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  1. I agree with 190 plus being dominated by football players, but some all year wrestlers beat football/wrestlers often. 4 year wrestlers are very dominating athletes no matter what they weigh. Swimming and wrestling are very good sports for creating endurance in athletes. This year at state both Girls and Boys were in the same arena. 2 mats for the girls and 6 for the boys. My grandson wrestles for Palm Bay and my granddaughter wrestled for Cocoa a few years back.
  2. Well Cocoa recently had 3 in the draft with 2 more signing after the draft. Gardener and Dean both played in the NFL playoffs with Dean getting a Super Bowl ring. Not Bad for small 4A school.
  3. South Sumter has never, NEVER beaten Cocoa... 19 Cocoa won 31-23. Look it up. When has Mad Cow beaten Cocoa? Never!!!
  4. Yes, the Rock comes in with the same mind set as Cocoa... anyone, anywhere. The Bar-B-Que bowl (cocoa - rockledge) is usually a great game since Wayne took over as HC. Wayne was a championship QB at Cocoa 10 or so years ago. He knows how to fire up his players and get the most from the few good athlete's that don't transfer to Cocoa.
  5. He's just tryin to jerk your chain... Jealousy is an ugly demon.
  6. Florida with 17 teams in Jeff Fishers National poll. Most in the nation. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/mater-dei-california-named-national-champ-in-final-2021-high-school-football-rankings/
  7. Cocoa Cardinal Gibbons article. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/cardinal-gibbons-wins-back-to-back-florida-4a-state-titles-in-showdown-with-cocoa/
  8. Nice article on CG vs Cocoa final. Plus the national top 100. https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/mater-dei-california-named-national-champ-in-final-2021-high-school-football-rankings/ https://highschoolfootballamerica.com/two-weeks-to-go-until-the-crowning-of-the-2021-high-school-football-national-champ/
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it. And happy holidays to everyone else
  10. y'all. I do have a lot of respect for Madison. They do have a ton of heart. I'm playin back ya bro. I SEE Madison and what they have to work with. A lot of peeps say 4A but they don't see how spread out Madison is. Not so easy for some of them athletes.
  11. If Cocoa is to weak what does it say about yall.
  12. Don't be stupid. They might beat astronaut. When they beat Bolles or Cocoa get back to me.
  13. Anyone at the game? Or watching it on spectrum?
  14. Hope it's close too. I have a feeling Pune Forrest isn't going easy.
  15. Apopka is hurting pretty bad right now. Thought it would be much closer.
  16. Good to see you again OldSchoolLion. Always enjoy your posts.
  17. I can understand you not liking Brevard. We've been a thorn in the side for you guys since the 70's. Buie was suspended for the last 2 games in the championship back then. He set some rushing records up north before going to one of the Carolina colleges.
  18. Totally agree. With the fan base and all... he should love it there.
  19. When I lived in Texas HS football was as big as College and Pro football. Still is in most areas. Parents move to get their kids in a good zone for HS if their kid shows potential.
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