Welcome to the 2015 District Tiebreakers page here on Florida HS Football. Each listing will show who is involved and what is at stake. In the event a site location is not listed at the time, we will post it once that information is made available by the FHSAA. All tiebreakers take place at 7 PM local time on Monday, November 2, unless otherwise noted.

From the Florida High School Athletic Association, this is a list of rules in regards to the District Tiebreakers/Shootouts according to the football manual as published and distributed to coaches around the state:

  • Seeding is based on overall win-loss percentage. The higher-seeded team in each 12-minute quarter shall wear dark jerseys.  Teams must bring both light and dark jerseys.
  • Participating schools shall play one entire 12-minute quarter against their bracketed opponent(s) in each District Tiebreaker.
  • Each participating team is allotted two timeouts per quarter.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the NFHS overtime procedure shall be used to determine a winner (the 10-yard line overtime tiebreaker plan).
  • If three schools are participating in a District Tiebreaker, the No. 1 seed receives a first-round bye and will play the winner of the quarter between the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds. If the No. 1 seed defeats the winner of seeds No. 2 vs. No. 3, then the No. 1 seed will advance as the district champion and the school it defeated will advance as the district runner-up. If the No. 1 seed loses to the winner of seeds No. 2 and No. 3, then the school that defeated the No. 1 seed will advance as the district champion, and the No. 1 seed must then play the loser of seeds No. 2 vs. No. 3 to determine the district runner-up.
  • If the District Tiebreaker is being played to determine a district runner-up, then the winner of the second 12-minute quarter advances as the district runner-up.
  • The warm-up period between quarters should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Teams are allowed a maximum of 60 players in uniform.
  • No marching bands are allowed.

Admission: $7
Kickoff: 7:00 PM local time unless noted
Date: Monday, November 2


Harris Field, 4:00 p.m. ET
What’s at stake: District Champion & Runner-up
Seeding: #1 South Dade, #2 Miami Killian, #3 Miami Southridge
Quarter 1: Miami Southridge 7, Miami Killian 6
Quarter 2: South Dade 14, Miami Southridge 6
South Dade is district champion, Miami Southridge is the runner-up.

Chiles High
What’s at stake: District Champion & Runner-up
Seeding: #1 Chiles, #2 Leon, #3 Lincoln
Quarter 1: Lincoln 10, Leon 7
Quarter 2: Lincoln 8, Chiles 7
Quarter 3: Chiles 7, Leon 3
Lincoln is district champion, Chiles is the runner-up.

Pinellas Park High
What’s at stake: Runner-up
Seeding: #1 Pinellas Park, #2 St. Petersburg #3 East Lake
Quarter 1: East Lake 15, St. Petersburg 8
Quarter 2: East Lake 7, Pinellas Park 3
East Lake is runner-up.

Milton High, 7:00 p.m. CT
What’s at stake: Runner-up
Seeding: #1 Milton, #2 Pace, #3 Gulf Breeze
Quarter 1: Gulf Breeze 3, Pace 0
Quarter 2: Gulf Breeze 10, Milton 7
Gulf Breeze is runner-up.

Menendez High
What’s at stake: Runner-up
Seeding: #1 Menendez, #2 Baker County, #3 Palatka
Quarter 1: Baker County 10, Palatka 7 (OT)
Quarter 2: Menendez 8, Baker County 0
Menendez is runner-up.

Hilltoper Field, Delray Beach
What’s at stake: Runner-up
Seeding: #1 Village Academy, #2 Glades Day, #3 Champagnat
Quarter 1: Glades Day 6Champagnat 0 (OT)
Quarter 2: Village Academy 6, Glades Day 0
Village Academy is runner-up.