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  1. I went to the Chaminade St, Johns game. My homeboy is on St Johns coaching staff. Chaminade offense is the Carol City 2018 offense that was blowing alot of teams but was upset by Central in the playoffs who lost to NW a week later then NW went on to win state after entering playoffs 5-5. That same OC who was at CC is now at Chaminade. They run a up tempo offense and will make it hard for you to sub your d-lineman. Qb is good and seemed to be poised under pressure. Most people already know about their wr's and rb. If Dillard can put pressure up the middle on the QB should be a good game. When pocket collapse from the sides he knows how to step and extend the play or run for yards. Their defense is solid but like darter said can be scored on. I think you def. have to run first to soften them up to set up the pass. If Dillard can get pressure on the qb and run the ball successfully I think it will be a good game.
  2. I was told once it gets to name calling you got em!
  3. Look at the little cheerleader with his skirt in a bunch. Dang he got me! I wasn't supposed to acknowledge him until Columbia wins a state title.... @ColumbiaHighFan2017class I really admire your professionalism. I think you are a secretary or moderator on this board but yet you revert to name calling? Isn't that against the rules? Maybe you should edit that immature post you made while you can. Columbia high fighting tigers Most Winningest team in North Florida history 700-344-37 record 3 championship appearances 73 winning seasons 6 undefeated seasons 20 straight winning seasons (1987-2007) 12 straight playoff appearances (1993-2004) 22 straight wins (1930-1933) 76 playoff games played 43 playoff wins 36 playoff seasons 21 district championships 21 seasons over 10 wins Playoff seasons: 1964,1967,1968,1969,1975,1982,1984,1985,1988, 1989,1990,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999, 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2006,2007,2009,2011, 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019, 2020 District Championships: 1964,1967,1969,1975,1982,1984,1985,1988,1989, 1990,1993,1994,1997,1998,1999,2000,2003,2009, 2012,2015,2018 Regional finals: 1964,1967,1969,1995,1997,1998,1999,2001,2002, 2003,2012,2015,2020 State Semifinals: 1964,1967,1969,1997,2003,2015 State appearances: 1964,1967,1997 1967 Class A State Champions
  4. Twice out of how many times in last 5 years? Hey if i was that salty i wouldn't have congratulated them in a prior post. This rivalry goes back and forth. Its a TRUE RIVALRY This my last time even acknowledging you until columbia wins a state title.
  5. Mr columbia guy lol. Thats funny just like your signature with all your school winner up accomplishments.
  6. You lied about a low scoring game lied about your team beating NW, lied about how good your team was, make excuses every week about how your team is much better than they played.. I can see it now every loss u will make a excuse lol. I already made a post about MC what more do you want? I kno you don't want to talk about how many yards NW ran on you guys since you bought up the run? Talk about the lies you told. Don't be so scorned or bitter its only football lol.
  7. Im not sure but i kno some people who may kno.
  8. Not sure if he did on first play or not but from what I heard he was out. And the football gods were with Central last night as now all these videos are coming out that the DB through the ball in the air before he crossed the goaline on that pick 6. In any event they may have still found a way to win regardless.
  9. NW was easily in control of that game. Both teams had turnovers and mistakes. Replace NW coaches with some better ones and it would have been 48 to 10. We fumbled inside the 5 yard line and should've scored another 2 times in the red zone. All of this without Jamari Ford playing. A obvious pass play where we had no safety back and not being ready for and onside kick where Venice was down multiple scores comes on the coaching. We need our OC back from last year. Two sloppy games and still scored 42 and 34 points last 2 games. Chaminade in 2 weeks gotta get better.
  10. Lets not stray away from the original back and forth about YOUR INDIANS... You thought they would beat IMG and told me to count Venice as a loss on the schedule, wrote this long you know what paragraph about your all world defense which was trash. And why would I stop running the ball if you can't stop it?? Venice couldn't stop it so they kept running it. Last year we couldn't run the ball so we slug it all over the field this year our line is better. Stop being petty and say NW better than Venice since you like giving props to other teams than your own lol.
  11. Ok ok maybe that team on 95th street is not overrated lol. I mean I out of all people knew that but we are rivals we say stuff like that but that game is always the biggest game of the year and we might have to play them 3x this year which is crazy. But hey didn't think they could do it but they slayed the giant tonight congrats to them, (That hurt saying congrats lol)
  12. Yeah this didn't age well. LOL.. I'm very disappointed on the way NW started and finished. Mainly with the coaches. Started to conservative and had only 1 or zero safety in obvious passing situations (coach Max smh). And the special tems miscues continue to haunt us. Another kick return for a td and a onside kick recovery. Venice had issues with special teams as well. Tyger played ok off to a subpar start has to pick it up rest of the season. Venice dline did not impress me. NW gashed their dline all game long and Jamari Ford didn't even play. It was a senior, soph, and freshman that ran over that defense. Those boys were worn down. Damion Wilson did nothing tonight. Like I said (hate to admit it) Reuben Bain is the best d lineman in the state. That's who really gives and will continue to give MNW and everybody else problems just like IMG last night. Fans and staff of Venice were nice at least and it was an enjoyable ride home. If Venice doesn't find a line this could be a long season with the schedule they have.
  13. You were about spot on with that last game.
  14. IMG 42 Central 14 maybe 21... Central starting QB gets antsy in the pocket when facing a good dline. The other one he splits time with will run but he's not that accurate of a passer. Their oline did pretty well last year but didn't face a dline like this one. Central is a run first team. If they can't run the ball and control the clock it will get ugly.
  15. Still have alot of work to do. Had too many penalties, special teams coverage have to improve, Tyger had a subpar game which he missed some throws he usually makes and he didn't throw one TD tonight. All that said still put up 42 points. Both lines played better than last year especially the oline. They were running right at Jones most of the night with 4 backs. 2 seniors 1 soph and 1 freshman. Jones has some talent but didn't see much from Malik Bryant tonight. Number 11 and 7 made most of their plays at the lb/de position. Nw started subbing people in and out on both sides except the qb from middle of 3rd qtr on. Seems like play calling was a little conservative for NW offense. Maybe it was a little of us taking what Jones was giving us and holding some back for regular season.
  16. I'm watching live img still img. Glad we not playing them this year. Just started watching on YouTube
  17. This was when the Soul Bowl was the Soul Bowl. Search Soul Bowl in youtube and some of the games are posted including that classic Soul Bowl 2. In front of 35,000 Soul Bowl 1 that year was over 46k in attendance. https://m.facebook.com/ghostsoftheorangebowl/photos/a.446756302025217/1058655940835247/?type=3
  18. Soul Bowl was between NW and Jackson for years but it kind of died down. I'll be heading up Friday.
  19. Marketing basically. Not sure if they will have an annual game between the two prgrams going forward but the state game was a vibe. Had the HBCU vibe matter of fact. Like Famu vs Bethune.
  20. Will be interesting to see who can lock down our wr's.. we are about 6 deep. IMG couldn't contain this guy. Had over 100 yards 2 tds against them last year.
  21. I think Rueben Bain is better. Was more dominant than the other guy when playing us last year.
  22. Rueben Bain? We will cross that bridge when we get there.
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