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  1. Seems like a waste. I believe the game won’t count towards the RPI.
  2. To win this week u gonna have to score high 40’s/50.
  3. Not to worry. Appreciate the thought. I’ll have my picks in by Thursday @6. Thx
  4. Lol!!!! Now that’s being certain! Hope no hard feelings, just being a smarty pants.......as always, rooting for u.
  5. Actually we missed a great game between Boca Ciega & Pinellas Park this Weekend. No complaints with the 10 chosen, by the way.
  6. I make a motion Columbia is removed this week( mainly because they’re Dr Jeckyl Mr Hyde & this week is impossible to predict)...........
  7. I turn mine in Friday morning, every week........
  8. Are u gonna have a playoff contest also? Of course with Josh’s permission.
  9. Yeah they got sum playmakers & a good coach. ( PBC in region 2)
  10. Western, Palmetto, Deerfield, maybe PBC. Columbus usually gets better by playoffs. Can’t match Regions 1 & 2.
  11. EVERYONE picked Venice!!!! So really it hurts no one.......THAT GIBBONS WON!!!!
  12. Yeah definitely sum surprises. Playoffs gonna b better than ever.
  13. Coach DuBuc, even with their wins, said they havent played good this year. Getting Beatdown & truly embarrassed by STA put them in a corner & they came out swinging. The game at 1:30 takes the home field advantage away to a degree. No one but Coach & team believed they could win, & that helped. Venice will rebound & better with Sar Riverview next Fri.
  14. When Panthers were up 7-0, we got that interception. Moved the ball 20+ yards. All momentum was with Dillard. The center hiked the ball, next play, over QB head. Lost 20+ yards. Penelty next play. STA sack. Went from 30 yd line of Aquinas back to Panther 30 yd line. Those are self inflicted mistakes u can never do vs Aquinas. They make u pay for mistakes. They make a living on it. Wont even go into the punt team.
  15. Better work EVERY DAY with the center for Dillard. Young man cost Panthers points. Offense & Defense are just as good as STA. DOGGONE IT “SPECIAL TEAMS” ie: Punt team.
  16. Wow! Gotta feeling the rematch, if there’s one, could b altogether different.
  17. Was surprised to see 35 points given up by your great defense. Short fields? Special teams?
  18. Sorry just got your post. I was at the 50 bout 7 rows up.
  19. 10. Venice 9. Cocoa 8. TBT 7. Rockledge 6. STA 5. Lincoln 4. Seminole 3. Pahokee 2. Columbia 1. Osceola Dunnellon
  20. nice to see Clewiston back to playing Tiger football. Their SOS is better than Pahokee’s. Lotta peeps just automatically picking the Blue Devils, what u think?
  21. U know how many Dillard fans gonna b in their cars parked outside Piccalo stadium!!!!
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