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  1. Yep. Good coaching will get him ready. By the end of the regular season, he’ll know football.
  2. Could b a beast!!!!! Ain’t too many players walking around with THAT size. BA can’t keep anybody. Used to b a top notch team….way back.
  3. No Doubt…..The Rematch….STA .@Otis Grey field, this time!!!!!!
  4. Lincoln had a good year last year! Might b building back up again. YEARS ago they beat Southridge in the finals & STA.
  5. You right there!!! Just throwing out sum crumbs through the long summer!!!!
  6. Agree. When your DE’s are faster than the RB’s, it can b a long day for the run game.
  7. D. Stephenson 6’4” 225/ TJ Capers 6’3” 215/ Daylen Russell 6’3” 230/ Robert Williams 6’3” 245.
  8. 4a metro gonna b between Columbus & Palmetto, down south. Both teams raided Killian hard plus others. Best DL in state, Columbus. Western might b in the mix. Homestead, Dillard, & STA the front runners for 3a Metro. In 2a, NO ONE has recruited like the Bulls. They sick & tired of being eliminated early!!! AHP, Rockets, Gibbons, BTW, GP……I mean how many state championships are in 2a south!!! Crazy! 1a Metro…..Chaminade! PERIOD. You know rosters ain’t done changing, yet!!!!!!
  9. That’s Great! I personally like the 3 divisions. Hope the Raiders have loaded up!
  10. Is Rockledge in the Suburban league?
  11. Probably not…….. Any major transfers to the defending 8a State champs?
  12. Great schedule, even if the rest of the schedule mediocre!
  13. I don’t hear Gibbons & American Heritage crying that their in the same class as Central, NW ETC......Get over it. 305 always crying junk......
  14. Not only did Coach Roland Smith have teams fearing the Rockets, they feared him. I was waiting for the gates to open at Dillard, big crowd. Coach Roland walks by with the skill positions & shouts to his team,”Everyone coming for the big show!” Shouted it a few times, looked at the crowd saying,”We’re the big show!!!” can’t replace a coach like him. Just like BTW couldn’t replace Harris.......
  15. One of the best coaches of all time in Florida high school football leaves for the “U”.
  16. Big loss for AHP. Look at Ely & Dillard in basketball this year! Losing elite coaches put them back in the pack(Randall & Burrows). Any news bout Surtain’s replacement?
  17. Bout time Naples entered the world of challenging your team! Nice matchup.
  18. Central storming back in recruiting. Gotta good DL from Miami Springs & a big O lineman from Carol City. The formula for winning? The line of scrimmage. That, they have owned!
  19. That’s your comeback?!?? Lmao. 24th & 26th are 2 days. Gosh bro use the brain God gave you. That’s why u come on here in ignorance. U don’t care what facts are give , u just shake your Pom poms!!! Look again......look again......then u can apologize. Smh.
  20. Ready c-boy? Transfers to Bulls jan 24: Clifton Brown/Edison. Kameron Brantley/Dade Christian. jan 26: Nate Washington/Westland Hialeah. Guylijah Theodule/Coral Gables. Jalen West/btw. U GOTTA PLACE THAT “liar” fits c-boy?? Lol....... of course the best one c-boy is Lamar Seymour/MIAMI CENTRAL. U GOT NO FACTS. TOLD U B4 take off your cheerleader skirt c-boy. U an embarrassment.
  21. If u don’t know what’s happening in your backyard that’s your problem. Watch that “liar” stuff fool.....It’s fact boy. It’s more than 1 year, btw....I’m thinking those “new rules” might have something to do with STA, AH, Cham, & Gibbons too. Don’t flatter yourself. Better find better sources c-boy. U off......
  22. We’ll see bout that!!! Your credibility is short sighted & shaky......
  23. Crib boy worried bout them Bulls(“calm down” lol). NW got 5 transfers (at least reported) in 2 days. They far from done......305 don’t wanna b embarrassed like they’ve been.
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