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  1. They fired a coach that went to (lost) 2 consecutive state finals. Most teams would die for that
  2. Glades Central has let go of head coach Rashad Jackson after 2 seasons. That’s one of the TOUGHEST jobs in America. High school, college, or pro
  3. If Hawthorne and Madison make it to the finals, that may be the fastest played finals in history. LOL. Over/Under 10 pass attempts. Hawthorne is gonna lean on their MASSIVE line and their 200 lbs QB/RB and Madison is gonna do what they do.
  4. He had 10 catches for 136 and 1 TD. We only had 36 offensive plays (not counting the 2 pick 6s). Hawthorne’s offensive game plan to run the ball and eat the clock, forced PK to abandon the run, which opens up our passing game. This made the offense 1 dimensional and with the moment being to big for the freshman. His reads were right, he just never let the plays develop or the WRs get into their routes. This issue came up a few times this season, but the run game bailed us out. A. Simmons (QB) has offers from FAU, Purdue, and FSU as of now. Our top playmaker #1 (who returned the kickoff for a TD) has been dealing with an ankle injury for about a month, so we didn’t have anyone to take the top off the defense.
  5. I made the PI post during the game, then I responded to someone today. Go back to the thread. I asked today was that legal to sit there, never did I say that had an IMPACT on the game, you jumped to that ASSUMPTION. I just asked because they did it for the football game and a basketball game that I went to. You got defensive, I never said the fans or the refs were the reason for the loss. I said the QB picked the worse time, to play his worse game. Kid had 5 ints the entire year and threw 3 in this game, facts! No where did I make an excuse for the game. We took it on the chin=We got out butts kicked.
  6. QB was sacked once all season and none that game, he wasn’t making reads and just rushing throws. The moment/game was to big for him, nothing Hawthorne did defensively was the issue. He wasn’t (mentally) ready for the stage as a 9th grader. We return the majority of our roster, so we’ll be ready next year.
  7. I started this thread, so go back to page 1 and read what I said…We took it in the chin. My son played basketball against Hawthorne in the playoffs, so I saw this first hand. I fan under the basket (while a PK player inbounded the ball) said “Pu***, a$$, what you wanna do?” The ref standing there said nothing and did nothing. As a parent, I almost went and addressed it myself. As for the football game, I saw the fans sitting with chairs behind the end line of the end zone. That’s ILLEGAL to sit or stand in those positions anywhere in Palm Beach County, basketball refs will stop the game until fans are clear of that area. I started the thread and made no excuses for the loss. I just asked was that legal, because it looks like a safety issue. I’ll doNate the recruiting budget, and we’ll meet again next year.
  8. That’s a safety issue, that had no affect on the game. The coach brought that to the officials attention before kickoff. Just like in basketball, fans standing on the baseline, under the basket heckling and cursing at players as they inbound the ball. No other schools allow fans to sit there or stand there (basketball) for a reason. 12 points says PK got into the end zone. Guess, we’ll have to join the recruiting club and step up our budget! Y’all won, so why are you so defensive? I just asked a question because I’ve never seen fans being able to sit there for any football/basketball game.
  9. When is it legal for fans to sit on the field, behind the end line? Just like basketball, they have fans standing under the basket, beside players inbounding the ball? PK coaches brought it up to the officials, but he got upset and said he’s not the white hat and to get back to the team.
  10. I know it’s not, but when the game is called 1-sided, all you can ask for (as a fan) is that the calls will even out. Let the KIDS decide the game, if they lose, then they lose. Not because of biased adults.
  11. Yeah. The PI was terrible. The WR was open, the QB just overthrew him. The DB was on top and the LB was underneath the WR (PK was in zone) not close enough for contact.
  12. Kinda figured they got some new guys, I’ve never saw them with that many big guys. They’re very well coached and they won running the ball. We have a lot coming back, just have to replace our best OL/DL (same person)
  13. Hawthorne is HUGE on their O-Line, they physically dominated us tonight. This wasn’t the type of Hawthorne team we’ve saw previously, they reminded me of the Newberry team with Cory Darden and Jalen Parks (size wise). Don’t think they completed a pass the first 3 quarters, we couldn’t stop the QB run
  14. Took it on the chin tonight. Defense opened the game with a pick 6 and it went downhill from there. 51-12. Once the ball started rolling downhill, we couldn’t stop it.
  15. 44-12. Hawthorne. QB picked the worst time for a bad game. Hawthorne’s offensive game plan to eat the clock, forced us to get impatient. 3 ints and 2 pick 6s doomed us. Good season.
  16. 30-12. Hawthorne stopped PK to open the third, then scored on their possession
  17. 22-12. Hawthorne at the half….Hawthorne is dominating the LOS when they have the ball and eating the clock. All they run is QB power and HB power off the zone read. PK has to adjust defensively and gain composure on offense (because they haven’t had the ball). Refs. Hope they come out and let the kids play in the second half.
  18. PK just returned the kickoff for a TD. 22-12. Missed the 2-point try
  19. 22-6. Hawthorne. 3:29 left in the second. Terrible PI gave them that touchdown. PK can’t stop the QB run up the middle
  20. That was a demoralizing penalty. Completely uncalled for.
  21. These Refs….WOW! Terrible PI call on 3rd and long. Let the kids play
  22. Hopefully, the refs will even up these calls. They’ve negated a fumble recovery and a catch so far
  23. 16-6. Hawthorne. PK can stop the QB power up the middle. 10 mins left in the second
  24. 8-6. Hawthorne after 1. They’re just bullying Pahokee with their BIG O-Line. Don’t think they’ve completed a pass
  25. Pk just threw an interception in the red zone Hawthorne ball
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