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  1. yup he's losing. Doesn't break my argument. I know you're his and it wasn't you doing it. I'm already the Champion. 3 Time
  2. What's this? When I'm losing and need to make up ground I just pick all the games.
  3. If you couldn't win this year you might not ever win
  4. They forfeited a season and he said forfeits count
  5. Mt Dora didn't win a game in the regular season and won it's first ever playoff game in a playin game vs Eustis two weeks ago. Played it's first playoff game 47 years ago. I know this is not the answer
  6. This is 2020 facts don't matter lol. Vero is also a different team on the road. I haven't looked at the bracket but if they get Osceola or Palmetto on the road they could be in trouble. I'll still take Vero or someone off the board that gets hot
  7. I see Seminole representing the north. I'm not sure they can beat Palmetto or Vero. Long way to go to get to that point. Someone will emerge.
  8. Apopka doesn't run it as well as they use to. The mastermind of the offense is in Alabama
  9. I meant Region 2. The bottom half of region 2 with Oviedo Hagerty Lake Mary and Brantley is also not good. I would take the Apopka vs Winter Park Winner to make the semis but West Orange has wins over Apopka and Lake Mary and a loss to Brantley on the road the week after they played Apopka. I wouldn't count out West Orange or Timber Creek because neither Apopka or Winter Park are great In a crazy 2020 Covid year I'm going to go with the traditional regular season champs to finally get it done in the playoffs once again and I'm taking Vero Beach
  10. Definitely agree it will be low scoring. Probably come down to big turnovers or kick/punt returns. Region 1 is down in my opinion from years past. Apopka, Winter Park, Timber Creek, West Orange. None of them are great and any of the 4 could win it. West Orange does seem to be peaking.
  11. potential upsets in Central Florida Ocoee over West Orange -18 Evans over Lake Brantley -24 University over Deland -10 Oak Ridge over Olympia -10
  12. 2,530 16,908 posts LocationLake City Columbia Posted 5 minutes ago And yet I don't even see a signature on anyone including myself Quote https://twitter.com/sports_CHSLC?s=09 Columbia high fighting tigers Most Winningest team in North Florida hi
  14. Then you would ban 1 of the seven people here
  15. So the regular season is over and it appears sub zero won. Sub Zero is one of my alter egos. BAD BIRD 3 time CHAMPION. You guys need to up your game on this pick em contest. You let a morph beat you.
  16. Does anyone have more transfers in Central Florida than Winter Park? Every kid mentioned is a transfer
  17. Flanagan's defense didn't give up a TD all year in the first half until the state title game.
  18. 1. High School Game should not last 3 hr 15 minutes because officials do not know the rules and slow the game down. Yes if it is something that people might have seen different they should discuss it to get it right. I've never seen so many conferences. 2. See #1. 3hr 15 minutes 3. Someone was screaming on down 1 it should be first down and then down 2 and down 3. They had no timeouts so they couldn't burn one and the officials never stopped to discuss it until turnover on downs which was third down. 4. Refs didn't cost this team the game but they definitely cost them a ch
  19. So maybe the announcers didn't know the rules. The officiating at the game I was at last night was one of the worst jobs I've seen in a long time. At least 7 times they huddled for long discussions to make a decision. The game lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes mostly because the officials couldn't make a call and talked about it for 5 minutes every time and then went back and forth arguing with each coach. At the end of the game with a team trailing by 6 on the 15 yard line with 9 seconds left they only gave them 3 downs. There was a holding call on first down and the team took the hold but t
  20. Thanks. What about if it was high school on that call now? If the official determines he would have come down is it a completion?
  21. smh. Thanks for the help expert. I can't curse out the officials if I don't know the rule. I don't need you to analyze it. Thanks for your help Mr. Dumbass Referee lol. Look I'm laughing here don't get your feelings hurt.
  22. The first play did he get a foot down? What's the rule here @Jambun82
  23. Usually he just calls teams trash and says Madison is the best and will kill everyone. He actually came up with something some what intelligent and funny. I got to give him credit. Maybe he is maturing.
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