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  1. Tbh I’m with you. As an avid Dillard high alum, former player & fan. So many years I wished that we had the transfer portal & the championships that came with it of a Miami central , Miami northwestern , Sta. To see Dillard high when a state title in football in my lifetime would be one of the proudest moments in my life. but at the same time I’m also old school where if you wanted to be the BEST you beat the best. I come from an era “90’s” where there were no super teams (To my Knowledge). There was pride and tradition to play for your HOME school & bring success to said school. now everyone wants microwave success aka super teams. No loyalty to the school what so ever everyone just load up at 1 school and make winning the championship as easy as possible.
  2. Something to most definitely think about. It’s just insane to me that in 2024 3-4 weeks b4 kick off , every high school complete schedule isn’t posted. What’s even crazier is that most head coaches/ AD’s already know and have the full schedule. For some reason in Florida they just wait the last minute to post. unless you’re STA, Chaminade or American heritage.
  3. Facts. But to my understanding you can access maxpreps from home to make or add changes from home. why is that a state like GA can have each team entire accurate schedule ready to go all ready to go at the same time , months b4 kick off. But with Florida you dam near don’t know anything for sure until sometimes the week of kickoffs. which leaves no room for alum to put in adequate time off request to attend certain games such as homecoming , a huge rival bowl game. Especially if they’re no longer local and live out of state.
  4. At This Point Bro it seems as if every year we have the same conversation in regards to the piss poor job Florida does with the release & adequate posting of the schedules. you look on maxpreps and there are a alarming amount of schools with less then 4 games posted, some opponents are posted more then once just different dates for the same school. and what’s crazy is the fact that this year rankings & seedings is going to in the hands of maxpreps, but yet here we are less then 6 weeks away from the 2024 season & more then half the state don’t even have a full slate of games posted. At this point is it maxpreps dropping the ball year and year out ? Or is this falling on the head coaches of each school & the athletic director ?
  5. I wonder what all did they take into contact with these before season rankings. and also do anyone has a clue how will teams be seeded for the playoffs this season. is it when your district you’re a automatic 1 or 2 seed in the region. Or is it the more tough games you play the better your SOS would be which would make you a high seed wether you win or lose ?
  6. That’s all of them boosters they be having. On top of the love of football they have. a lot of those schools started out predominantly white, but if we’re gonna keep it a band they saw the assets of having black athletes on the team Aka “state titles” so they started getting the blacks in there one way or another lol, so now they have the athletes and the boosters to keep the school with state of the art everything. in Florida unless it’s a private school or a school like Lakeland or Venice that’s public but have a big booster club. Your school/athletics is not gonna have the best of the best. hell as long as Dillard been around they just approved to get their stadium redid this summer smh.
  7. Depending on what what school if it’s like a Cooper City , west broward etc then the attendance is extremely low 90% of the time especially on the road. but as for Dillard we travel extremely well home or away.
  8. Lol dam. So it’s true what they say da 305 alumni so full fledge come out and support unless it’s a picnic or if the football team is really good.
  9. Dam that’s cray the two times we played against em once at traz in 2018 & at Dillard in 2017 they crowd was decent. Especially at Dillard I was even surprised and they small aihh band came lol. but aye long as dem 27th ave fans show up I’m good lol. Here’s to a good injury free game.
  10. Facts hopefully they can get it done sooner then later.
  11. I agree with you heavily on that. Especially in dillards case.
  12. It’s a KOC game Brodie. Nice matchup b4 the actual season starts.
  13. Lol stack em like jenga blocks lol. Most def a game you got to get their early 4.
  14. Their trenches is literally solid offense & defense. & their offense is always tough to stop. Especially in that spread formation. Speed everywhere. dillard vs Btw prime time we outside lol
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