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  1. That I'm not sure of other than the regulars on the schedule including you guys. Chaminade was rumored to be on schedule or were talking about playing NW. Guess if and when this clears ur will be more to come on that.
  2. Besides SJB who else does the Rockets play out of state? I'm sure you guys have a loaded schedule as always. That's if we have football of course.
  3. With the amount of talent coming back and plans to put together a national schedule with Booker T. being the first game, playing a team in Heirbstreet classic in Ohio, a certain top team in California along with regulars on the schedule. NW should definitely ready for playoff matchup with American Heritage this year. And these 4 players listed below will play a big part in that.
  4. https://www.local10.com/sports/2020/04/13/broward-county-high-school-football-coach-dies-at-35/?outputType=amp
  5. Way over 10k both sides were so packed they had to let people stand around the football field. And traffic was crazy. I'm thankful I was not stuck in it coming or going. This is a picture of NW side someone posted.
  6. Congrats to Columbus. What a comeback! I had a feeling this was their year once they got in the playoffs! Just had a feeling. I was one of few who picked them to beat Deerfield Beach. Way to finish!
  7. Nah I feel you. Oline has improved over the year and I look forward to seeing how next year unfolds. Even with non dominating teams as in the past when the teams play their A game other parts of the state are not consistently on par with the level of play the best teams in South Florida.
  8. I can respect that. However we put up 30 in one half against Cent and they gave yall a td that was not a td and took our first td away saying sideline interference. We will be ok. Young freshman qb. Cent defense has to get better next year tho. But at end of the day both teams should be in same this same position next year.
  9. Yeah and you were desperate to hear about it and kept nagging (a female tendency) everybody about it. And nobody will give you an excuse or conversation about the game so get over it.
  10. Lady name Angela Smith she had btw as well. Some people had fb live right from the fhsaa.org sight.
  11. Watched on fb live looks like Cent had a good crowd come up
  12. Ohhhhhh so he like talking big .... on national board and when a Florida team loses they clown him or he can't handle the backlash they give him after the loss he comes on Florida and talks bad about that team that lost to an OOS team? That's crazy lol
  13. Congrats to the Roc Boys tonight homie
  14. Those sound like excuses. At least Steinbrenner made the playoffs. Why ask a question you say you know the answer too? Why say people are wearing blinders just because they don't entertain you? I already knew your angle. You are desperately searching for someone to go back and forth with about this game and NOBODY will entertain your love affair with these out of state teams lol...
  15. Someone gets a hard on when Florida teams lose to out of state teams and is mad no one will address this one game in Jawga lol. And because nobody will entertain him about it. Everybody has blinders on lol.... Yeah my Wharton questions about Steinbrenner never got answered as to why they got molly whopped but who cares.
  16. Yeah this game over. They can't stop the run and Central is not going to stop running it either. Escambia looks overmatched.
  17. Jones needs to definitely stay away from any Wharton film out there. That film if it exists should be trashed already
  18. True.. But Jones looks overmatched. Watched their game online against Wakulla and their clips on YouTube. Think Tampa Jesuit would beat Jones head to head. Everyone has been reminding players of upset loss to Seminole constantly. If players are ready and focus as they say they are this could get ugly.
  19. I'll be there Saturday for The West and Jones game of course.
  20. Saturday 12/14 at 12 noon.
  21. Jones and NW will sell out. Nw will bring minimum 5k.
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