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  1. That would definitely give Brevard teams a boost if they did lol well Rockledge, Cocoa and Melbourne.
  2. From that report alone it sounds like its gonna change within the next day or so.
  3. You would think they would have it the other way around. But I guess they probably didn't secure somewhere to do walkthroughs Friday in Orlando eventhough they could possibly do it in the parking lot or banquet hall of the hotel. not tryna make assumptions though
  4. They only have the schedule up that they've already released. I'm leaning towards they didn't find a game for week 2 and only gonna have 9 regular season games like last season unless they just gonna surprise drop the game friday after next like a surprise album lmao.
  5. Oh I never depend on maxpreps. I just wait for the team to release them but they've been saying TBA/TBD ever since the STA game got switched to week 3
  6. I'm not sure about their secondary but from what I've been reading their line play and linebackers should be really good. Linebackers should definitely be set anchored by Malik Bryant.
  7. They have Astronaut as a district game week 8. They need a week 2 if they didn't find a game yet.
  8. Sept 2nd, looks like maxpreps fixed that mistake but made another mistake for Bayside lol having them play Satellite twice in the regular season.
  9. Valdosta probably made sure to pay for the transportation and lodging lol
  10. You know if Cocoa picked up that missing game yet? I know they were supposedly in talks with a few schools including Gulliver Prep but haven't seen any updates. I know maxpreps had an update but its definitely wrong per usually. They have them playing Bayside the same night Bayside plays Holy Trinity lmao
  11. Looks like Cocoa has good depth at most positions this season. Also having younger guys that had experience from the past couple seasons also helps as well.
  12. That's so true, Cocoa already lost a top returning underclassmen in the secondary for the season.
  13. Jones will definitely be battle tested from their non-district schedule. Hopefully they can stay healthy entering the playoffs. Northwestern then week 1 at their old district rival Cocoa, a trip to Duncanville and more. I'm loving the schedules the top teams have this season.
  14. It may be a KOC but as far as the national rankings go. It will have some great implications.
  15. A win over Chaminade would be huge, a win over both would put y'all for sure top 20 in the nation. A win over all 3 with a second win over STA in the playoffs along with a state championship......Yall would shock the nation and end the season top 5 or 10 in the nation.
  16. I'm definitely looking forward to week 1 for brevard county. Some big time competition for the top teams in Brevard this season. Even Melbourne has a better regular season schedule compared to last season. Rumblings in Brevard is that atleast 3 teams have a chance of making it to atleast the Final 4 or States. I personally only see 2 making it that far but they are touting up Melbourne as that possible third team. But looking at their classification its gonna be very tough for them.
  17. I agree with what you're saying but last season they made it as far as I thought they would with being one dimensional due to their QB being out. I give you the year they lost to the Tampa school. That was a surprise. But the seasons before that they had to face AHP. AHP ran through Brevard 3 straight playoff rounds. This is the most hype I've seen built around them since the season they had the 2 headed monsters at RB and LT on defense. If they are able to stay healthy, they will make a deep run to atleast the Final 4. Especially with tougher competition during the season in more than 3 games.
  18. We will find out early on how good Rockledge is with their early and midseason schedule. Their offense has a ton of speed on the outside and defense should be very stout against the run. May get exposed in certain spots on pass defense, but they do have one of the top ranked DBs in country.
  19. Going the independent route will definitely bring confidence and key success to a rebuilding program. Just look at what Satellite was able to do with their culture change. Now just gotta see if they can sustain or if they will trend back down
  20. Rockledge's line play should be good anchored by rising senior and Florida commit Bryce Lovett who I'm sure has been getting some extra work in with his brother who is currently at Mizzou. Cocoa and Rockledge pretty much been trading players back and forth this off season mainly on the defensive side of the ball. Cocoa also lost a couple players to Merritt Island as well as picked up a few from Merritt Island. Holy trinity lost majority of their team to 3 teams, Cocoa, Rockledge and Eau Gallie with Cocoa and Rockledge coming out with the better of the players. Albeit Cocoa got the top playmaker from Holy Trinity along with their former head coach who got offered multiple jobs within 30mins of losing the Holy Trinity job.
  21. It should be a better game than most people are expecting for sure.
  22. Pretty much. Would've been an intriguing matchup between them and Satellite. Or even Palm Bay and Bayside
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