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    • University High School (Orlando)
      I thought they had already a guy from out of state, but it seems the position is open again. 
    • Very close    All ticket sales in county is distributed equally regardless of who brings in fans and who stadium is empty   The centralized scheduling basically means that outside of OOS games and KOC the teams can only play teams in county for non conference games    And the only way they can play OOS or KOC games from outside the county is if the team specifically (not the county) or the OOS team covers the costs   I got a few other details from speaking to a coach of a very big name program but I'll stop there    Let's just say that is only tip of iceberg
    • This is not the first time I have heard about Hillsborough's central funding/scheduling system. Could this be explained more?

      Does this mean that Plant/Armwood can never schedule outside of the county (beyond district games)?
      Does this mean that Plant takes in $10,000 for a home game and King takes in $1000 that they equalize it all in the end?

      I know Palm Beach County has an athletics office that will often assist with scheduling, but I don't think it was this centralized. 
    • I didn't know exactly how many years it was but I remembered them losing to Apopka that year and they should had of lost to Robert E. Lee a couple of years ago (controversial call). I also depends on schedule I see they play decent teams. Unless they run the table they wont get every home playoff game. then took at armwood, they win both home and away but manage to lay an egg in they state title game for the last 10 years. was basically saying that great teams win on the road. plant is a dynasty though no doubt about it
    • Some truth to what you say, but not entirely accurate.   I'm not sure what you mean when you say "in so many years," but using just this decade (which eliminates three of Plant's four State Championships), Plant has been in the playoffs every year.  Their overall playoff record in the games played since (and including) 2010 is 24-8.  They've hosted 17 home games and have won 16 of them.  The lone exception was a state semifinals loss to Apopka in 2013.  Not including state finals games played in Orlando, they've played 12 playoff games on the road and have won 7 (including wins at Viera, twice, at Lakeland, at Ft. Pierce Central and at East Lake when they were loaded).   Of their five road losses, two were at Lakeland (including this year's loss in the Regional Finals to the eventual state champs) and two were at Dr. Phillips.  In the state finals, Plant has lost to STA twice (in 2010 and 2016) and beat Miramar once (in 2011).  A couple more observations:  if last year's state semifinals game had been played in Tampa instead of Jacksonville, I think Plant would have beaten Bartram Trail.  Similarly, if this year's regional finals game had been played in Tampa instead of Lakeland, I don't think it would have mattered - Lakeland still would have won (but it would have been a little closer). By virtue of winning their district, Plant has hosted the first round of the playoffs all nine years this decade.  And they have won all nine games.  Since the FHSAA changed the way playoffs are scheduled (first to the point system and now to the power index), the opening game is the only playoff game that Plant has played at home.   The other five playoff games have all been road games.  No doubt that history has shown that the Panthers have a better chance to win at home than on the road (probably true of most teams), but Hillsborough County's central funding/scheduling system may guaranty that Plant never gets to host a playoff game after the first round again, unless they can go undefeated. 
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