Apopka will be moving on to the 8A Regional Semifinals. Credit @ApopkaFootball (Twitter)

The first round of the playoffs for this season has been completed and here are five takeaways we took from the Class 8A Regional Quarterfinals from the first round.

First Coast escapes from DeLand’s challenge
For most of the game DeLand was putting the heat on First Coast, showing they were worthy of making the playoffs and that their six game win streak was not a total fluke. The Buccaneers however pulled away late in the game to seal the deal and move on to the second round. If DeLand showed anything in this game, they might be a force to be reckoned with next season.

Apopka – West Orange advance to get a rematch
Just as some thought might happen, Apopka will get a second chance to take down West Orange this season, however, again they will have to go try again by making another trip down the 429 just to keep their season alive. However, this rematch didn’t come easy for neither team as Oviedo threw up a good challenge on Apopka, while Timber Creek played West Orange tight before the Warriors pulled away late on the Wolves. Goes to show anything can happen in the playoffs.


Dr. Phillips about went bust
Dr. Phillips
showed last night exactly why they are NOT the No. 1 team in the state and why it makes the Associated Press Poll not even worth looking at. Dr. Phillips was down 14-3 at halftime to Bloomingdale, who had surprised everyone with their amazing 9-1 record in the regular season. The Panthers had to fight back in the second half just to get the win over the Bulls. However, the Panthers will host another set of Panthers next week in the name of the Plant Panthers and for Dr. Phillips there might not be no comeback next week if they get down early.

Epic battle brewing
Flanagan, now 11-0 and Monarch, 9-1, are ready now to have the battle that everyone in Broward County wants to see next week. Both teams are on a mission to make a run to the state finals and there is nothing better than settling the score here in the second round. Both teams have athletes and both have battled through some interesting games so far this season. Needless to say Coral Springs did throw somewhat of a challenge up on Flanagan last night, but again the Falcons have shown us why they are still undefeated now just due to the pure, raw athleticism they have.

North Miami bows out early again
Say what you want, but we saw the writing on the wall when it comes to North Miami. Again the Pioneers bowed out in the first round after winning their district for the second straight win. When you look at Columbus who defeated North Miami last year and Coral Gables this year, one thing favors both teams: Strength of Schedule. North Miami might have been tested a couple of times this year, but just comparing overall quality and throwing in talent, it is not surprise North Miami’s season is over.