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  1. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    They beat mcarthur who beat university school what are u talking about lol ..I’m not being funny when I say this are you even from south Florida because it seems to me a lot of posters on this board is not from south Florida & have very little actual insight on the schools down here. and you picked Miramar to beat Dillard ... & u was hesitant to pick us vs Columbus & we won both & your talking about Miramar lost to every good school they played so did Deerfield Miami central ..carol city ...so what are u saying lol deerfield was blowed out in every solid matchup they had this year ...Miami central had 4 solid matchups this year they went 1-3 in those games. Western had 2 solid matchups during the year they lost both of them. Come on now make it make sense Nole.
  2. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    But you have your reasons & opinions on why u feel the way you do as for us we’re just gonna keep doing what we do which is win our focus is a solid fort Myers team Friday take care of business there then we will move to whose next.
  3. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    Awful Miramar ?? Miramar is only 3-7 because of all of those games they had to forfeit if not Miramar is 7-3 and in the playoffs instead of mcarthur who they beat. miracle win vs Columbus ? We drove up and down the field on Columbus & held their ESPN top 5 Rb in the country in check we didn’t trail Columbus not one time & by the way Columbus loses were to powerhouses south dade btw u school then to us && their still in the playoffs so apparently their not sorry. & 3 that game vs stranahan is a rival game early in the season where you throw records out the window Dillard is nowhere the same team in week 3 that they are now; & American heritage beat stranahan 27-6 soooooo??? again your opinion is your opinion so I’m gonna respect it cus it’s just that a “opinion” but I’ve been to every Dillard game so I believe I have more insight on what they are & what they aren’t. I never claimed for us to be Miami northwestern because we’re not we’re Dillard!! We’re not flashy we don’t have a boat load of ESPN transfers we’re just a hungry football team with a lot of underclassmen whose only gonna get better.
  4. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    And let’s remember these very two met in the first round last year and it went down to the very end so Dillard has already shown they can go toe to toe with the rockets
  5. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    And by the way central may not make it past Naples I hope they do tho I want em.
  6. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    No disrespect but I don’t believe beating or not beating Miami central will “solidify” if Dillard is “Good”. You may disagree but I believe Dillard has Already Shown that They Are A Solid Very Good Football Team. they’ve had two test vs two Solid opponents who they would have been blown out to in the past & one of those teams (Miami Columbus) is in the 2nd round & have a great chance to advance to the third; && the only reason Miramar isn’t in the playoffs Right now is because of the ineligible player situation which caused them to forfeit half their games. it’s extremely tough to win on any level let alone go undefeated; && not only has Dillard Won Dillard has BEAT DOWN their opposition which is what “Great Teams Do” But don’t get me wrong I respect your opinion & I && the ENTIRE panther nation wanna see Dillard Vs Miami Central part 2 But For Diffrent reasons. Miami central has not won states since what 2015 ? & every solid team they played this year they were either blown out or they lost so I strongly disagree that will be our “is Dillard forreal game” I believe we’ve already shown that we won our playoff game last week by “42”. Dillard has done & have come way further then any analysts picked before the season if we go all the way it’s because we had the potential & we handled business but if not we’re still the same great team the other team was just better that night.
  7. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    Got u look forward to meeting up with him before game time
  8. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    Aye let’s hope so I don’t need to be on the edge of my set Friday lol if we going into round 3 I wanna go with a bang and let whoever we will be facing know DILLARD IS HERE..!!
  9. Ft Myers (9-2) @ Dillard (11-0)

    This is Gonna Be A Solid Solid Solid Matchup the green waves come in fresh off a 49-28 thrashing of their rivals north ft Myers. The green waves are in their 100th season and have a lot of history back in the day they had to consecutive trips to the state semis where they lost to STA but all in all a storied program with a lot of wins under their belt. Dillard comes in (11-0) and having all types of a historic season they come in avg 47 points a game giving up a Avg of 8 in a half points a game they won last week 48-6 after a slow start & a scoreless 1st Qt. with a lots of trash talk by Miami central & the eagerness by the players panther nation & the county of broward of a potiental rematch with Miami central ....Dillard has to stay focused this week & handle business vs the green waves because there is no guarantee central win @ Naples. Ft Myers is gonna give us everything we got we’re at home our fan base & county is at full throttle it’s gonna be a rowdy rowdy atmosphere at Otis gray memorial stadium Friday where Dillard looks to go (12-0) for the first time since 2000 & advance to the 3rd round for the first time since 2001. #GoPanthersGo!!!!
  10. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    Well it gets dark by 5:50 now and by 6:30 it’s pitch black soooo “shrugs shoulders” lol
  11. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    I don’t c what does that have to do with the time tho ..I’m sure lAw enforcement & etc was at those games even during the shooting if a person wanna shoot their gonna shoot regardless the time.
  12. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    Lol wow
  13. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    Got u you know way more about pbc then me so I respect yo expertise on the subject but to give up that much points at home especially in the playoffs when your suppose to be playing your best and against a wildcard at that. the last time we gave up 40 points in any game was in the playoffs in 2016 vs carol city ..that’s like us beating Lely 48-42 .... our crowd would of rioted.
  14. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    Truuu ..but personally o believe it takes a talented team to go (10-0) that’s not a East feat to do your playing against teams & players who eat & crap just like you do. so to go 10-0 is a great accomplishment that not many schools can say they’ve done I do see lakes coming up short next week tho
  15. Venice vs Palm Beach Lakes round 2

    I see Venice winning 34-14 PBl struggled heavily against East lake and should have lost the rams aren’t playing their best ball in nov right now and I think the Indians get em