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  2. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Undisputed as in every national poll will have them at #1
  3. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Can you honestly say without any doubt that Lakeland or STA aren't capable of beating IMG this year?
  4. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    And that may be true I can't exactly argue it but my point being when very few teams had looked at top 5 level this year and Columbia facing a strong schedule it was easy for them to climb to #3 in FL
  5. Today
  6. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    Lake Wales hasn't faced a schedule half as good as ours
  7. Lake City Columbia vs Atlantic Delray Beach

    Yeah but sometimes that's just the hand you get dealt Though history has shown you don't have to be a district champ to win a title or even make it there
  8. Final 4 Trivia Question

    Armwood, St. Thomas, Central, Trinity Christian, Washington, American Heritage, Coccoa? buuuut I think Lakeland should be there... so I listed 7 teams.... DO I have all 6?
  9. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Armwood is a pretty good team no doubt. I just don’t trust them against anyone in their radar.
  10. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Ga has had their way with most Fla teams they've played this season. Armwood losing in 2OT on the road to a very good Ga team is hardly a knock. But yea, Armwood hasn't been able to get over the hump against Dade teams in State Title games in awhile.
  11. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    I used RPI to say their schedule wasn't weak. I didn't say they were a good team because of their RPI.
  12. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    The evidence is them breezing by everyone in the area for years and then finally making it to state only to get roasted. They had one job of going to GA to help the state rep by beating an above average team they should have man handled and crapped the bed. They are too used to playing slappies so when the going gets tough, they get pushed around. Yeah they can beat Tampa Bay team in the regular season and North Florida teams in the playoffs but when a team can match them it’s lights out
  13. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    please don't use RPI to say how good a team is.
  14. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    You're selling Armwood very short.
  15. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    5th best RPI in 7A. Which translates into a solid state schedule. Wouldn't you say that Hillsborough Co is at the very least, a top five football county in the state?
  16. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    undisputed? Is this college football in the 30's? There is no undisputed high school national champ. The games aren't played on the field. IMG is the best team in Florida. Lakeland and STA are the only two others that might be elite this year. No one else is elite this year.
  17. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Edgewater is kinda like Armwood. Big fish in a small pond beating up on overmatched opponents, but when the team lined up across from them can hit back, they crumble. Neither has the chest to win it all. Keep your money off either in the later rounds
  18. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Solid based on what? Are they solid for Tampa area? Solid for the entire state? The country? I think they are pretty good for their area. East Hillsborough. Tampa Bay Area, they are good. Entire state not so good. Entire country, really bad
  19. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    You would be correct. Lake Wales is 14+ points better, and I would bet alot of money on that.
  20. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    The Lakeland/Armwood game should be pretty epic. I haven't had a chance to see Edgewater yet but I've seen STA, Lakeland, and Armwood in person this season. After the eye test, I have STA #1 followed by Lakeland then Armwood but it's really close IMO. I think anyone of those teams could beat each other on a given night.
  21. Week 8 pick em results

    Since some people missed weeks, I’m just gonna post the overall wins. @VeniceIndiansFootball You were at the top and missed this week! Could put you out of the running. Here is the Overall 1. @badbird 57 wins 2. @muckboy561 55 wins 3. @THIS_IS_DILLARD and @Perspective 54 wins 4. @ColumbiaHighFan2017class and @Jags904 53 wins 5. @nolebull813 52 wins 6. @Cat_Scratch 51 wins 7. @VeniceIndiansFootball and @Joshua Wilson 49 wins 8. @Zoe Boy and @LakelandGator46 wins 9. @Coach 42 wins 10. @HornetFan 41 wins 11. @peezy28 40 wins 12. @KeemD321 39 wins 13. @Raefsu233 30 wins
  22. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    That's an interesting take about Bloomingdale not beating anyone good. I don't think they have much of a shot at beating Lakeland but they're certainly a solid team.
  23. Maxpreps top 6 in 6A after week 8

    That's a fair point but there were a lot of teams ranked behind Columbia that I think are better.
  24. newest rpi?

    I would assume Saturday. Last year they did the selection show on a Saturday if I remember correctly
  25. Who Was FL Top 25 10 Years Ago?

    Was that the year that Cocoa was only undefeated team in State? Also I believe they beat the team that beat Dwyer? Glades Central
  26. Final 4 Trivia Question

    3 of 6 correct, Darter
  27. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    !!!!! This Martin in many ways moved the team slightly better but it didn't help Garnett that they kept Bowman out of Strawberry Crest and he had to sit out Durant nor that he missed almost 3 weeks with an injury after being named the starter. But he isn't making critical mistakes and that is good.
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