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  1. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    That's true. But the top dog in Palm Bay is Heritage. Also alot of the talent that Palm Bay had transferred out to Rockledge.
  2. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    Palm Bay is struggling with only one win. Heritage Palm Bay is also struggling barely beating Bayside

    Madison County Columbia Tampa Bay Tech Boca Ciega Flagler Palm Coast Apopka Treasure Coast Columbus Colquitt County, Ga. Oasis
  4. Teams with Bad Records Who Could Make the Playoffs?

    Facts. Even Bayside would make the playoffs if they were in 1A. Astronaut would make a run. Along with Holy Trinity this season
  5. State Title Trivia Question

    STA Bolles Glades Central Lakeland Northwestern
  6. The Best Playoff Teams of the Past 10 Years

    Columbus and NFC
  7. The Best Playoff Teams of the Past 10 Years

    American Heritage Plantation Booker T Washington (Miami) Cocoa Lakeland Madison County Miami Central St Thomas Aquinas Trinity Christian Victory Christian Lol couldn't drop it to 8

    No. 9 American Heritage (Plantation) (4-1) No. 17 Jones (4-1) No. 4 Miami Central (5-1) No. 5 Edgewater (6-0) No. 11 Rockledge (5-0) No. 3 Columbia (5-0) No. 19 Bartram Trail (5-0) Jesuit (3-2) Cocoa (4-1) St. Augustine (3-2)
  9. Maxpreps Rankings Quiz Question

    Coach Lusk is still on the staff as either DC or a position coach.
  10. 22 Interesting Games This Week

    If IMG is Golovkin then SFA Canelo. I watched the highlights of the game as well and SFA held their own for a good portion of the game. But if you play a perfect game and make the right adjustments against a team like Mater Dei, then there's no way you will have a chance to beat a team of that caliber no matter how good you are. But honestly, IMG vs SFA is a 50/50 game. Should be a great one.
  11. 22 Interesting Games This Week

    I definitely know your struggle. I grew up in Cocoa and all my family basically went to Cocoa. All my siblings, mom, aunts, uncles and cousins all went to Cocoa. I was the first to attend Rockledge. So I'm definitely rooting for the rock.
  12. Florida vs OOS

    Honestly if I remember right the receiver outjumped the DB for the catch. The DB slipped on the tackle as they came down and the receiver tight roped the sideline for about 4 or 5 yards then they blew it dead saying he stepped out as he was running down the sideline. That was an easy touchdown that would've had Cocoa leading at halftime. If you watch the replay of it. You can clearly see he never stepped out.

    Clearwater Cocoa Lakewood Berkeley Vero Beach Deland Oakleaf Edgewater Braden River Vanguard
  14. Rockledge

    He's coaching at Baker now i think
  15. Rockledge

    So Rockledge did have players suspended and ending up winning the game 20 to 9
  16. Jax TCA whooping carol city right now

    So much for my wildcard game lol

    No. 4 Miami Northwestern (3-1)No. 6 Edgewater (4-0)No. 17 Atlantic (Delray) (2-0)No. 11 Venice (2-1)No. 12 Rockledge (3-0)Mainland (1-1)No. 16 Cardinal Gibbons (3-1)No. 21 Bartram Trail (4-0)No. 22 Miami Carol City (2-2)Florida High (4-0)Lincoln (3-1)Robert E. Lee (2-1)Lakewood (4-0)Palmetto (4-0)Fort Myers (2-2)
  18. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    I remember when Merritt Island spray painted Cocoa's baseball facilties black before a football game. It was funny because all Cocoa did was add orange and white stripining and an orange paw. Would've made more sense if the M.I. players would've painted it maize
  19. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    For Brevard the ones that are left out are: Viera v Rockledge MCC v Holy Trinity Bayside v Palm Bay Palm Bay v Heritage Bayside v Heritage
  20. 78 Florida High School Rivalries

    Use to be big in the 90s and early 2000s too when they were in the same district along with Rockledge.
  21. Reschedule from Hurricane?

    West of Pensacola they are 2-4 north of Jacksonville they are 3-5
  22. Osceola vs, Cocoa

    Only one Brevard game got moved to Monday. The rest got cancelled or moved to like open dates
  23. Florida vs OOS

    Would've went 4-6 if the Rockledge game didn't get cancelled.
  24. Osceola vs, Cocoa

    It's been cancelled. No word on if it will be rescheduled
  25. Week 3 Live Streams && Games To Keep A Eye On This Week.

    I'll be at work so not I lol