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  1. I saw on their website that they had a title back then too
  2. Seems like the panhandle took more hits than South Florida but when we had the 04 and 05 seasons it seems like our population Down here exploded after that
  3. It's kinda funny how almost all of our playoff losses are on YouTube
  4. 2007 Vs Park Vista 2009 Vs Boca Raton 2012 Vs East Lake 2014 Vs Manatee http://www.maxpreps.com/video/watch.aspx?videoid=5e0fc428-3828-4cf3-8c0f-524ab141fb56 2016 Vs Dr Phillips 2017 Vs Riverview
  5. You think they are a deep playoff team this year
  6. Viera ain't got no offense
  7. Vero Beach at Viera Aug 17th
  8. Actually three years ago AHD played in the title game. Lincoln is not nationally ranked no more and they get blowned off the field alot
  9. Yea now finally Columbia ain't apart of something bad huh lol
  10. Maybe we can reschedule y'all for that spring game next year
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