really boast about winning a state championship by 30-40 points when the level of playing field wasn’t even fair
  5. Seems to Me you’re not a fan of high school teams who heavily get recruits or transfers & become a local all star team. which is ok, but to be fair that means you shouldn’t respect nor be a fan of the following chaminade STA AHP CARDINAL GIBBONS MNW MC BOOKER T (In their hay day) LAKELAND EDGE-WATER (recently) and etc........
  6. I watched that game, and hey if you’re Miami central and you boast about being the best and you create super teams to blow through your county and state, why not play against a team who just as recruited as you and see how u really match up and we saw what happen.
  7. You do know MNW lost to img 24-7 in 2019 then 34-7 in 2018. both years MNW & IMG was ranked nationally, & if you’re gonna talk about recruits then img isn’t the only school guilty you think teams like Miami central and Miami northwestern get nationally ranked just by within the zone talent ?? No they recruit and make local super teams. and I don’t want this topic to get locked so ima stay on topic, all in all teams like iMG & STA because of their resources can go the extra mile with getting talent for their rosters, but if any public school do the same thing to any type o
  8. To be amongst or be the best you have to play the best I would love to play img again but hey we’re in a district with STA now so we’re getting a top 5 national school on a silver platter.
  9. I don’t know now, as talented as MNW is they struggle with well coached teams EX...img ...& Lowndes I can see the raiders beating them & it’s possible for the bulls to win to, but MNW is playing STA at the right time the first game of the season.
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