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  1. You know what it is. Another 2006 Lakeland/STA debate, lol. Personally, I think the game sucked but the finish was dynamic to say the least. Apparently other news outlets disagree and put together a 16 minute documentary with coach and player perspectives. You be the judge.
  2. I hate to hear news like this. It's worse when someone young is involved. My prayers are with his family, friends and all that are impacted by this loss. RIP...
  3. I don't care who you play. JUST WIN! Dillard, repeat these actions and you will defeat who the hell ever you play, LOL
  4. I can't promise that anyone walking the earth can lead you to salvation, let alone the young lady in pink. However, I can promise at FAMU with the ratio of women to men at 9:1, you can have a lot of fun finding out, LOL! That's when I was in school in the 90's. I'm sure it's higher now.
  5. Clearwater, Largo, Clearwater Academy and Lakewood.
  6. Just ungrateful. You and the rest of your alley cats Go Home! FAMU runs this! Rattler Envy - A disease of bitterness and jealously caused by years of repeated rattle snake bites where the victim has no to access to anti-venom. Get that treated @Dan in Daytona . BYE BYE...
  7. Crazy, Lakeland doesn't have one Hillsborough school on the schedule (KOC's don't count) but 4 Pinellas schools.
  8. I bit the bullet and subscribed while the Ledger was running a holiday promotion; $.99 for 6 months and $1.99 a month afterwards. Like you said, having access to multiple publications is certainly a plus.
  9. Trust, I'm not trying to change my schedule or screw up my life on your account, LOL. Seriously, if I can flip travel dates, I'll certainly let you know and welcome a meet up. Living in Georgia with a children and other responsibilities can be challenging from a Florida football perspective. It's been a while but I never miss an opportunity to see my Naughts play in person whenever I'm in the area.
  10. I will certainly keep you posted if I can make it. I was in Lakeland this week and already have another scheduled trip the week after the game. I'll see if I can move some things around.
  11. Why would anyone apply to be the new coach when they have had numerous coaches over last 4-5 years. To have the opportunity to take down Lakeland (again) and possibly get over the hurdle and win a state title. There's plenty of talent in Polk County in which to do so. DeMyer wanted to focus on teaching and stepped down. Paxia stepped down to take a dream job coaching at his Alma Mater. The only question mark (not really) was the departure of the latest coach. As pointed out by others, it was publicized in the local paper that his non-coaching duties were neglected. Sounds like he fired himself. Hardly a smoking gun of a toxic program.
  12. Or if the Indians speak softly but carry a big stick and are victorious! No ill will either way. However, during the game, I don't know ya, LOL
  13. May the best team win! But NO. Dreadnaughts all day! I'll root for Venice after the game, LOL.
  14. Cross some arms, legs and eyes too!
  15. Been there, done that. Looks good on paper but at what cost? Win a state title, damn a vote . Also keep in mind, Lakeland/STA are probably the only programs in America that have actually played in a high school National Championship game. Let that resonate...
  16. Go the an FSU game and tell me that Marching Chiefs went hood. One song doesn't mean anything. BET THAT!
  17. Thanks, Oversight on my part. I saw 2nd rd in 2017 and still managed to type 1st rd, lol.
  18. Their band is not Dillard, lol. Rickards would be more inline with the Panthers from a competitive standpoint. The band is decent but the style of music and marching is totally different. High step versus roll step. Kinda like the FSU Marching Chiefs vs the FAMU Marching 100. Here's what you can expect: Lincoln High School Band 2021
  19. Their fan base is big enough (at least by Tallahassee standards) but maybe not from a S. Fl perspective. There should be a decent crowd to say the least. Between that game and Homecoming events, I expect a nice crowd. I can guarantee South Monroe and Adams near Gene Cox will be packed and wouldn't be surprised if TPD blocked off certain streets to manage traffic.
  20. Lincoln is okay. As pointed out by others, they had success in the 90's-2000's with titles over Southridge (1999), STA (2001) and Armwood (2010). Their 2 finals losses were in 2008 & 2012 to both Plant and STA. Since then, they've generally been a 1st-2nd rd playoff team. Since 2017, they've lost in the playoffs to Bartram Trail (2017, 1st rd), Edgewater (2018 & 2019, 2nd rds), Atlantic Coast (2020, 1st rd) and Mosley (2021, 2nd round). The predominantly black school high school in Tally is Rickards. Their last finals appearance was a 2020 loss against American Heritage.
  21. As others have pointed out, it won't be his last time addressing you, lmao!
  22. Nice! I'll have to check out that game while I'm down for homecoming.
  23. Every Big Dog has to scratch a flee from time to time. However, keep in mind that larger schools always have to contend with more talent week end and out. By your logic, would Madison defeat the schools that beat Lakeland those years?
  24. But you, Madison's unofficial hype man have a big mouth. Lakeland is larger but has other area schools to compete with (ie Lake Gibson, Kathleen, George Jenkins, Tenoroc, Victory Christian, Lakeland Christian and Lake Wales). I could throw in Mulberry for giggles.
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