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  1. So is Northwestern the most talented team in Dade ?
  2. So are you saying if all the talent in the area went to one school and the right coaching staff, Pensacola would make it's presence felt at the championship on a consistent basis ?
  3. Way too athletic ? A team like Niceville or Baker going up against Madison County, Dwyer, Armwood etc in previous years yea I see the difference but not tonight. Escambia offense could have scored more if WR #7 didn't get injured early in the game. Still wouldn't of mattered cuz the defense is physically outmatched.
  4. Well it was fun while it lasted lol. I did say Escambia defense would have their hands full but man 300 rushing yards in the 1st half is something I didn't imagine happening. Escambia offense moving the ball and the kick returns have really helped get them in the endzone. That 5-2 defense was a great gameplan by Central.
  5. Why do you think it's unlikely for Escambia to contain Central running game ? All 3 of their RB do look legit, the OL continues to be their strength and the QB looks good and accurate so I do think Escambia defense will have their work cut out for them tonight. I agree it's smart money to go with Central but Escambia has a great shot to win this game. Hopefully the QB can limit bad throws so Escambia doesn't lean too heavy on their running game. It's a 1 man running game and I'm sure he'll be playing both ways. I'm anxious to see the team from the Panhandle play against the Dade County powerhouse and in the end hopefully earn some respect for the area.
  6. Gaither had a lot of penalties and I'm not sure what was going on late in the game. Lack of a running game really hurt them and the QB was running for his life most of the night. Escambia had their fair share of penalties and should have been called for a late hit/ targeting in the 3rd. That's really the only one that stood out besides the penalties late in the game.
  7. Gaither definitely didn't pass the eye test nor were they physical. Escambia bulled them just like they did Washington.
  8. You still feel the same way after this game ? Armwood lost tonight as well.
  9. I expect a close game. Escambia hasn't faced a pass happy offense like Gaither all season and I'm curious to see how the secondary holds up. Offensively Escambia has playmakers but I'm almost certain #1 the RB will also be playing LB and #7 WR will play some DB so hopefully they can last the whole game.
  10. So what's your prediction on the final score ?
  11. I don't know which teams but I'm pretty sure at least one is from the Panhandle.
  12. The game was closer than the final score in my eyes. Mainland's qb gave Escambia some problems, which forced Esc star rb Frank Peasant to play linebacker as well last night. I don't think he's done that all year. If Lee's offense really is terrible than Escambia should be able to win this game comfortably.
  13. Mosley is better than their record... somewhat. That team is really mind boggling to me. They had close losses to Wakulla, Escambia, Washington and Niceville. They also lost to FWB and barely beat Pace. Yea it was a running clock to start the 2nd half. I'm very interested to see how far Escambia can go this year. They're ranked where they need to be in your rankings and maxpreps. They should at least make it to the 3rd round.
  14. Escambia 50 Washington 7... you still feel the same way ? Washington looked really soft tonight. Escambia's offense is pretty legit but that defense is not elite.
  15. I agree Washington could pull it off but their offense is just not that good to me. Yes they're scoring 30 a game but they haven't really faced a solid defense (not good/great) besides West Florida and Milton. The PF game would have answered some questions but the game was called off in the 3rd quarter.
  16. Both Columbia and Escambia had close games with Pine Forest. Escambia's offense is better than Pine Forest and the defense is about the same between the 2. So you think Washington is the best team in their district ?
  17. You're too bent out of shape about some rankings man. It's really not that serious. If they're as good as you think, the playoffs will determine that. I know North Florida teams get a bad rap but Escambia is legit. They won't win state but I think they could beat Columbia.
  18. Their strength of schedule is really bad. According to maxpreps, it's rated as a 1.4. That's the worst of the 6a top 10 teams.
  19. I think Escambia is the best team in the Panhandle and it may/may not be close. Pine Forest offense leaves a lot to be desired and the defense is solid. Niceville is not that good. I really wish Escambia schedule would have been a little more challenging. Mike Bennett had a lot of talent on those Pensacola High teams but he only made it to the championship once in 20 years there, so I'm curious to see how far this Escambia team can go.
  20. #1 according to who ? They struggled to beat FWB, Crestview and Mosley. None of those teams are good this year.
  21. PF is good to an extent, I just don't expect them to make it too deep in the playoffs. A lot of speed on the offensive side of the ball but the qb and offensive line are inconsistent. Defensively they're undersized but a solid group. I expect Columbia to win but I'm hoping Pine Forest at least keeps it close.
  22. Crestview doesn't have any height. They beat Choctaw tho who had 8 players that were 6'4 and up. Choctaw was the team to beat in the area and their schedule reflected that.
  23. Crestview schedule wasn't all that great but somehow they beat the runner ups from last year (choctaw) twice, who did play a tough ish schedule. I hope crestview pulls it out, the panhandle could sure use a basketball champion.
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