Six years ago, was launched on National Signing Day.

Six years ago, the site was crude in a lot more ways than I could tell you. What I thought looked professional, is now nowhere even close to what I call professional. The design was a mess, the logo was basic, content structure really was not a cohesive point.

In the process of six years, the site has had several different variations of logos. Logos are used to identify a brand, a selling point for almost any business big and small. Even the design has improved 1,000 times better and is even adaptable to your mobile devices, where over 70% of traffic currently comes from now (a major change from just even three years ago).


227-LOGOThe logo to the left has been in place for nearly 2 and 1/2 years roughly. However, it has not been catchy. Some still don’t recognize it. I finally had to recognize that likely something was going to have to be done.

In came, Chris Stoney, a graphic design artist and University of Florida graduate who I had the pleasure to finally meet last summer. From that point, things were about to change, some of it not what I was expecting. When I listened and learned from Chris about what might be holding the logo from being recognized part of the website, I decided to let him come up with something that could be a better was to identify the site.

Now I feel that identity has been found in the logos below:


In this logo you will see we have adopted the shield look with the football being incorporated into the shield. If you look around in the football world, you will see variations of the shield being used. However, we are proud now to call this logo above our own.

Gone is the gold color we have used for most of our existence. Also gone is the very dark green we have used as well. Now we have lightened up the green colors to give it more of a football feel, while incorporating a nice silver tone that also implies football. These new colors were recently introduced on the redesigned site over the last few weeks.

As such, we feel this logo will be the next step to enhance the site raise it to great heights all around Florida and allow to continue to grow as recognized leader in high school football coverage from a national view point as well.

In the coming months you will see the logo pop up in places we could have only imagined a few years ago. We are proud of this new logo and will be our logo for MANY years to come!

If you are a business owner or someone in charge of advertising for the company you work, feel free to reach out to me at or (904) 712-4735. We have some exciting plans in the works we can’t reveal just yet here, but these are plans that we are seeking potential sponsors with the upcoming 2016 seasons in Football as well as Girls Flag Football.

If you are a high school sports team that is interested in Chris Stoney’s services, feel free to visit his website, Sports By Pride, to view his portfolio of past work he has completed. Some of his past clients have included the Williston Red Devils football team, the Trinity Catholic Celtics football team as well as work for some major Division I FBS programs.