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  1. 4min left in the game Ely 28 Dillard 6, tigers have scored 28 unanswered points. Panthers lone score was the first drive of the game. @nolebull813 @DarterBlue2 this game is over , the panthers jus scored to make it 12-28 but once again they waited to late to get it going just bad team bad coaching all the way around.
  2. What’s crazy is that dillard came out with great energy drove down the field scored. defense got an interception and the qb fumbled it on the very next play. On the very next possession defense got a three and out qb threw a bad interception which ely scored off of. He single handily drew the life out the team and now they’re out there goin threw the motions. its extoda
  3. Boyz - And this qb throws a pick the WR made no effort to catch the ball defense has done their job all night they the only ones came to play.
  4. Coaches make a change at qb and bench the starter , but is it to late ?
  5. Panthers stick with the starter despite the 3 turnovers and the stagnant offense
  6. Quarter back with another interception after the defense does it’s job. I’m sorry but I’m not even upset with the defense tonight this quarter back here has turned into a turnover machine. Fans calling for the back up qb and the players are agreeing with the fans that’s not a good at all smh
  7. Panthers got one more half to get play their best game or this is where their season will end
  8. Panthers got one more half to get play their best game or this is where their season will end
  9. Panthers went for it on fourth down down 1 ref called it a first for Dillard the white hat way on the other side of the field called it tigers ball smh tigers take over 32 seconds left
  10. Tigers punt Dillard ball on their own 20 3:41 left in the half
  11. And they call a flag on the punt run ring into the kicker wow!!
  12. I can’t believe this and on 1st down the qb fumbles and tigers take over qb single handily responsible for 2 turnovers so far. The defense has been doing its job
  13. Dillard defense with another interception Dillard ball at the 50
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