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  1. But tbh if you ask me a lot of these “sport analysis” don’t know about the teams they rank.
  2. Lol that’s crazy & ohhhh I thought tru prep was a new school And those were their own players I didn’t know all the players from u school transfer there
  3. I was wondering the same thing how did they stay ranked without plying a down?! And I thought U SCHOOL was private so how come they didn’t opt in.
  4. I was surprised actually I thought edgewater would be highly.
  5. This is not my list bro this is mexpreps final top 25 list
  6. #TOP 10 1.iMG ACADEMY (8-0) 2. STA (8-1) 3. CARDINAL GIBBONS (8-1) 4. MIAMI CENTRAL (8-1) 5. AMERICAN HERITAGE (11-2) 6. SEMINOLE (12-0) 7. UNIVERSITY (iDLE) 8. TRINITY CHRISTIAN (13-1) 9. DILLARD (6-0) 10. CHAMINADE (8-2) #11-20 11. EDGEWATER (8-3) 12. COLUMBUS (8-0) 13.MIAMI NORTHWESTERN (3-2) 14. JESUIT (13-1) 15. BLOOMINGDALE (11-1) 16. BARTRAM TRAIL (10-2) 17. JONES (9-1) 18. NICEVILLE (11-1) 19. COCOA (9-1) 20. BERKELEY PREP (7-2) #21-25 21. VENICE (10-4)
  7. I know that’s right. It just felt so good to see us hold up a trophy for the first time since I’ve been born in football. And to see so much love & happiness & excitement over this championship within the community hearing so many “WE FINALLY DID IT” only for it not to count or really mean anything. but aye a title is a title, we won it. We just to go to hope next year we can vye for the “REAL THING”
  8. True, so the champion of the tri state that won’t be added to the record books as a title ? if that’s the case then for the ones that couldn’t opt in they would have been better off just making us suffer without a season At all. to have a shortened season tri county or not, playoffs and a championship game then say it doesn’t count that’s crazy.
  9. I respect your analysis my personal opinion Amy team Dillard would have played this year would have got the rage of us loosing our head coach the way we did. as u said MC would have been favorites as they should be, would the game have went their way ? We would never know. But as I said up top I do believe a “TITLE” is a title if you had to go through a playoff format & play in a championship then I believe a win should b added & counted among the previous trophies you won in the regular FHSAA
  10. I would really like everyone’s opinion on this. As We All Know Covid Struck the entire nation & it effected everything including football. with that said everybody wasn’t able to opt in compete for a FHSAA title, & some were Givin the option to opt in or opt out “MIAMI DADE”, but for the counties that wasn’t given that option “BROWARD, WEST PALM” we were forced to settle for a Shortened regular season & A (TRI COUNTY) playoffs & Championship. even in that tho u had a a lot of solid matchups and a lot of hard work & dedication put in. So for the teams tha
  11. Not surprising at all, even in the tri county championship the bucks just cannot close. Coming into this game they said they wouldn’t be denied. The explorers denying them big time right now. Still a lot of time tho. Leave it all on the field bucs.
  12. Thank u so much this means a lot & yea this man is a coach guru he was the brains of the operation that got chaminade their recent titles. but this process started a few years back, I kept saying Dillard is turning a corner & now we’re hoisting our first championship trophy in over 30 years. We had one of our most DOMINANT years this year winning every game by 20+ points, we scored 30+ in every game and after giving up 20 points in game one we didn’t give up more then 6 in ANY game the rest of the season including playoffs & championship. it’s time DILLARD get t
  13. Aye I’m turned right now man it’s CHAMPAGNE night lol haha. But aye I guess I’m smoking that good good stuff cuz I remember this post & u said I had it backwards & I was SMOKIN SMOKIN iG thought Dillard would beat the raiders by 2tds...instead we WON BY 3 TDS (27 points to be exact) we also became the first team to SWEEP the muck in BLOWOUT fashion of 25 points or more in over 2 decades. and last but not least u said that GLADES CENTRAL was going to WIN the TRI COUNTY title, instead it was THEM BOYS off 27th & 11 & in DOMINATING fashion to. Lol just thought that
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