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  1. 1 Columbia 2 Hillsborough 3 Edison 4 Palm Beach Central 5 Merritt Island 6 Deerfield Beach 7Gulliver Prep 8 Dillard 9 Venice 10 Chaminade-Madonna BONUS GAME: Ransom Everglades
  2. Sounds like STA was one Blocked Field Goal for the win. Had the FG been made who knows what could have been. Learn from the mistakes... you can bet STA will watch that film over and over.
  3. Spruce Creek has come a long way. If they cut down on penalties and caught a little better they may have beat Cocoa in the first half. Man that Kick returner is really good. Cocoa had to kick away from him. If I remember correctly he ran back everyone that came to him 60 or 70 yards. He has Great field vision and decent speed. I did leave at half, had to go back to work. Cocoa is very balanced with the passing and run game. Like what I see every time I watch Cocoa play. Cocoa has Lake Minneola and Rockledge left. Rockledge just lost to Merritt Island.
  4. Rockledge loss done gonna hurt everyone in Picks. I can never get Columbia right... to much inconstancy. Can ya'll keep Columbia out of the pick-ems... LOL.
  5. Sounds like a very good game... Go Dillard... even if I lose to Dillard in pick-ems. would be worth it for Dillard's rep.
  6. nonsense-top-100 https://www.prepgridiron.com/topic/24465-the-no-nonsense-top-100/
  7. Best Small-Town High School Football Teams https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/best-small-town-high-school-football-teams-bcd52fe170c54682?utm_campaign=smalltownfootball-d84d8813ca624473&utm_source=tab&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=cbsinteractive-maxpreps
  8. 1 Lincoln 2 Seminole 3 Clewiston 4 Columbia 5 Venice* 6 St. Thomas Aquinas 7 Cocoa 8 Rockledge 9 West Orange 10 Tampa Bay Tech BG-11 Dunnellon
  9. Could have been worse. What class is Edison?
  10. I agree but someone has said ''if you build it they will come.'' Young men want to play for the winning team. it's just how it is now in today's Athletics. Too bad really because they lose fundamentals of winning and losing.
  11. 10. Rockledge 9. Clearwater Central Catholic 8. Bartram Trail 7. Trinity Christian Academy 6. Cardinal Newman 5. St. Thomas Aquinas 4. West Florida 3. Auburndale 2. Chaminade 1. Vero Beach
  12. Dang Cloumbia had to come alive. Damned if you do damned if you don't.
  13. Totally agree. Good dude. Total respect for Henry.
  14. TC has a good front line and some good running backs. They will win more than they lose.
  15. I've been watching Haines City. Almost put them in the thread where teams were hardly mentioned but doing well.
  16. 10 Walton 9 Riverside 8 Bolles 7 Plant 6 Lakeland 5 Niceville 4 Palm Beach Central 3 Treasure Coast 2 Boca Raton 1 Dunbar BONUS GAME:Miami Beach
  17. Be ready for Treasure Coast. Eden James and that Jamison Davis dude are good. I think they ran the wing most of the night. Defense is good also.
  18. Cocoa posted 5 regular seasons shutouts from 2009 to 2012 and another in 2014. That was when they had the dark side defense and the dirty 30.
  19. 1 Mosley 2 Bolles 3 New Smyrna Beach 4 Chaminade-Madonna 5 Berkeley Prep 6 Tampa Bay Tech 7 Cardinal Gibbons 8 Riverview 9 Miami Central 10 Miami Killian BONUS GAME: Pinellas Park
  20. Ya'll off this Friday and Cocoa needs a game... get em together and play Cocoa.
  21. I believe It's up to the coaches when it starts.
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