With the ninth edition of the Under Armour Game taking place at the Orlando Citrus Bowl today, some of the best talent from the Sunshine State got a chance to show out today.

However, not all was well with the game as Team Highlight ran away with the game, pitching the game’s first shutout with a 27-0 win over Team Armour.


Quarterback Play Early On

Quarterback play was not solid early in the game, disappointing likely fans who wanted to see future quarterbacks who are heading up to the next level. It also drew a few critical comments from the media in the process.



And things certainly going good for West Orange’s Woody Barrett, who found himself in the rath of Rashan Gary of Paramus Catholic out of New Jersey.

Defensive Lines Controlled The Tempo Early On

What is usually typical in most All-American games, the defenses usually rule as offenses have trouble getting in to a routine. As such, the story line was the same early on.


It Was Getting UGLY 

It was starting to get ugly as the game progressed, with again the media making the comments of what they were seeing, especially with the game play of the quarterbacks, coming into the spotlight once again.



Then One Play Changed The Entire Game

If there is a defining moment, that one play, in the entire game that defines the game and the tempo, it was a muffed punt by Cocoa’s Chauncey Gardner. It would result in a touchdown play from QB Malik Henry to West Orange’s Eddie McDoom the next play for Team Highlight, which would start the run of the shutout.

Gardner Redeems Himself Later On

Chauncey Gardner quickly redeemed himself though later on after the muffed punt, when he made an open field tackle for Team Armour.

Jack Allison Gets His Shine On

Palmetto’s Jack Allison, found himself in the game eventually and with that came some big plays. The first one was a huge pass play that went for 50-plus yards that helped get Team Highlight three points to increase the lead to 10-0 in the second quarter.

That wouldn’t be all for Allison though.

Later on the second quarter, Allison who got back in for another drive with Team Highlight, once again lead another drive, this time ending that drive with an impressive throw to Gulliver Prep’s Dionte Mullins, both who are Miami commits. That gave Team Highlight a 17-0 lead.


However, that touchdown might have not been possible if it weren’t for a fake punt, that happened a few plays earlier.

All Points In First Half Have Florida Touch

All 17 first half points scored by Team Highlight were scored with a player from Florida involved with Eddie McDoom, Jack Allison, Dionte Mullins and Ricky Aguayo all contributing to those points.

Sam Bruce Gets Big Kickoff Return

One of the very few bright spots for Team Armour was St. Thomas Aquinas’ Sam Bruce (despite no balls ever being thrown to Bruce), doing everything he could to provide a spark in the special teams department. One kickoff return in the third quarter did some of that, but it was short lived quickly when Team Armour got nothing as result of it.

Team Armour’s Offensive Line Gets Hammered & The Game Play Not Helping

ESPN’s Derek Tyson, spun the story nicely of just how bad things were for Team Armour’s offensive line during the game in this one tweet.

The result as you know, put zero points on the board for a team that was composed of what is suppose to be some of the best football players in the country.

Patrick Bethel Seals The Deal

With the game getting closer to the final whistle, Team Armour was doing everything they could to get something going. However, as it was all game, Team Highlight’s defense just kept putting pressure on Team Armour’s offensive line and thus resulting in loss of protection for the quarterbacks at times. In the end Patrick Bethel recovers a fumble to seal the deal and end the game.

One Final Thought

With that, Team Highlight gets a 27-0 win over Team Armour and posts the first shutout in the game’s nine-year history. However, some feel that the game being moved back to the Citrus Bowl in Orlando helped a lot this year in other ways. And that is something we agree with here at Florida HS Football.