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  1. DP-Osceola

    Going to find out how good Apopka's secondary is. This should be a really good game. Apopka's offense has come to life in the playoffs. Of the 4 teams left in the North Seminole probably has the most talent and would host every game so they have to be the favorite. With that said Seminole is not a juggernaut. I could see any of these 4 teams representing the North.
  2. Columbia-Lee Game Makes the Record Books

    Columbia making history. 7-0 in 4 OT's damn. No one had a kicker.
  3. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    There was a ? by my question but you refused to answer it. It was not a statement. Deflecting you are good at. You said if Escambia doesn't beat Lee by 21 they don't deserve to be top 25. Well if beating Lee by 21 gets you in the top 25 what does losing to them twice get you? can't judge a season off one game. With that said Madison lost to Columbia and Lakewood. Madison would struggle to beat larger really good schools. I would put them in the 40 range. Plenty of top 50 teams have lost games to people not in the top 50. Atlantic, Lee, North Marion are good teams not great. I would put Madison in with them. You went 1-3 vs them. Columbia in my opinion would be about 50.
  4. DP-Osceola

    Can’t turn the ball over in the playoffs or you end up turning in your pads. Fumble, pick 6 and a muffed punt is tough to overcome in the playoffs. DP’s defense improved a ton since week one but once again they struggled on offense to score points. If the offense was as good as the defense every year you might have 5 state titles.
  5. Columbia vs Lee round 2

    So Columbia shouldn’t have been in your top 50 all year? 6A north is not good. I’ve said that all year.
  6. Myles Garrett's hit on Mason Rudolph was horrific!

    Pouncey shouldnt get anything. He had every right to try and beat the fuck out of Garrett.

    CLASS 8A Seminole Bartram Trail Steinbrenner Osceola Vero Beach Deerfield Beach CLASS 7A Edgewater Niceville Armwood Lakeland Venice Manatee St Thomas Aquinas Atlantic (Delray) CLASS 6A Escambia Columbia Gaither Lake Minneola Palmetto Lake Gibson Miami Central Dillard CLASS 5A Wakulla Pine Forest Jones North Marion Chamberlain Lake Wales American Heritage (Plantation) Miami Northwestern CLASS 4A Bolles West Nassau Cocoa South Sumter Lakewood Tampa Catholic Booker T. Washington Cardinal Gibbons CLASS 3A Trinity Catholic Florida High Lakeland Christian The First Academy Clearwater Central Catholic Bishop Verot Miami Edison Chaminade-Madonna CLASS 2A University Christian Maclay Victory Christian Foundation Academy Cambridge Christian Seffner Christian Champagnat Catholic Moore Haven CLASS 1A Baker Northview Blountstown Taylor County Madison County Lafayette Newberry Pahokee
  8. Clearwater @ Gaither Round 2 Meet and Greet

    lol tell Greg I said hi
  9. Wharton High School

    stranger danger.
  10. Let the Games Begin

    Wekiva handled no one any good at the end of the year.
  11. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    Lousiana, Georgia, and Mississippi I was also thinking a Northern state for OL like Ohio
  12. Which States Produce the Best Talent?

    no way. He said per capita. Most likely will be smaller states
  13. Winners Bracket 2nd Round Results

    I'm already the 2019 champ so I'm good with that. You can be the 2019 co champ and we can both get a trophy. Before we know it we will have 8 champs with 2 people playing in each pick em
  14. Flagler Palm Coast at Apopka

    Because the Apopka coach doesn't curse at the officials so they give him the benefit of the doubt in the regular season and don't call as many flags because he respects them. The playoff officials are from a different area and don't know the Apopka coach so they call it by the letter of the law.
  15. First Round Margin of Victory Comparison

    I wouldn't call 1A competitive yet. The good teams haven't played. So lets say there is more parity between the crappy teams.
  16. Regional Quarters Best Bets for Upsets...

    No chance Auburndale beats Lake Wales tonight
  17. 4A Region 4

    Dear Lord I wouldn't want to be in that region. Any of these teams might be a favorite in 5A, 6A or 8A #1 Gulliver Prep ranked #19 in state by maxpreps #2 University ranked #28 in state by maxpreps #3 Cardinal Gibbons ranked #18 in state by maxpreps #4 Booker T ranked #14 in state by maxpreps #5 Carol City ranked #34 in state by maxpreps
  18. 4A Region 4

    so if Cocoa doesn't make it the team that beat team has no chance?
  19. Two DeLand Football Players Arrested

    Probably because the former coach cursed at an official. I kid kid. This is sad
  20. 4A Region 4

    lol well you didn't argue about 6A and 8A so I was 2/3 rds correct
  21. 4A Region 4

    People just like to argue. I said might. Heck after they beat each other up they might now win 4A. 5 really good teams in one region. Not many teams would want to be in that region.
  22. So gatorman was pushing the relegation system and I think I’m on board. Open Division Top 32 teams - all make the playoffs seeded 1-32. Weeks 9,10,11 our top 32 teams play out of state teams or each other. 5A Next best 96 teams divided into 12 districts with 8 teams in each district. You do not have to play district teams but week 9,10 and 11 there will be a district tournament to decide the district champ and runner up. Champ and runner up advance along with highest 2 remaining teams. 4A next 96 see above 3A next 96 2A next 96 1A next 96 I believe if you do this no one would want to be independent except the cheaters IMG and maybe the SSAC. That’s 512 teams. If you are not top 512 you are independent. I would seed based off Pinkos. I would put a cap on what a team could win by. So let’s say a 28 point win is the same as a 58 point win to prevent running up scores. Once we got to the playoffs I would seed 1-8. Champs are not locked into higher seed however if a champ played a runner up or wild card they would host.