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    I have to get my text approved. Tell them to take me off probation. I didn't mean what u said to get on there
  2. Yes madison has many starters returning. The also have a freshman national champion quarterback. And 8th grade all american who played in the 2023 all american under game In Orlando. The entire defense is coming back, they have a quarterback with experience and a load of running backs . Except them to win 12 games. And win state easy. Do Not Check other 1A schools roster I already did they have nobody returning. Madison has a higher talent rating on par with trinty christian. History proves that. .
  3. Madison county all the way
  4. Madison going undefeated. You better rank them top 5. They have 11 guys under 4.6 in the 40. Columbia too slow for Madison. Chaminade-madonna can catch this smoke to . I think yall got Madison mixed up with someone else. They not ranked low . Maxpreps gave them top 25 for the same reason miami central got ranked. Brand name son
  5. Madison goat they beat CaI already. Them boys home grown. Madco might not have the best players but they match anyone in every era 2000 to now. And that's the key to why they the best.
  6. National site can I sign up please. I'll be nice
  7. Madison over trinity christian always. Little brother
  8. Let me tell my side please Fleming got hurt
  9. Dude the lowndes running back got hurt bc they injured him on purpose. He was going to get his yards and touchdowns. By the way madison gonna kill Columbia they building a monster again 2012 level madison
  10. I like when you said Madison recuirt itself. Greenville gives them alot of talent. Oh yeah madison fast this year like crazy I think 7 plus guys run under 4.6 40. Teams better be careful on defense.
  11. Trinity christian beat img but everyone forgets bc img was new. Anyway these schools with privates have down years. I'm so shocked madison has not fell off.
  12. Stop getting players makes your program look silly.
  13. Lol Venice does all this tranfers. Giant population in the school. And this yall best team in history. 42 players went D1 from madison county in 2002 to 2009, Mike coe 2010 to 2022 over 60 D1 players. Florida state loves madison.
  14. 2019 CAI was elite period. Please check the schedule. Venice would have gotten worked. Plus they put it on chaminade Madonna and trinity christian. They will be loaded in 2022 but hey madison will beat them again .
  15. Madison has home grown talent its whatever tho. Trinity christian beat img academy and then lost close to them in 2013 and 2014. Madison has beaten Trinity christian. Madison the best bc they are in a talent state and still keeps talent. Florida state still follows them. That's amazing by it self. So no all winners don't get transfers.
  16. Madison does special teams well to. Make sure you guys keep up with the talent they lose. Several are playing at other high schools. Fleming they 5 star back at lowndes. A quarter back at coffee. Lineman at Lincoln. But keep sleeping. But please don't say teams that just got good can beat Madison or anyone who has. Valdosta was a great program.
  17. At this point madison could beat any high school team. And thousands of colleges or semi pro, overseas. Clearwater is Canada players. Give them 3 years more on high school take our Florida state and others power 5. Don't act crazy many others could do this. The talent is equal.
  18. Keep sleeping on madison county please. Also they beat some of them teams. But keep sleeping
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