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  1. Panthers come out strong. Set the tone of the game with a smothering defense forcing Tigers into turnovers & mistakes. 28-13 Panthers.
  2. Gotcha! Thanks. Didn’t know that. I agree with that rule! Super.
  3. Aren’t the district champions 1-4 seed? The highest Dillard can b is a 5th seed?
  4. That’s true! Take the teams u lost to & have a round Robin!!!! See what Chaminade, STA, & cent do to one another!!! Lol
  5. Jullian


    Horrible! The worst news parents can get. Always sad to hear stories like this.
  6. As good as Explorers DL is, & will challenge Rockets offense, Columbus QB not good enough to lead a balanced offense to challenge the best defense in the state. Field position, points off of turnovers, & Explorers defense being on the field way too long, will doom Columbus of any potential upset! If AH can get by Gibbons, they present the only challenge to Central because of their mobile good QB, great RB’s, good receiving corp, & a big quick OL.
  7. Record didn’t go out the books the game they played a couple weeks ago…..nor won’t the 2cd time they play. Central just that good…..
  8. Plantation will b a game, like Miramar, that shows the Panthers can take care of business with the good unranked teams, showing their superiority (Norland) of them, while being beneath the elite in the nation(STA, Cham, Central) at present time.
  9. Deltona 10-20 last 3 years. 5-1 this year.
  10. Bay Tornadoes: 2-8 last year. 5-0 this year.
  11. Wow sounds like some 305 fans……
  12. Pahokee schizophrenic. This ain’t the Dwyer of 561 domination. They’re mediocre AT BEST!!!! I think Pahokee travels to play Atlantic this Friday?
  13. Lotta teams that go for the win thru the 2 point conversion, seem to lose. Usually you trust your team to go another OT period. Coach must have had doubts. Always a shame to lose on 1 designated play……
  14. …..Let me say this in light of my above post: The “more balanced offensive team” won. AH QB, 2 RB’s, Star receiver & Co, & huge powerful OL were better in every way. The DL pressure was present from the first snap to the last( see center trouble above). All this is what gives AH a chance vs Central, what will essentially be the “state championship game”, in the state semi. You’ll never beat Central being one dimensional, never. Plus SOS will probably have AH @home vs Central.
  15. When you’re within the 15 yd line 4 X’s & score 0 points, you deserve to lose. The center for Gibbons alone helped lose the game. They’ll meet again in Reg 3, 2m post season.
  16. Actually it wasn’t close at all(Cham vs Dill), but Rockets showed Dillard they don’t belong on the same field….
  17. Meanwhile, Pahokee has put itself back in State title contention, in 1S. What happened in the games b4 PBC, & then ripping the Broncos apart?????
  18. Rockets are #1 in the state. I believe Chaminade is a close, very close 2cd best in the state. There are only 2 teams in Dade With a chance for Titles: Central & Columbus. They are the only real good teams in Dade this year. Homestead, TBD. American Heritage & Gibbons have the ONLY chance in the state, 2M Reg 3, to beat Central. Rockets would b 2 TD favorite over AH, & 3 TD favorite over Gibbons. As far a Dillard goes, they’ve simply been hyped way too much, because of all the transfers they received! They might b the 5th -7th best team in Broward. Def behind Cham, Aquinas, AH, Gibbons. Maybe even behind Plantation, Western, or Calvary Christian (lol). Dillard cannot win on the big stage. Not only can’t they win…..THEY FLOP. I thought they had a chance vs STA but I rescind my optimism. They’ll lose the game in the 2cd half. That’s the half when the hype is behind you & the quality of your team stands. Like Central……
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