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  1. so if Leto got five transfers, so they went 2-8 you’d have them in the open division?
  2. https://www.theledger.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2023/01/03/bill-castle-winningest-football-coach-in-florida-history-retires/69775528007/
  3. @ Lakeland since 76 as the head man. I was 7. Now I’m 54. 8 state titles and 2 Nattys. Legend.
  4. MC STA Lakeland Chaminade Columbus Lake Wales Cocoa First Baptist Hawthorne
  5. Only reason it exists is to spread the wealth instead of crowning true champs. Don’t want S Fla to dominate? Get better.
  6. no reason why STA and Lakeland did not meet in Final. Venice should have been in the mix with APK and Columbus. We have too many classes.
  7. two good teams and a fairly close game can we just back to six classes already? I know the panhandle hates it but maybe they can skew the #s so teams in suburban areas can play down one class? This would make 5A or 4A predominantly panhandle and suburban teams.
  8. Lake Wales in front of Cocoa. IMO.
  9. Poorly played in a lot of aspects so far. Homestead has terrible special teams. Neither team can get in any sort of rhythm.
  10. yep. but really, his better play would be drawing kids away from Blake, Middleton, and Jefferson. All those programs have been in the dumps and Robinson has enough space to take in those players.
  11. Big hire here in South Tampa. Robinson cut Marlo Hollingshead. They hired Mike Williams from Wharton. Plant grad and played at USC. Played in the NFL for a bit. Turned into a very good high school coach. It’s a shame they cut Marlo, as he had, in my opinion, Robinson heading in the right direction. Making the playoffs for the first time in quite a while. But the A.D. wanted more and she hired Williams..
  12. if this was last year’s Venice team, I would favor them. But it’s not…
  13. i did live in pinellas for stetson, but that’s it. otherwise a tampa native
  14. it’s population per square mile: Pinellas 3425 Miami Dade 1070 Hillsborough 1429 Orange 1494 Polk 414 but Pinellas county has a large elderly population, so it’s deceiving.
  15. Didn't even have to look off defenders. QB zoned in. CCC is very, very good sqaud but NOTHING like BG. I like CM, just may not be up to the task of representing FL in the GEICO. I'd rather see Central, STA, or even Lakeland (provided they get past the gamers down in Venice, who always show up and play well, with their most talented or undertalented teams).
  16. well, they better be prepared to play for 48 minutes if they wanna beat American Heritage
  17. 181pl

    FHSAA Finals

    There should be some great games: 1. Venice v Lakeland 2. Apk v Columbus 3. AHP v Central And props to CCC for getting to title game.
  18. 39-21. like I said, Lakewood is a good ball club. They beat most of the people left in the playoffs.
  19. 49-21 type game. Never really in doubt but interesting for a while.
  20. They’re actually pretty good. They are not on central’s level. But they are a very very good high school football team.
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