Flag Football District Tournaments are this week and we are taking a look at each district in every region of the state giving you the times, matchups, quick insight about the district and a prediction on who will emerge as the district champion and advance to the FHSAA regional playoffs. The Road To Boca Raton starts here!


at Ives Estates Park

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Monday
Championship – Wednesday, 3:30


#1 Dr. Krop
#2 Mater Academy
#3 North Miami
#4 Hialeah Gardens

Semifinal Matchups
#2 Mater Academy vs. #3 North Miami, 2
#1 Dr. Krop vs. #4 Hialeah Gardens, 4

Quick Hit: Dr. Krop, last year’s defending district champion is back on top of the district seeding once again, but they will have to contend with Mater Academy and North Miami for the district championship as both had stronger seasons than expected. However, right now we feel Dr. Krop is the team that will emerge out of this district and into the playoffs.

Predicted District Champion: Dr. Krop


at Braddock

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Wednesday
Championship – Friday, 5

#1 Coral Gables
#2 Miami High
#3 Braddock
#4 South Miami

Semifinal Matchups
#2 Miami High vs. #3 Braddock, 4
#1 Coral Gables vs. #4 South Miami, 5:30

Quick Hit: The top team in the district has been Coral Gables, but Miami High has been known to pull off surprises so they can’t be counted out here. Braddock also has the chance to play spoiler as well if they can catch Miami High off guard.

Predicted District Champion: Coral Gables


at Ferguson

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Tuesday
Championship – Wednesday, 4

#1 Ferguson
#2 Miami Killian
#3 Homestead
#4 Miami Southridge

Semifinal Matchups
#2 Miami Killian vs. #3 Homestead, 2
#1 Ferguson vs. #4 Miami Southridge, 4

Quick Hit: This is district is a bit crazy as there was a lot of craziness in the district this year. Can Ferguson hold off a challenge by Miami Southridge who they only squeaked by? Can Killian edge Homestead to contend for the district championship? This district is full of toss-ups, so anything could go and yes this would be the one district we do see a No. 1 seed not emerging to the playoffs.

Predicted District Champion: Miami Southridge


at Miami Norland

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Tuesday
Championship – Thursday, 3:30

#1 Monsignor Pace
#2 Miami Norland
#3 Miami Carol City
#4 iMater Prep

Semifinal Matchups
#1 Monsignor Pace vs. #4 iMater Prep, 3:30
#2 Miami Norland vs. #3 Miami Carol City, 5

Quick Hit: Monsignor Pace has played the toughest schedule of all the teams this year in this district, but however, Miami Norland pulled off the upset last year to advance as the district champion. We just don’t see it happening here this year.

Prediction: Monsignor Pace


at Traz Powell

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Tuesday
Championship – Thursday, 3:30

#1 Miami Edison
#2 Miami Northwestern
#3 Miami Central
#4 North Miami Beach

Semifinal Matchups
#2 Miami Northwestern vs. #3 Miami Central, 2
#1 Miami Edison vs. #4 North Miami Beach, 4

Quick Hit: There is not much to look at in this district except that Miami Edison has won back-to-back GMAC tournaments and is the clear favorite to win this district by a mile. No other team will be able to stop them here this week.

Predicted District Champion: Miami Edison


at Traz Powell

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Wednesday
Championship – Friday, 3:30

#1 Miami Jackson
#2 Booker T. Washington (Miami)
#3 Mater Lakes
#4 TERRA Institute

Semifinal Matchups
#2 Booker T. Washington vs. #3 Mater Lakes, 3:30
#1 Miami Jackson vs. #4 TERRA Institute, 5

Quick Hit: Miami Jackson has taken their fair share of lumps learning from the best of the best in Tallahassee at the Capital City Classic. They are by far the best team in the district and should not have an issue winning the district outright.

Predicted District Champion: Miami Jackson