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  2. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    It'll happen.
  3. Vero Beach unofficial schedule

    No away games this year?
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  5. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    In two years yea
  6. Vero Beach unofficial schedule

    I would guess the KOC game is going to be Sebastian since the 11/1 game is Viera (which is the final regular season game,) for years they played this game as a KOC-AKA “Dollars for Scholars game,” and they must keep the county rivalry alive. Beside the obvious district games, that leaves only one game open, which I am guessing will be Ft Lauderdale or Wellington again, but that’s purely a guess...
  7. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Cocoa could replace Merritt Island or AHD
  8. Vero Beach unofficial schedule

    If u include Dwyer in the jamboree then that makes Vero schedule more impressive and I'm curious to know who the KOC game is too, I think from Spring jamboree to week 10 is pretty strong opposition and I'm going to praise Vero again for this because this time we don't even have to leave the state or area to challenge ourselves, I hope this will help us play football after Thanksgiving because playing Chaminade and Viera late in the season is tough because both them teams be picking at the end of the season and both are loaded this year too.....
  9. Vero Beach unofficial schedule

    8/237:00p American Heritage 9/67:30p Venice 9/137:00p Lake Minneola 9/207:00p Merritt Island 9/277:00p Centennial 10/187:00p Chaminade-Madonna 11/17:30p Viera
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  11. Pahokee Schedule

    Good to hear. Not rooting against Pahokee at all. That schedule is brutal for most teams especially a smaller school that doesn't have the numbers to sub tons of guys in and out. If any smaller school could do it it is Pahokee or Madison. Booker T tried that schedule two years in a row and ended up with 6 losses each year. Gonna be tough but got to give it to them for stepping up to the challenge. Just hope they can hold up. Pahokee might win more playoff games than regular season games. Wouldn't that be something.
  12. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Right I thought it was gonna happen
  13. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Should've had Cocoa on the schedule
  14. The Dropoff of HS Football in Polk County

    I think Winter Haven was hurt by getting moved up to 7a. I felt they would have won or at least made it to the finals had they remained in 6a. At least they got moved over to a new district for 2019, one I think they will consistently win.
  15. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Bruh Vero playin Dwyer AHD Venice Chaminade Viera Very strong opposition this year
  16. Pahokee Schedule

    BadBird, I think Pahokee should be much improved from a year ago. Remember they had 5 turnovers against Vero and 6 against Atlantic last year. They got beat up MENTALLY after that. The new coaching staff is working on disciplines on and off the field. They are hitting the weight room like never before and the coach believes in them. That's the reason he made the schedule so tough. So If you're willing to make a wager, we can certainly work on the details. 4 W's for Pahokee is crazy!!!
  17. Pahokee's Schedule

    I think even at 5-5 they should be a high playoff seed
  18. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Merritt Island hasn’t been good since I was a glimmer in my mama’s eye. Lol
  19. Vero Beach vs Merritt Island 9/20

    Back in the day....this was always a huge game for VB. Hopefully, this old rivalry will rekindle.
  20. Pahokee Schedule

    Pahokee will always be competitive. "The Muck" will win their share of games...and that will never change.
  21. Pahokee Schedule

    Last year’s Pahokee team should have been undefeated. They were athletically better than every scheduled team. The coaching and discipline was horrible however. Pahokee will be competitive.
  22. The Dropoff of HS Football in Polk County

    I didn't include Lakeland, Kathleen, Lake Wales and Winter Haven in the list because they have done reasonably well and been somewhat consistent of late relative to the past
  23. Last week
  24. Pahokee Schedule

    shows you how good a team was last year. The fhsaa is using them for all sports except football. They might not matter to you but they at least show the caliber of opponent. It's gonna be hard for pahokee to win more than 4 games unless Pahokee has improved a ton from last year or some of their opponents get worse. games are played on the field for example Pahokee lost to Seminole Ridge who was ranked lower but beat Palm Beach lakes who was ranked higher. Anything can happen but I'm willing to wager they don't win more than 4 with that schedule.
  25. Pahokee Schedule

    Max prep rankings matter?
  26. The Dropoff of HS Football in Polk County

    You left Lake Wales and Winter Haven off the list. Some of those schools; Lake Region for example, can't keep a coach more that a year or two. In the mid-2000's Polk county school board faced some serious budget challenges. The PCSB adopted a policy of not allowing schools to travel more than 50 miles outside the county and coaches took some big pay cuts.
  27. For the last several years its been either Jesuit or Immokalee to come out of region 3, only to lose to the region 4 team that goes on to win the state title. That's why I say, if Jesuit was to get to state they would most likely win it.
  28. Pahokee Schedule

    That Dillard vs PAHOKEE matchup should b real interesting.
  29. Pahokee Schedule

    Pahokee maxpreps ranking last year 154, maxpreps ranking from last year by each school 8/23 University School (Home) 31 8/30 Raines (Home) 12 9/6 Dillard (Away) 63 9/13 Dwyer (Home) 33 9/20 Palm Beach Lakes (Away) 120 9/27 Jacksonville Trinity Christian (Away) 14 10/4 BYE 10/11 Chaminade-Madonna (Home) 13 10/18 Seminole Ride (Home) 191 10/25 Clewiston (Home) 357 11/1 Glades Central (Away) 74 I don't see them winning more than 4 games.
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