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  1. Tbh I don’t even think a lot of teams respect veros streak because of the early playoff exits, if it were state championships along with the regular season streak then I believe teams would be more hyped to take them down. no disrespect to their record tho
  2. How I feel bout all of this let the kids play in august. No matter what day,year,or month We play ball there will be germs, from deadly to none deadly. the air we breath is pollute,the meats we eat are poisoned & filled with steroids. With that said it’s time to get back to some form of normalcy, we can’t stay locked down forever neither can we expect to just wake up and it’s poof pow the world is back to normal; Everyone just needs to stay sanitary & let’s move forward.
  3. Put Dillard on the schedule bra ..that would actually b a good game
  4. What happen to them afterwards did the coach eventually leave or the talent just wasn’t the same as that special year
  5. Bro u would’ve thought it was the Super Bowl Dillard has atleast 1,500 2,000 on they side alone then GC side was full to the max people from the City had our field surrounded watching from the outside. You would have thought it was the #1 ranked vs #2 ranked teams in the nation playing lol. But both teams have a huge fan bases. But like pahokee it seems the muck fans only show up & show out when the team is good & if they not the support be boo boo.
  6. Was you in attendance bro ? The muck had literally half their residence in attendance lol
  7. I thought it was the finals but I wasn’t sure.
  8. That was a game for the AGES can anyone find any kind of footage of that game?? Max preps Use to have clips but it’s gone. glades central came with star WR kelvin Benjamin came ranked top 10 in the nation & (6-0) on the year, defeating two Texas power houses to start the year. dillard came in on a 2 game losing streak to cypress bay (21-19) where a dirty hit knocked out star defensive player Wayne Lyons out for the year, then we proceeded to lose to Boyd Anderson (19-13). Dillard came in As HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY underdogs but the game still was standing room only on BOTH sides and boy did we have a thriller, Dillard Went on To Shock the raiders in a 35-31 victory in front of a rowdy home crowd, where our qb only completed two passes on the night (Lol) Both went for touchdown passes. That was The MOST points Glades central gave up on the ENTIRE season. the raiders went on to steam till the rest of their schedule finishing the regular season(9-1) & made it to the state semis where they lost to cocoa (14-13) to finish the season (12-2). Dillard went on to finish the Regular season (5-5) And lost (49-14) to Miramar in the first Round.
  9. I didn’t know gables was a public school thought they were private
  10. Hmmm I wonder if it have anything to do with Dillard’s coaching job now being up especially being the son of Otis gray who the field is named after.
  11. So after a tough tough two weeks today is the day to pay my final respects to a very good friend of mine, a legend to the Dillard high community. his funeral will be private so thousands will not be able to attend because of the virus so yea man just please keep panther nation in prayer I haven’t cried in a few days but I know it’s gonna hit me when I see em today. #SIPBRO #LLE
  12. Ighh if you must know I’ve been dealing with not only the shocking death of our leader & our football coach but that was also a close friend of mine. You right I was on yesterday but that was only to read & respond to one of the writers on here giving their condolences, so if my panther Card was “revoked” for missing this thread then “Aye”
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