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  1. Playing the “BIG WHAT IF” game, if we did something impeccable like that I believe it would put us top 10 nationally. But not #1 simply because of how we finished last year even tho last year wasn’t bad but it wasn’t too 50 nationally worthy
  2. To BE BIG, you got to play big. It’s time for Dillard to get NATIONAL exposure win or lose , but you already know I’m rooting for the dub. More then likely it will be away.
  3. Aye I agree with you bro I would love to see this era of Dillard go against EAST STL & stephensville again. but aye they said Dillard needed to beef up there schedule, here we go. Can’t wait to see what else we got in store
  4. And that east St. Louis team had 19 ineligible players and they had to forfeit that season, I was played in both that game and the Texas game and the heat most def played a huuggeeeee factor that Texas game had me disgusted as you stated we were up BIG! After the game they said we were the biggest and fastest team they had played in a few years up to that point.
  5. LETSSSS GOOOOOO!!!!!! , you beat me to the punch was gonna post this when I got off.! lol but aye I love everything bout this. The game, the exposure Dillard is continuing to turn THAT CORNER!
  6. Reddicks is 6’1 180, and Deerfield beach top target last season where he accumulated over 700 receiving yards. he joins a special Dillard high team that took a early playoff lost to heart and is out for blood vs everyone.
  7. So As Everyone Knows The Annual Dade Vs Broward Game This Past Weekend. It was surrounded by ALOT of trash talk & A lot of back & forth from BOTH sides. Fast forward to the 20+ point BEAT DOWN broward county put on dade county AT the Mecca (TRAZ POWELL) all of a sudden a lot of dade supporters & residents coming through in the comments under the highlight videos saying “OH DADE PLAYERS DIDNT CARE BOUT THIS GAME THEY JUST CAME TO HAVE FUN” ”dade players was just chilling they didn’t care, but broward gave it all they had they were just happy to be playing at the Mecca broward had more to prove” LMAO LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA if I could put the laughing emojis I would LMAO you can’t make this stuff up bro lol. so all the dade county fans and players that played in the ALL STAR GAME disrespected and clowned broward all week, called us cowards from broward and etc, even the coaches was selling out, all to get to actual game day, GET BLOWN OUT by broward iN MIAMI! , Then say oh the players from dade was just chilling lol REALLY 305? Lol LETS CALL IT WHAT IT IS, BROWARD BEAT THAT ASS & out of the last 3 years we’re 2-1 Vs dade in the ANNUAL DADE VS BROWARD game for all the bragging rights, but aye I can’t even say I’m surprised that this the route that was took Lol, WHEWWWW! Lol. @Jullian @954gator @VeniceIndiansFootball
  8. Tbh I wanna see them BOTH for personal reasons. Miami central because that was the last team my good friend Eddie faced before he suddenly passed away & to defeat them & go on to win state I believe would be….words can’t even express man. STA because I mean they’re STA that’s a whole reason within it’s self lol, but also because they ended our regular season game win streak at 39 consecutive games lol so to end their chance at a 3 Pete & go hoist that trophy would be historical for our program.
  9. If we stay in 7A with the reclassification we may move down I doubt we move up even tho it was our first time in 7A this past season.
  10. We only got 2 of Deerfield players, rather it was sheer recruitment or the players deciding to transfer is unknown
  11. Unless something drastically happens this a annual bragging rights game that happens every year, but I’m glad that broward kept that trophy in broward for the second consecutive year.
  12. 954 Ayooooooooooo!!! Nuff said. also head coach for BROWARD ALL STARS …DILLARD HS head coach Tyler Tate DC for broward all stars , Also DILLARD high New defensive coordinator ..Coach macho maybe a sight of things to come on 27th and 11th.
  13. Oh wow I don’t know why I thought we were in the 2000’s by now , that’s a very low population given our high school being one of the biggest high schools in the entire state of Florida.
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