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STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PREVIEW: Class 1A – Trenton vs. Blountstown

WHO: Trenton vs. Blountstown
WHEN: Friday, December 6 – 7:07 p.m. kickoff
WHERE: Florida Citrus Bowl
WHY: Class 1A State Championship

Trenton – 11-1
Blountstown  – 11-1

Trenton – Andrew Thomas, 3rd year at Trenton, 3rd year overall as a head coach | 35-3 overall record
Victory Christian – Greg Jordan, 8th year at Blountstown, 9th year overall as a head coach | 69-23 overall record

Trenton – This group of Tigers got here like they did last year – taking one game at a time. The only hiccup this season was an early season loss to Dixie County, a team they got revenge on last week in the Class 1A South State Semifinal. Trenton has kept it schedule in playing similar size schools and rivalries within the North Central Florida area. Trenton has playoff wins over Lafayette, Hamilton County and Dixie County.

Blountstown – This second group of Tigers got here with the determination of hard work and focusing on one game at a time as well like Trenton did. Blountstown’s closest scare this season was a 14-13 win over district rival Chipley. However, after that game it has not been close for anyone playing Blountstown. The Tigers have had eight shutouts this season, including games in the playoffs. The last two games Blountstown have played, they have outscored opponents 76-0.

– This group of Tigers will have to play its best game of the season in this game. There will be no room for penalties or turnovers. They will also have to create a lot of their own opportunities and will have to be ready key on any mistakes Blountstown might make to keep within this game. Basically the key to winning is staying focused and not getting flustered.

Blountstown – Blountstown will have to pretty much have one of the worst games possible during the entire season to either lose this game or have it where it is so close we won’t know who wins until the final play of the game. Many comparisons have been made about this team to the Northview team that won the Class 1A State Championship last year. The key for Blountstown will be focusing and capitalizing on any Trenton mistakes.

Blountstown 40, Trenton 14

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