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  1. I'm hearing the person died. Sad and pathetic https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/11/12/parking-lot-shooting-halts-high-school-football-playoff-game-orlando/10687560002/
  2. I was being sarcastic
  3. they had to forfeit 4 games. I think they won 2 of them. Not arguing just stating facts
  4. Is Treasure Coast healthy enough? Looks like they got destroyed last night.
  5. They are definitely one of the top 8 teams in the region and no one wants to play them first round. This reminds me a little of Booker T several years ago when they missed the playoffs because they had a brutal schedule. Treasure Coast needs to realize they are not IMG and schedule something a little more reasonable. I commend them for not being scared but you don't have to be scared to take an ass whooping.
  6. Karma lol. The system sucks and is a joke. The worst part is no one even knows the secret ranking formula they use. Anyone trust the FHSAA to get it right and not make mistakes?
  7. That's all I found. I could be wrong on some of them and some might change with 1 week left. The biggest problem I have is if these teams have a rematch after the first round the district runner up will host the champ. The one I see being the biggest is Apopka vs Seminole.
  8. 4S D15 Lehigh probably district champ Riverdale ranked higher
  9. 4S D6 Springstead district champs Land O Lakes ranked higher
  10. 4S D4 Flagler Palm Coast District champs Ponte Vedra ranked higher
  11. 2S D1 West Florida district champ Pensacola Catholic ranked higher
  12. 2M D14 Northwestern beat Booker T for district title but Booker T ranked higher
  13. 2M D5 King beat Middleton 35-7 for district title but Middleton ranked higher. Middleton won't make the playoffs so won't matter.
  14. 1M District 2 OCP beat First Academy 31-7 for the district title but First Academy is ranked #119 OCP #210
  15. Just curious looking at the new rankings do you see any? This happened a few times in volleyball and probably will happen in football.
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