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  1. Just one question when did players start making paragraphs & publicly announcing their decision to transfer schools. is the LeBron “decision” 2.0
  2. Lol that’s exactly what I was saying. If transferring and recruiting was STRICTLY enforced for private and public. I think the powerhouses and the elites u see today wouldn’t be as elite of elite at all. For example if STA couldn’t recruit at all & any transfers outside their school district had to sit for a calendar year with no participation in sport activities they could possibly be another belen jesuit right now. Or Columbus with only 1 title. in MIAMI central case , as I stated before they always was in a talent rich community, but between the lack of grades or getting into trouble outside of school a lot of their DAWGS couldn’t even put on a helmets. once African American high school coaches in south Florida found a loop hole in the recruiting and transferring game in the middle 2000s schools like MC, MNW Carol city started becoming powerhouses. another perfect example , U SCHOOL, when the recruiting and the coaches that did it left so did the program. the kids nor the coaches was there for the long haul because it was their homeschool and wanted to play for and build the program & trust the process. LAST EX: Flanagan, when bush left, so did all the transfers & recruits & My My My how the 2-3 mighty dragon has fallen, went from one of those most dominant defenses & teams in the state to a str8 laughing stock.
  3. Not trying to get on the transfer topic but to be fair in humor it seems MNW,BTW & especially MIAMI central all took off in the title department when recruiting & transferring to wherever whenever was heavily relaxed and easy to get away with lol hahahahahahaha.
  4. But as far as central Florida & up north Florida teams feeling like they have to get through south Florida as a whole, particularly broward & MIAMI , that’s been the mantra going back to the 80s & 90s. especially in the late 90s early 2000s broward tapped dade county ass on several occasions & at the Mecca at that. I’ll never forget in 2001 that run Dillard went on went through MIAMI central, carol city & Jackson to get to the title game. that Jackson game ended like (6-3) in favor of Dillard. It was a cool ass night to whewwww the Mecca was dumb packed.
  5. What’s insane is to think MC first championship came in 2009 when they have been around & have had major talent roam through those halls way before then. i still remember that game at Lockhart when they came down to play cypress bay, I think the final score was like 56-59 or suem like that lol.
  6. Exactly that’s when you get caught slipping.
  7. It would be one thing if I’m just hyped about this year because of the transfers & shii. but Dillard has been turning the corner & becoming this powerhouse in full for the last 3 years now. , in my opinion being a POWERHOUSE is not just decided on rings & state championship appearances. in my opinion it’s also judged on can you got to me to toe with elite STATE OR NATIONALY RANKED talent ? Dillard has done that. can you beat a state elite opponent? Dillard has done that (Columbus 2019) eventual state champion. glades central (2020) were they glades central of old ? No but still a formidable opponent. STA 2021 (23-14) lost @ STA where many felt Dillard should of won, against a national powerhouse the same place a national powerhouse in st Frances was BLOWN OUT. now as adults our opinions can differ, which is cool & what this message board is about. Even if Dillard wasn’t my alma mater seeing what they have risen to over the last 4 years I would most def call them a state powerhouse & a championship contender, will they further prove that this year we will see.
  8. That’s yo opinion & Ima respect it. But when yo resume 36-5 over the last 4 years. with a regional final app on your resume, a championship trophy under ya resume (GRANTED IT WAS TRI COUNTY) but it still a worthy accomplishment during a trying time. We were forced as a county to forfeit from playing in the FHSAA state playoffs, where as MIAMI had a option which is crazy because dade & broward is usually on one accord with those types of decisions. NONETHELESS Am I saying dillard is a NATIONAL powerhouse ? Of course not they can prove that this year though.
  9. Not this past year I’m talkin bout in the playoffs about two years ago STA WENT on the road as heavy favs & lost & it was Venice my apologies
  10. Look at STA @ madarian , everybody picked STA in a DOUBLE land slide & madarian clipped they ass that night. Run that game back and STA win by 30+ point is anything can happen on the road when it’s two great teams playing that’s the whole point of the playoffs especially in the latter round. Unfortunately one team has to lose.
  11. That’s where I respectfully disagree Dillard has already shown they go TOE TO TOE with not only elite teams but nationally ranked teams EX “STA @ STA” & to a lesser degree CM even tho it was a shut out it was a defensive battle in a KOC. homestead & Dillard were BOTH (10-1) coming into that game as great as Dillard was last year anything can happen on the road in incimate weather when a team is as desperate as you. could Dillard have been looking ahead to STA of course, but make no mistake homestead was not a push over 2nd round opponent. Dillard was the better team but homestead played better that night that’s all.
  12. I would love to play em again , the more I look at that game the more homestead was the team playing with house money. They had nothing to lose. add that playing in front of their home crowd who most def came out for once and Filled up their side. Their announcer kept the home team hyped all night. add the fact it rained all night and for some reason Dillard WRS forget how to catch in inclimiate weather, it was a perfect storm and homestead took advantage as they should have. then to add insult to injury our crowd attendance was pathetic because they didn’t want to drive a hour in constant rain to exit 1 when they was sure Dillard would be facing STA the next week & look what happen.
  13. I thought homestead wasn’t in another classification. I would love to see they ass again. outside of that it’s crazy Dillard went (9-1) last year & was a district runner up lol, looking back we would have been on the road up until the state title game. @FTL @ homestead @STA HFA is gonna b key even tho it’s crazy I think our crowd is more rowdy on the road in big game’s lol
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