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  1. The refereeing crew in the Niceville Edgewater game were just bad. Not favoring either team just bad. Refs, like children, should be seen and not heard. They should not impact the game. The most blatant were the pass interference flag that got picked up and the penalty on the punt with no flag and no sign. It was a blatant pass interference. If they threw the flag something happened so why did it get picked up. I have no clue what happened on the punt, they just marked off 15 yards against Niceville with no explanation which then lead to an Edgewater score after they had been stopped. I think the biggest impact was the frustration it caused the players. Good luck to Edgewater, and I mean that.
  2. Interesting, the Edgewater Coach was a final 3 for the Niceville job last January
  3. Niceville-Edgewater will be on NFHSnetwork.com
  4. They left yesterday about 0900. I have no clue where they stayed. They will come back tonight. The pep band, booster club and students busses left today. A lot of folks are driving down and will stay a night or two.
  5. I’m wondering how the coach is keeping them occupied all day. You gotta have something for them to do but at the same time you want a normal routine. All the other buses left this morning
  6. Niceville Edgewater will be on at thenewfishradio.com
  7. I would have put Pensacola vice Escambia but other than that I have no clue. I got to P’cola in July of 84. I watched both teams that fall and then left. Huge crowds would be at those games and the game between the two was epic.
  8. Large crowds will be coming from Niceville for the game. I know visitor side seating is very limited at Edgewater which is one reason most of the band isn’t coming. Can seating be added for Friday night? They do that at Niceville for bigger games and there is quite a bit of seating at our stadium.
  9. I wish I was coming but my wife is meeting our daughter for a weekend which means I stay home and take care of animals. I'll either stay home and listen on the radio or go to P'cola for the Escambia game.
  10. I think the edge would have to go to Edgewater just because of the travel issue. If Edgewater were coming to Niceville then we would have the edge and Niceville is a very hard place to come to and play. Loud and raucous. Niceville went to Tally to play Chiles and that is their only long travel trip this year.
  11. I have no clue what their plans will be but that would be a big expense to stay the night prior. It still is amazing that there is a region that extends from Escambia county all the way to Orlando. That is over 500 miles end to end. FHSAA can't do better than that?
  12. In Niceville last night it was in the 40s with a very strong north wind. Did not effect the crowd any and most stayed till the end despite the lopsided score. The Fleming kids looked cold on the sidelines (I stood at the rail on the visitors side) as they were on the more unprotected from the wind side of the stadium. It felt much colder than the temp.
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