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  1. He wanted me to post it but I've been busy. I think this just happened to Columbiafan
  2. He wanted me to post it but I've been busy
  3. lol Trivia won't bring him back. Lake City losing to Lee again will
  4. The school will probably be fined and might be penalized, loss of kick off classic or worst case possibly not eligible for the playoffs, but the kids will not be. If the school gets the hammer the kids will just all leave to the next school.
  5. damn that's a lot of wins with no success in the playoffs. Even I have more playoff wins than that lol Jim Kroll Miami Palmetto and Miami Beach
  6. I couldn't respond last night because I forgot my password and can now only log in on this computer lol. That is Brad Culpepper. Went to Leon high school. Played college at Florida. He was on Survivor and a lawyer in Tampa. The guy weighs like 170 lbs now.
  7. good stuff perspective. Not sure how Lakeland went 0-5 though. I'm sure Castle would have paid some sorry Miami teams to travel North to get whooped.
  8. the players were doing what they were told. They won't and shouldn't be punished. The hammer should come down on any adult that participated or any admin that knew and didn't stop it
  9. If they don't play football this year there is a good chance you will never see it again. I see why you want it
  10. lol I agree with some of your points Darter. Someone on a team is going to get it and it will quickly spread to them all. Teams will have to cancel games and maybe the season. Not sure the answer and what you can do sports wise. However it appears we are headed right back to opening every thing up. It's almost like the China virus never existed. Problem is the virus isn't going away. Just as many people are getting it every day. I almost feel like until 70-80% of the people get it, it is not going to slow down. I think the virus has to run it's course and not much we can do to stop it.
  11. lol comical. There is one right down the road from me practicing but I'm no snitch
  12. Neal Anderson played at Graceville, a small school in the panhandle
  13. smart move. I told you he wouldn't be at Oviedo long. I didn't realize he wouldn't see the season. If Camden does well he could easily parlay that into a 100k head job next year in Georgia. Best of luck to Coach Mayo.
  14. What was the point of that lol. Poor Woody had lost his mind. If he would have just cursed at him he would have got a 8 game suspension by the FHSAA instead of done forever by the NCAA.
  15. Well whatever makes losing feel better I'm all for because I hate losing.
  16. Jambun you might be the only one on here that doesn't know lol. There have been plenty of hints.
  17. It was incorrect. Watching it full speed it is hard to tell without replay and depending on where the official was located he could have easily been blocked. Sending it in to the FHSAA does no good. Who wants an apology? At the end of the day you still lost. Go out recruit some more players work harder and get better next year. Oh and curse out the officials on your way to your bus.
  18. Ha they were really good. Almost shocked the world that year. Rainey busted off a 70 plus yard run middle of the fourth quarter to beat us.
  19. 2014 STA defense was pretty good also lol. They put a running clock on everyone in the playoffs until the state title game. They only won that one by 31
  20. Flanagan's 2015 defense wasn't bad. Didn't give up a TD in the first half of any game until the state title.
  21. clearly down. Ripped it out as he was on the ground.
  22. yeah no recruiting there or extra financial support for good skilled football players. It just happens the only minorities wear a football jersey.
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