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  1. Taking nothing away from the teams, and though a lot of minor calls were favorable to Niceville, in my opinion the most significant game shifting and controversial calls favored Edgewater. In all we lost 14 points and you gained 14 as the result of four calls. In fairness, I don’t think the officials favored either team. I do think they were overzealous and made circumspect calls that impacted the score. I wish Edgewater all the best.
  2. I typically don’t complain about officials, but 14 calls in the first half, many very different from what you normally see, and a few impactful and strange calls that resulted in huge momentum shifts, and one waved off call on a play both radio and NHSF Network announcers dispute (as well as every one in the stands), tainted this game. One announcer said it best, “I’ve never seen this much laundry at a football game”. Last point on the officiating, it was as if every official wanted to justify their being there. In other words, they wanted to throw a flag that said “I am the boss of this game”. They changed the game and the outcome. I don’t believe it should ever be this way. in spite of the rant, both teams of courageous young men put it all out there. Both teams deserved to there. Both coaching staffs brought their “A” game. While I think the outcome could have been different, the players on the field deserve recognition for great seasons, as well as complements for excellent sportsmanship and standing up to adversity with grace and character. Well done young men, sorry the old guys got in the way! Good luck Edgewater and to Niceville, thank you for representing your school and community like the champions you are!
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