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  1. Nah man check history madison would hang around they had some great teams man. They have played a south team before. Madison is good man check the history
  2. Yeah the west is the west. Seriously tho I think 2019 madison could have gave yall a test .
  3. You think hawthorne has a chance? I think film says no
  4. Correct and Madison assistant get paid little to nothing to coach.
  5. I wish someone would pick hawthorne or Merritt Island, pine forest, Tampa Bay or Berkeley all getting blown out.
  6. 2019 madison would make your team look silly. And beat jesuit and almost whoever, they scored 42 points a game. We not talking about some 1A team here. This madco check the history.
  7. Pine is a okay program, but no way they hang with jesuit and I don't like jesuit at all but I have to give them credit for the schedule. Central Florida wins a title . Panhandle gets 0.
  8. Not many can beat those jucos . I'm just proud they can destroy venice and others bigger than team.
  9. You think they better than Florida high or Columbia,? Nope it would be a close game both madison and pine beat rickards. Stop sleeping on madison man, they could give 95 percent of these teams that work in Florida. Let's not forget this is madco
  10. Gonna be running clock in first half, Madison would give jesuit a better game.
  11. Lot of gas money and money waste smh. Pine Forest forfeit please.
  12. Heck no jesuit beat Miami Northwestern. That's hard to do and badly. They should stay in the panhandle bc they about to get manhandled
  13. Watch a blowout??? Central win huge
  14. Cowboys got speed on the edge they already played a better team at the stadium rickards. It's gonna be good if Madison offense doesn't strike fast.
  15. Jesuit 50 burger against pine forest please cash app me. Bc not many teams do that to the west img does that or central.
  16. Why darter don't like Madison, we blew them out before too. 38-6
  17. Madison state bound baby!!!! See you all In tally
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