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  1. I'm truly sorry for the loss of life Prayers to Lee and Charlotte counties which too the brunt of the devastation. My sister still lives in Lakeland and aside from no electricity, she is okay. Prayers to the families that are displaced or dealing with health or injury issues. Even though our commonality is HS football and no matter where you reside, I feel that the livelihood of humanity trumps everything. Again, I pray that everyone connected to this board and their families are okay. My mom is in Charleston, SC which is projected to get hit tonight so my worries are still not over. At the end of the day, regardless of your religious beliefs or political affiliations, we all want the same thing regardless of how we get there. Everyone stay safe! Stay locked and loaded too...
  2. Pending what happens in the Gulf, game cancellations may be possible this week. Post 'em here if know.
  3. As long as Max is cutting those checks, you won't know and the FHSAA is perfectly fine with that arrangement.
  4. That stinks! Coaches, players, students, alumni and fans are robbed of a Friday night experience.
  5. It's always an over reaction till someone catches hands or a bullet. Then, not enough was done. In this situation where things have already occurred, I can see the lawsuits IF something popped off. Err on the side of caution I guess.
  6. I thought we were cool! For that, you get the Jesse Emojis. Both of them! LOL
  7. That was a fun little district between 05-08 as someone appeared in the title game all 4 years. That's cool to think about. Not to omit LG as they were fresh off the heels of 2 back to back runner-ups in 03-04 when they had QB Grothe.
  8. I believe I'm glad we're not in the same district anymore. Y'all Kowboys get on my nerves, lol. It's bad enough we gotta fight those ankle-biting Braves without you being in the mix for a playoff spot.
  9. Heavens to Murgatroyd. Might as well add 2008 to the top of the list while you're at it, lol. Lakeland like everyone has taken L's over the years (no pun intended). However, the 2-0 loss ended another streak. For me, after having talked much shit prior to that game, I had to eat it, LOL.
  10. For some reason, that 2-0 loss at Haines City hurts worse, lol.
  11. They teach geography in Polk. I guess you didn't learn reasoning and logic wherever you went to school.
  12. Like prison, it accommodates everyone.
  13. I quoted the most important part, LOL.
  14. Take Lakeland out completely as far as I'm concerned. Let the Naughts fly under the radar until there's something to talk about. The Ledger summed it up best: The 2022 high school football season is finally here, and if you think the only story line is if Lakeland High is going to win its eighth state title, think again. In fact, until the playoffs, Lakeland football might be the most uninteresting topic during the regular season. Full Story behind paywall: Prep picks: Some storylines to follow as high school season kicks off
  15. Unfortunately I won't be in Tally for homecoming this year. @Dan in Daytona better not show up or he may be shooed out of town, LOL!!
  16. I didn't want to make it blatantly obvious but I'm glad you FINALLY figured it out. You're not old and confused, just BCU (or in your case, BCC) educated which means you are sloooooooooooow, Alley Cat !
  17. It was fun, but certainly HARD to focus at times, lol. That women to men ratio of 11:1 was nice, REAL nice (in my Bernie Mac voice).
  18. You already know! I put that link in the original post .
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