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  1. Every Gardens scoring drive, there were 2, 15 yard penalties on Pahokee, besides the drive after PK muffed a punt inside their own 20. Any close coverage by a PK defender was a pass interference (refs took away 2 interceptions), but the same plays were no calls on the Gardens defenders. Gardens QB threw the ball out of bound to avoid a sack, no WR close, and the called PI. PK scored in the 4th, offense running off the field, out comes a flag for holding. Second half, Gardens only had 2 penalties called and they were to obvious to ignore (blind side block) and holding when the QB was scrambling around trying throw a pass with under a minute left
  2. Final. 38-30. Pahokee. After a hour and a half lightning delay the game continued. Pahokee was up 38-14 midway through the third, but Gardens kept fighting. The refs had a bigger impact on the game than anything. It’s DISGUSTING how Pahokee gets officiated on the road in Palm Beach County…when the refs call games fair, they aren’t close. On to the next one.
  3. 32-14 Pahokee at the half. Pahokee had a muffed punt that lead to a Gardens score. Gotta clean up the penalties (especially the 15 yarders) because they have extended drives. Hopefully the passing game can get on track in the second half. We graduated our top 4 WRs from last season and this QB/WR group hasn’t jelled yet
  4. Since the 2nd quarter of the Benjamin game (down 24-6). Pahokee has out scored their opponents 103-21
  5. Pahokee’s Riquona Williams scored 17 points to help the Las Vegas Aces win their first WNBA championship. Williams is Palm Beach County’s all-time scoring leader and once scored 51 points in a WNBA game after graduating from Miami. Pahokee’s, Antonio Wilson, is the boys all-time scoring leader in Palm Beach county, but he went on the play LB at Wake Forest in the mid 2000s
  6. Mainly in the first quarter, PK had about 50+ penalty yards. The PK runner was down on the first drive and the Central defenders ripped the ball out and they were given possession. There was a deep pass where the Central DB ran through the PK, WR, and knocked him down and there was no call. They then gave Central a PI call when there QB clearly threw the ball out of bounds. It just seemed as every positive play PK had in the first, whether 5 or 15 yards was negated by a penalty. Luckily the defense held strong forcing turnovers and turnover on downs. The only points Central scored was off a fumble scoop and score.
  7. J. Benjamin had 235 yards rushing and a TD and D. Holmes had at least 2 sacks and a pick 6
  8. 34-14. Pahokee. Defense only gave up 7
  9. Pick 6. Pahokee 28-14 90 seconds left
  10. 22-14. Pahokee. 9:18 left. 40+ yard TD run
  11. 14-14. After 3. Central ball
  12. 14-14. 4:13 left in the 3rd
  13. 14-8. Central just scored 9.5 left in the half
  14. 7-0. Central after 1 they scored on a fumble return as the clock expired. So far it’s Pahokee vs the refs, every positive play is a flag
  15. PK 40, PBL 0….PK coaches didn’t try to run up the score. Looked like they were trying to work on the passing game, they didn’t throw any deep passes
  16. PK isn’t a run up the score type of team anymore. Once they get up by 30 coaches usually pull any valuable player (rosters about 35)…plus we don’t have a kicker, so a lot of times we will only get 6. High 40s is my prediction
  17. He was pretty much on 1 ankle
  18. Pahokee crowd got a warning for using air horns after big plays
  19. Benjamin had 217 yards last night for PK, but last week they only gave him 2/3 carries, but he had a 80 yard TD catch
  20. PK went to the running game and took over. J. Benjamin had over 200 yards and could’ve had close to 400 had 2 long TD runs not been called back. Once the D settled down, they didn’t allow a score until the 4th after giving up 24 in the first.
  21. Pahokee trailed 24-6 in the first after throwing 3 interceptions (2 pick 6s) and not being able to line up correctly on defense. It was 24-12 at the half, then the PK defense and run game took over in the second half, forcing 5 turnovers
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