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  1. South Florida was also a hot spot because alot of people from out of state, especially New York went to that area
  2. American Heritage (Plantation) (1-0) Tampa Bay Tech (1-1) Chaminade-Madonna (1-1) Columbia (0-0) Dr. Phillips (1-0) Lake Gibson (2-0) Florida High (1-0) South Fort Myers (1-0) St. Augustine (1-1) Vero Beach (1-0)
  3. I was looking forward to that Chaminade v Cocoa matchup this season. Hopefully they had a home n home setup
  4. Hypothetically speaking, I highly doubt Madison would go unscathed playing the teams Bayside out of all schools had to play from the past 15 years.
  5. So why is it when Madison was in the same class as Cocoa they didn't make it to the finals? All because a team gets transfers doesn't mean they recruited. You make it seem as though if any team gets any type of transfer that they had to recruit. Alot of times teams get transfers that are returning back to their original school they would have been zoned for to begin with. Also, I highly doubt Madison could beat IMG any time soon. I see that match up turning out the same way IMG vs U Lab was. Also, I doubt Madison would hang with Edgewater. So for your so called Mad Dynasty, here's to hoping this season they get classified with teams they should normally play in the playoffs. If they run the table easily then touché, but I love your confidence. Idk about your bravado though lol. Yes, Madison is a great small school but you talk them up as if they are and will be a regular national power.
  6. Your comments make zero sense at all
  7. We will find out where Madison gets classified next week hopefully not in 1A lmao
  8. Since when has Cocoa been considered South Florida? That's news to me and I'm from Cocoa. Brevard County is considered Central Florida. Orlando is directly west of central Brevard and Tampa is directly west of south Brevard. Tell me this what is the distance between Miami and Jacksonville from Cocoa? Takes less time to get to Jacksonville. I know from experience
  9. Again you literally making my point clear. What sense does it make for Madison to hold back in a game no matter who it is. In this case you said they held back against South Sumter.
  10. You mean South Sumter came back and almost sent the game into overtime but got intercepted on the game tying drive? But again you not saying what South Florida team it is you're talking about that Madison gave hell. And what kind of sense does it make that Madison so called held back during the game? That's just like saying Cocoa took their foot off the pedal to make it game worth while.
  11. Nothing at all I'm confused about what he's even talking about now. He said a South Florida team. Now he's bringing up Cocoa and not saying anything about the South Florida team
  12. Thursday IMG Academy (1-0) Friday American Heritage (Plantation) (0-0) Lake Gibson (1-0) Mandarin (1-0) Bolles (1-0) Fletcher (1-0) Bishop Verot (1-1) Palmetto (0-0) Seminole (Sanford) (0-0) South Sumter (0-1)
  13. Trinity Christian Chaminade-Madonna Jesuit Tampa Catholic Gaither Largo Venice Madison County Tampa Bay Tech Fletcher
  14. In Brevard they are limiting games to 25 percent capacity at each venue, masks are mandatory, bands are at the schools discretion.
  15. Honestly, I feel like they may have gotten a pass due to sympathy/empathy for the kids in that community. Or possibly because the FHSAA knows S.Fla isn't going to be competing in the state series. When is the deadline for teams to opt in?
  16. Either way it's a slippery slope.
  17. Broward is set to start practice Sept 21st. Chaminade and AHP starting their season sooner playing each other for their first game.
  18. Honestly in that area, them holding practices whether it was wrong or not played a major role on whether or not students stayed safe or out of trouble. So it's like a double edged sword at the end of the day.
  19. I don't know anything about then.
  20. I'm lost. What does that have to do with what was stated?
  21. I thought Madison already had playmakers throughout the whole roster that would destroy Carol City and BTW. 2 teams that gives top teams a run for their money or even win against those top teams.
  22. If Edgewater and Jones schedules are right on maxpreps then they have some good games lined up. Apparently BTW has a pretty good schedule as well. Time will tell if the schedule is tight and if they will play.
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