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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Gotta love chains! I sent this to a die hard UCF fan last year after their loss to LSU. It shows how using the “chains” you can create a winning scenario and rarely lose an argument as long as both teams have at least one loss. This proves that using chains to find better teams, non scholarship Division 3 Alfred State Pioneers who won 1 game in 2018, could have beaten last year’s UCF squad. III Alfred St beat Anna Maria 30-28 III Anna Maria beat Castleton 31-24 III Castleton beat Fitchburg St 34-13 III Fitchburg St beat MA Dartmouth 32-29 III MA Dartmouth beat Plymouth St 21-16 III Plymouth St beat Framingham St 29-28 III Framingham St beat Endicott 34-13 III Endicott beat Hobart & Smith 27-24 III Hobart & Smith beat Shenandoah 56-48 III Shenandoah beat NC Wesleyan 59-21 III NC Wesleyan beat Thomas More 35-28 III Thomas More beat WI Platteville 35-28 III WI Platteville beat WI Stevens Pt 20-6 III WI Stevens Pt beat WI Oshkosh 27-21 III WI Oshkosh beat Lincoln MO 17-7 II Lincoln MO beat Lane 10-7 II Lane beat Miles 15-14 II Miles beat Albany GA 50-23 II Albany GA beat Catawba 35-21 II Catawba beat Tusculum 55-37 II Tusculum beat Carson-Newman 41-28 II Carson-Newman beat Wingate 31-14 II Wingate beat West Georgia 41-31 II West Georgia beat West Florida 27-7 II West Florida beat North Alabama 24-19 I - FCS North Alabama beat Jackson St 24-7 I - FCS Jackson St beat Florida A&M 18-16 I - FCS Florida A&M beat NC A&T 22-21 I - FCS NC A&T beat East Carolina 28-23 I - FBS East Carolina beat North Carolina 41-19 I - FBS North Carolina beat Pittsburgh 38-35 I - FBS Pittsburgh beat Virginia 23-13 I - FBS Virginia beat South Carolina 28-0 I - FBS South Carolina beat Missouri 37-35 I - FBS Missouri beat Florida 38-17 I - FBS Florida beat LSU 27-19 I - FBS LSU beat UCF 40-32
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    Here is a Daisy Chain!!!

    Football is not transitive unless you are UCF and then you can claim a National Championship
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    Vero Beach shuts out Chaminade 21-0

    Ties Lakeland now for longest consecutive regular season winning streak at 60 games. Despite the score it was more of a defensive game Vero stayed disciplined though and made some big plays for scores and come out with a solid win over a solid program by throwing a shut out on them . Go Vero!
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    Chaminade Vs Vero

    Any questions about Vero's Defense being OUTSTANDING ?
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    Oh I'm sorry did you say something? I forgot you were there, you may go now.
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    IMG @ St. Frances Academy

    Yes, this has got to be one of the worst years I have every seen in the past 22 seasons I have watched Florida football. Maybe APK does win the 8A title after all!
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    This is also hilarious considering your coach is the one suspended for cheating
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    Vero Beach shuts out Chaminade 21-0

    I did not think VB could have won this game so impressively. Statement win!
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    Dillard ..columbus cant stop our d line without holding we have contained parish this half ...dillard jus have left alot of big plays on the field they got to calm down their 2 hyped
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    Apopka's three titles were won from the district runner up slot.