As Owner and Publisher of, I usually don’t get highly opinionated on the site for one reason or another, but that changes for this moment.

Over the last month I have relocated to the Gainesville-area. Not only was this a business move, it was a personal move that meant a lot of changes. There are things I cannot even go into detail about or why the move was made towards the start of the season.

However, the move is done and it is on to better things, and better things for this website.


Old Business

But first, let me clear up some old business, before I get to the things that will be changing for the better for this website and for you the fans and viewers.

As you know we have been trying publish expanded preview guide that built upon the 2014 FNF Florida Magazine. The move was just overwhelming and even with help, there is only so many hours in a day. At this point some things are going to get scrapped, but we will get the rest of the regional Top 10 rankings, top games of the season and at least the all-region team out before August 22nd which will be the first night a Florida team plays a game that will count on the record.

New Business

With the old business out-of-the-way we can focus on a bit of new business. We plan on doing a lot this season and we going to rock it big time.

MVP Subscribers 

The plan includes to have at least 20 articles a week during the season MVP, if not more depending on current trends. This will include regional rankings, top games of the week and top statewide games to watch each day and more.

Season Coverage

We have developed a weekly plan for content (both free and MVP) and here is what you should expect from us.

– Weekly schedule of game for each region available to you on Monday morning.
– Weekly writeups on National Rankings from, MaxPreps, PrepNation, USAToday, High School Football America and more.
– Player of the Week for the previous including statewide and regional players of the week.
– Announce the opening of the Weekly Mailbag taking your questions.

– Weekly Regional Top 10 Rankings – 12 articles – (For MVP Subscribers Only)
– Top Regional Games of the Week for six different regions – six articles – (For MVP Subscribers Only)
– Release of Florida’s #HSFB Top 25 (A weekly Top 25 statewide poll developed in conjunction with Florida HS Football and FlaVarsity)
– Release of the AP High School Football Poll during the evening hours

– Top Regional Games of the Week for the six other regions – six articles – (For MVP Subscribers Only)
– Weekly Mailbag with your questions answered

– Thursday’s Top Games (For MVP Subscribers Only)

– Friday’s Top Games (For MVP Subscribers Only)

– Stories and recaps from around the state
– Saturday’s Top Games (For MVP Subscribers)

– Weekly regional recaps of games from the weekend
– Updated standings are released.

Other Features To Expect
– Weekly Pick’ems Contest (Will need a forum/message board account)
– Score updates on game nights
– Podcast in development for release on

Also we will be attending all future FHSAA Board of Directors Meetings in Gainesville. Our move to Gainesville, has put us very close to the FHSAA offices and we plan to keep an eye on all things that could affect the football scene in Florida in the years to come. As such we will give reports on football related news or other items of interest from these meetings as warranted.

We will also touch on other news and notes with different notebooks and more content that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Anyways, I truly appreciate each one of you who visit our website, follow us on social media and just purely enjoy high school football in the great state of Florida.

If you got any questions or comments, please feel free to email me directly at