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  1. Drop Dr. Phillips? Their 2022 class has powered the team the past two years.
  2. Jesse is a true loose cannon. Independent thinker. I love it. Great addition to the board.
  3. St. Thomas Aquinas... the high school that produced: 1) Elijah Moore aka the Peeing Dog in Chief, costs his team a game for Ole Miss against Mississippi State. 2) Marco Wilson, aka Shoe Thrower McGee, costs his team a game and potentially a national title against LSU with the dumbest penalty ever imagined. Both are the craziest penalties of the past 10 years in NCAA football.
  4. There has been zero disrespect of Osceola from the media or this board. World's smallest violin. Welcome to the board.
  5. Very good because of the offense. No need to adjust
  6. Boone was a very good team this year!!!
  7. A simple lawsuit could restore DP's 14-1 record. Will do it one day for the LULZ
  8. No, no one acknowledges the forfeited season. it was for a player whose parents forged their US citiezenship. He wasn't even out of zone. Inside source told me DP and Winter Park were the only schools in Orange that submitted that paperwork in 2010. By the way 3-5% of people in the US are not documented. If this rule was EQUALLY APPLIED almost every school would fail the FHSAA barometer annually, probably in other sports more-so than football. It's not ethical and I'm by no means an open borders kind of guy. Therefore DP went 14-1 in 2010. I will never acknowledge the 2
  9. Same rule applies every year that Apopka goes further than DP: I root for Apopka to win the title. Hopefully against Palmetto. Apopka was our only competition in Pop Warner (basically the only CFLA team I ever lost to outside of the Lake Brantley option one year) and the City of Apopka hired me as an urban planner when there were zero planning jobs after the financial crisis. I'm somewhat of a Blue Darter and they're my #2 team by a longshot. --- Seminole is also a major threat. They're my pick to win 8A, objectively. They can score on Palmetto. --- DP put up o
  10. loose cannon of the year
  11. Anybody have information on Palmetto? I know they have quite a few 4-5 star prospects. The truth is, in a normal year this could have been a state championship match up. DP has progressed as the season has gone on. Here are their results Boone - W 48-41 Apopka - L 7-14 Windermere - W 50-0 Wekiva - W 28-19 --- this is turning into a much bigger W, as Wekiva took Jones to OT, then beat Lakeland and Apopka Olympia - W 41-9 Oak Ridge - W 37-0 - I think it will be a close game. Shame that they are playing in round 0. DP is 14-0 in the f
  12. Boone put up a fight! Will be interesting to see them in the 8A playoffs.
  13. I saw them make big play after big play against DP. Their QB is very underrated.
  14. Will put it out there. Boone's offense is lethal. This is not a sure thing (at all) but I wanted to call it. Game is on 11/6.
  15. And yes there will be changes based on school population and they will be effective for next football season and 2022.
  16. From my recollection they usually update around spring of the next year. Could be wrong but I'd estimate January-March.
  17. Wekiva is one of the best 1-3 teams in the state, maybe the best.
  18. They should have auto-generated the byes based on previous two seasons rating. Simple to do.
  19. DP and Palmetto, probably both top 5 in 8A, playing in the first round is brutal. Could have a been a title game if things went normal this year.
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