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  1. Pahokee@Palm Beach Lakes (tonight)

    Truuu were u still there wen we played "i got 5 on it" ?
  2. Pahokee@Palm Beach Lakes (tonight)

    Lmao lol u would def love dillard then we light up the stands & halftime show the crowd come for the team & band.
  3. Pahokee@Palm Beach Lakes (tonight)

    I agree that & yall special teams. But i told alot of people before the dwyer game dont let PK 0-2 record fool you they talented asf. Got alot of speed & their defense legit. They just have to put it all together. I ser them making the playoffs & when they do their gonna be a problem for any school they play. Also what you thought about our band bro i thought yall band would b there to.
  4. Pahokee@Palm Beach Lakes (tonight)

    Saw the dwyer & Pk film && pk made dwyer look extrmely better then what they are. I will say this tho im rootin 4 yall to get a dub tonight it will be a huge win for yall & will most def put yall back in the top 10 in palm beach. And most of all get u to 2-2 with 6 games games to go.
  5. Yea they backed out last min for oakridge smh but yea we have a chance to move to 5-0 after this week. We havent had this type of start since the 80s i believe but i cant go back that far cuz maxpreps only goes back to 04 lol.
  6. Truuu there is a 98% chance we finish 10-0 for the first time in school history so hopefully that gives us a top 2 seed for a change instead of 4
  7. Ohhh ok just was trying to narrow down who our 1st round opponent could possibly be.
  8. I only ask because years prior multiple teams got in by points even with avg to below avg records ..Ex: miami NW last year. So with the new changes is the point system still in place i heard it wasnt ...and the only point system in place is to determine the seeding of the district winners.
  9. Stranahan (3-0) @ Dillard (4-0) Game/Score Predictions

    Hey @OldSchoolLion your better at this then me? Do you think you can find out for me when was the last time dillard started 4-0 or better and how did we finish that year??? Maxpreps only go so far and ive already tried google. Thanks in advance.

    Lowndes Bartram trail Carol city Lakewood Palmetto South fort myers Cardinal gibbons Seminole Rockledge Madison county Venice Edgewater Niceville Madarian Atlantic
  11. Both teams come in undefeated, both teams have played 1 another for each of the past 7+ years. Big county rival the city will be out for this one plenty of trash talking happening from the bands to the fans. Dillard can reach 5-0 for the first time since the 80s if they can get the dub friday. Our offense is avg over 40+ points a game while our defense is giving up a avg of 13 points a game with 2 shut outs. SCORE PREDICTION i will say STRANAHAN 6 DILLARD 49
  12. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    Maybe he was being nice lol
  13. It wasnt northeast quit dillard was about to score again northeast coach then walked to the ref & decided to call the game in mid play of a drive. The refs confirmed are players confirmee northeast players also confirmed. Because oyr players was upset because they still wanted to play.
  14. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    And also you the same .... who PICKED pahokee to got dam beat dillard last monday SMFH now we talkin bout SOS cuz we 4-0 & Also beat both team ass who was predicted to beat us lol hahahaha.
  15. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 4

    I call BULLSHIT because in the end there is PLENTY!!!! Teams ranked way higher then dillard on this list With WEAK ASS SCHEDULES! You have teams ranked above us on this list Who LOST every TOUGH game they played this year & Won the weak ones!! COLUMBIA- Which is so funny that they always seem to stay in top 5 they wins have came against a severly OVER RATED trinity team some new team nobody even heard about ...another weak ass up the road team they put 67 on then a middle of the pack below avg pine forrest team who would get blasted by most south florida schools. DEERFIELD - TWO tough teams they did play they was blew TF out two sorry teams they played they Won. WESTERN - played sorry ass schools they Won their first real test vs 3A u school they lost like they always do. Columbus whose also ahead of only dominant win was vs a below avg belen jesuit team since then they have barely escape osceloa 21-17 and then lose 2 str8 games. And there is many of other teams i can add as well ...point is idgaf bout a SOS what yo past is what u did last year or 3 years ago ..My .... what are you doing NOW!!!??? That game vs miramar dillard was underdogs miramar was ranked higher then dillard in every poll the same miramar team who blew out miami norland week 1. Pahokee came into this year top 6 in palm beach county as a 1A school. & their only lost before us was to uschool who also recruit & is also a 3A fav to win it all. So how i feel miss me with the foo foo if were basing shii off last year & the start of this year dillard is top 15-20 in the state PERIOD!! but aye yall keep sleeping!!