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  1. NFL is back!

    Also: Jameis is not a good pro. Decision making has not improved.
  2. One of Life's Greatest Mysteries . . .

    1. Irrational Anger 2. Attempt to intimidate 3. Lack of thought
  3. Mandarin vs St Thomas aquinas

    Good stuff. Mandarin has one hell of a QB. STA obviously the favorite, but Mandarin has puncher's chance with that QB.
  4. NFL is back!

    Game was a DUD. Trubisky is awful.
  5. Venice vs Plant predictions

    I was there. Venice is the much better team right now. Much more in sync. Plant needs A LOT of work. With their schedule they'll be lucky to get out of the regular season with 3 losses.
  6. Lennard slapped with cease and desist letter

    For about $300 they can get cool helmet decals with a similar Bull style logo in their colors from awarddecals.com. Takes about a week to get in the mail. Had some done for a JV team a few years back.
  7. Lennard slapped with cease and desist letter

    HC is very cheap. Look for L to wear plain white helmets...
  8. The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons

    157-20 for Plant in 14 years. 160 and 27 for 15 years (3-7 2004 season counted); All Robert Weiner. Still better than Wakulla. So what's your criteria?
  9. The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons

    BTW, 3 of those "regular season" losses are to OOS powerhouses. John Curtis, Colquitt, Lowndes (OK, at the time good, but not a "power") and Abilene (defending state champs; close game); OOS wins are BC, John Paul; a tie in Georgia as well.
  10. The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons

    Stop with Columbia. No titles in 52 years. I remember them making a title game around 2000ish, however.
  11. The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons

    2005- 8-2- Lost in second round to Armwood, so 9-3 overall 2006- 10-0- 15-0 state champions 2007- 9-1. 11-2 overall, lost to Armwood in 3rd round 2008- 9-1 regular season. 14-1 state champions 2009- 8-1 regular season. 13-1 state champs 2010- 8-2 regular season. Lost in final. 12-3 2011- 10-0 regular season. 15-0 state champs 2012- 9-1 regular season. Lost in 2nd round 10-2 2013- 9-0-1. Lost in 4th round. 12-1-1. 2014- 9-1. Lost in second round. 10-2. 2015- 9-1. Lost in second round. 10-2. 2016- 9-0. Lost in final 13-1. 2017- 9-1 regular season. Lost in 4th round. 12-2. 2018- 9-1 regular season. Lost in 4th round. 12-2.
  12. The Most Consistent Programs of the Past 15 Seasons

    In the past 14 seasons, Plant has had only 2 two-loss regular seasons, 6 state title appearances, 4 titles, and *14 straight district championships and they don't make the list? Very suspect.
  13. I knew that beatdown was coming when Plant's team bus left at 1:00 PM for the 5.5 hour bus ride.
  14. That was a pretty bad Plant team. But Coldcutt did whoop that ass for sure. Coldcutt is a very good program. Right up, there, IMO, with the Miami Centrals of the world. About as good as you can get from a public school perspective without being a super-recruited juggernaut.
  15. 1983 4A Title Game - Manatee vs Southridge

    Awesome. I remember following this game as a 9th grader. Couldn't get down there, but Channel 8 had highlights.
  16. Florida's Ultimate One-Hit Wonders

    Remember though Blake did not exist from about 1972 until about 1997 or 98.
  17. The new North Florida League 1A

    I think this is cool. This is how HS football was until 1963 in FL. Teams played in big conferences. They played for conference titles. Sports writers voted on the State Champion.
  18. State Championship Videos

    Gametapes used to sell them. But they went the way of the Dodo.
  19. Damn. That's horrible.☹️
  20. Willie must go...

    ZERO F'in QB recruits in two years. Kids don't want to play for him and their not sold on his ability to grow their skills.Sad. Shimbo the Clown could recruit them. He just couldn't coach em up. Maybe Willie can coach em up, but it don't matter because he can't recruit em.
  21. Willie must go...

    He landed an eligible QB!! Congrats. I'm seeing big strides this year. 7-5 here we come!
  22. 2019 out of state games

    I'm sure they could have their pic.
  23. 2019 out of state games

    Plant better step up its recruiting. Gonzaga is no joke.
  24. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Don Latimer

    I was thinking about doing that for Robinson this year, but not even time and not enough organization