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  1. Im Not sure it was him but that was his picture that was being used. That person said they were going to be coaching at Deerfield.
  2. Like brooooo when will it Stop. When a lot of people look at south Florida they look at Miami as murder capitol, where as Fort Lauderdale has took over the championship a good while ago it’s so crazy people are afraid to leave their house during the day. i know it’s crime everywhere but south Florida is becoming more & more ruthless by the day. in this year alone we have lost our football coach who was a legend to the Dillard high community, we also lost our auxiliary band coach 2 months later, no we lose another well known panther only this time it was to jealousy &
  3. I stay in Orlando off Kirkman now, which one u think I should check out
  4. What’s crazy is that Miami led the state in Covid numbers of course followed by Broward so if any county was to have the strictest stipulations it should have been Miami. usually Broward and Miami usually makes the same decision as a reign.
  5. Maaan this just sucks all the way around especially seeing that all of Broward has been forced to opt out, while Miami central and MNW is able to opt in
  6. What pisses me off about this is how come Miami central and Miami northwestern is able to opt in But Dillard cannot. BCAA decided to follow west palm and opt out but what does that have to do with schools individually?? About 95% of Miami schools opted out but a few opted in. And if that’s allowed then dillard should have been allowed to opt in to smh.
  7. Wow why not their field? And how many games will they get
  8. Hmm and I stay in Orlando now....might check this out
  9. Where js this game being streamed for free? Lol
  10. Man south Florida is suppose to be playing right now lol this junk got me hot
  11. Where are they from is that the school from Tennessee?
  12. Oh this the CIA that beat Atlantic last year thats kina like a low end img ?
  13. There was none last week that were free...online wise and I don't see any for this week either Whats going on...
  14. Ayee Apopka is up here..maybe we can meet up for the first time in 4 years lol. Because it looks like broward public schools are going to have little to No season so im gonna have to pick a orlando school to follow smh lol
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