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MVP Gold Membership
6 Months
More features with ONE MONTH FREE, compared to MVP Silver!
This subscription will provide even more coverage than the MVP Silver Membership, including the following:
MVP Platinum Membership
Per Year
THE BEST PLAN! Get 3 Months FREE compared to MVP Silver with all the top features including those that MVP Gold does not have!
The Ultimate in high school football and girls' flag football coverage for Florida
MVP Silver Membership
Basic Monthly Membership
If you are looking to pay monthly, this subscription will provide basic coverage, including the following:


We have put in many countless hours covering high school football and girls flag football in the Sunshine State. This means hours writing stories, creating unique content, traveling to events and games, along with many other things. All of this cost time and money to ultimately produce the content you all would like to see. As such, we have to have a paywall to cover the things we do so we can have sustainability.

All MVP subscriptions are paid on a recurring basis. The first initial payment will take place on the date of your purchase with recuring payments occurring in the same amount on the renewal date of your subscription. Recurring payments remain active until you choose to cancel. All payments and purchases are final.

You can upgrade your subscription to a different level by selecting a different MVP subscription level than the one selected. Your account can never be subscribed to more than one MVP subscription option. Once upgraded or downgraded, your card will be charged that is on file via Stripe, with the payment date set based on the date you upgrade or downgrade your account. You can easily do this from your MVP Member Account Page. Click here to access!

You may cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel your subscription you will incur no further charges. All cancelations will become effective at the end of the current billing cycle, and as such you will retain access for the rest of the remaining billing period.

You have one of two options to canceling: VIA EMAIL: please email with the subject line “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.” You must request to cancel the subscription within 72 hours before the renewal date for it to take effect. Please include your email address used to sign up for a subscription to find your account quickly. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response once a cancellation request is submitted. VIA MVP MEMBER ACCOUNT PAGE: You can log in and access your MVP Member Account Information, where you can quickly see your information regarding your subscription, including action buttons to cancel your subscription at any time! Click here to access!

We do not issue refunds for any charges that have already occurred. However, we do reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our own discretion. If a refund or credit is issued, we are not obligated to issue any refunds or credit in the same manner in the future. For any questions regarding a refund, please email and use subject line “REFUND OR CREDITS FOR MVP SUBSCRIPTION.”

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