When I was growing up the internet was still a new thing, video watching was something you did with your television and you waited until the next day to get scores in the newspaper.

Now put that all aside. The times have changed.

Now we have smartphones accessing information at any time we want. We watch videos when we want, where ever we want and getting scores, well you can still check the paper for them, but you can get them anytime now as well.


Also in all of that change, coaches have seen technology improve in helping them with the game including pushing highlights out of top players from their teams However, that technology has had its limits.

Now time for me to ask all the coaches a question:

When was the last time you had someone else, other than an assistant coach, break your film down for you, give you tendencies and reports and made it so efficient that you actually gained back time to coach your team in what it needs to learn for the upcoming week?

If you are saying never or in a long time, then this article could help you get time back to doing things that matter the most for you and your team.

We are proud to have partnered with Krossover, a revolutionary company providing breakdown of your game film, providing you tendency reports as well as comprehensive ODK while using your existing film exchange account. All you have to do is upload your film to Krossover and they take of the rest, allowing you to get back to other things that matter the most.

To sign up for a quick 5-10 minute demo or if you have any questions give Krossover Specialist Ken Hoffman at 888-339-5395 or email Ken at ken@krossover.com

EDITOR’S NOTE: FloridaHSFootball.com is proud to have formed a partnership with Krossover in promoting their services which we feel will help coaches improve their game planning, while giving them time back to actually coach the game they love!