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  1. Unfortunately, what I considered to be one of the last purely unspoiled football venues is tarnished due to the unregulated poaching of players across district/county and in some cases state lines. The FHSSA has in all intent and purposes de-regulated the sport to the point of allowing athletes and parents too many choices that are contrary to the values of commitment, integrity, and loyalty - which I would like to think once existed in the sport. Akin to the NCAA transfer portal, we have marginalized/devalued what a commitment means and made it acceptable for athletes to bounce around from school to school for the purpose of finding a starting position and/or finding a team that can better bolster recruiting options through reputation or championship potential. This shallow mindset under minds the importance of education as compared to playing a sport, and sets up these kids for a future where they feel entitled to hit the "Easy Button" when things don't go their way ie. disagreement with a coach, lack of adequate play time, or fill in the blank. One of the worst decisions ever made in high school sports!
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