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  1. Our staff didn’t adjust, especially defensively. Their QB couldn’t throw and we played 10 yards off, giving them easy completions that were 5/6 yards. They have alleged 4 stars, but they didn’t make any plays. It was like the staff had more respect for their players, then their actual ability.
  2. Defensively coaches didn’t adjust at all. Centrals QB couldn’t throw 15 yards and our DBs played 10 yards off all night. Their QB hit those easy/open throws to move the chains. Offensively, we have to utilize our other WRs and not rely to much on Hardley Gilmore (4 star). And get more creative in the running game, everything can’t be up the middle.
  3. Central wins in overtime 33-30
  4. 27-27 Central scores with 3:14 left
  5. 27-20 Pahokee scores on a 50 yard screen and converts the 2 point conversion
  6. 20-19 Central scores on a 1 yard run 40 seconds left in the third
  7. 19-13. Pahokee. Central scores from 1 yard out after an interception 7:22 left in the third
  8. 19-6. Pahokee scores on a 30 yard pass
  9. 13-6. Pahokee scores on a 50 yard pass
  10. 6-6. Central scores on a 50 yard drive all running plays.
  11. Pahokee winning 6-0 after 1. Central hasn’t crossed midfield yet. PK scored on a 30 yard pass
  12. Gardens is usually hard to put away. They’ll get down, but keep fighting and make a run to get things interesting
  13. They’re always good defensively, it’s usually their offense that holds them back
  14. They’re something serious up there, that’s why they’re hard to beat at home
  15. 38-14 final, Santaluces….PK isn’t explosive enough (offensively) to overcome big deficits. Got behind and got out of rhythm. The secondary has to play better, but the front 7 was good. Soph, QB played well for his first start.
  16. Santaluces up 21-0 @ the half. Pahokee’s secondary (all new starters) have STRUGGLED defending the pass, giving up 3 TDs, and 1 where they didn’t cover the WR off the snap. Probably gave up 200 passing yards in the half. Completely shut down the run, but can’t defend the pass. Offensively, they’ve got away from the running game, due to penalties and untimely bad snaps (over the QBs head), and the score. Only 1 turnover, when the RB lost the ball after he landed on the ground. Second half adjustments will be crucial.
  17. Pahokee, 4 star, WR committed to the University of Kentucky over UCF and Penn State. Gilmore is a junior, who I think is reclassifying to enroll at UK after this year. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/17657891/6329b6895ca91d0fc48bb66a
  18. Should be talking about potential back to back championships. Last years team looked more talented (player wise) but this may be the better team
  19. I see they cleaned up with transfers from Marion county
  20. 41-0. Final. Offensively we looked better (play calling made a big difference). Once the new QB gets comfortable it’s gonna be a show
  21. 33-0 Pahokee at halftime. Defense has only given up 2 first downs. The running game has been strong and the new QB had made some nice throws (50+ yard TD) and scrambles
  22. 8/25 @ Santaluces…they’ve been decent the past few seasons 9/1@ Inlet Grove…they’ve been getting better, but they lost some key players from last years team. They think we’re rivals, but only in their mind 9/8@ Palm Beach Lakes…they’ve been DOWN the last few seasons, I think they have a new staff, so who knows 9/13 Palm Beach Central…they graduated a lot, but have 12+ transfers (there is an investigation currently about it, but I doubt anything comes of it) 9/22 Palm Beach Gardens…it’s been a good game the last 2 seasons (1-1) with Pahokee being up 20+ in each and both coming down to 1 possession 9/29@ Dwyer…this is a revenge game, they beat us 13-12 after we gave up a 96 yard TD pass on 3rd and 30 10/6@ Atlantic (Delray)…some of their top players transferred (Palm Beach Central) but they always have talent 10/13@ Benjamin…should be a good game, with Georgia commit, Chauncey Bowers (RB), last year was a good game with Pahokee erasing a 20 point deficit 10/20 open 10/28 bye 11/3 Glades Central….MUCK BOWL! GC is transitioning, so I dont know what to expect from them, but this staff is on the HOT SEAT!
  23. Talked to a former college coach and he said if a recruiting class produces 5/6 starters, then that’s a good class. Recruiting for height, weight, speed over production really isn’t that successful, but I don’t think any P5 coaches can survive the perception that comes from recruiting rankings, if they went away from the norm.
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