Flag Football District Tournaments are this week and we are taking a look at each district in every region of the state giving you the times, matchups, quick insight about the district and a prediction on who will emerge as the district champion and advance to the FHSAA regional playoffs. The Road To Boca Raton starts here!


at Dwyer

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Monday
Championship – Wednesday


#1 Seminole Ridge
#2 Jupiter
#3 Dwyer
#4 Wellington

Semifinal Matchups
#1 Seminole Ridge vs. #4 Wellington, 6
#2 Jupiter vs. #3 Dwyer, 7:30

Quick Hit: Seminole Ridge lost their first regular season game in a long time last week to Glades Central and that could likely have teams giddy for a potential chance of seeing if they can do the same thing this week. However, as we look deeper into the district here, Seminole Ridge escaped twice in low scoring affairs to Jupiter and Dwyer, so the question remains if someone is ready to end Seminole Ridge’s run? That could be a yes, but could it be Jupiter, Dwyer or even a much-improved Wellington team? That is the question in a nutshell. I would say whoever makes it out of this district will likely be playing in the state semifinals in Boca Raton next month.

Predicted District Champion: Seminole Ridge


at Boca Raton

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Monday
Championship – Tuesday, 7

#1 Park Vista
#2 West Boca Raton
#3 Boca Raton
#4 Atlantic (Delray)

Semifinal Matchups
#1 Park Vista vs. #4 Atlantic, 6
#2 West Boca Raton vs. #3 Boca Raton, 7:15

Quick Hit: Park Vista has shown again they are the top in their district this season, but West Boca Raton and even Boca Raton would like to have a say and end things here.  The question is can either of those two teams really put the brakes on Park Vista and snatch the district championship away? It is the toughest part to answer, but right now we feel that it is a no.

Predicted District Champion: Park Vista


at Port St. Lucie

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Tuesday
Championship – Wednesday, 7:30

#1 Jensen Beach
#2 Glades Central
#3 Fort Pierce Westwood
#4 Port St. Lucie

Semifinal Matchups
#2 Glades Central vs. #3 Fort Pierce Westwood, 6
#1 Jensen Beach vs. #4 Port St. Lucie, 7:30

Quick Hit: This is district has two factors… Jensen Beach who went undefeated in the regular season and a highly improved Glades Central, whose only loss is to Jensen Beach. Yes, Glades Central picked up a huge win against Seminole Ridge to close out the season last week and has given them confidence coming into the district tournament. We expect that it will come down to Jensen Beach and Glades Central for the district championship. Either team would represent this district fine and either one could have a chance to be playing in the state semifinals in Boca Raton next month.

Predicted District Champion: Jensen Beach


at Boynton Beach

Tournament Dates
Semifinals – Monday
Championship – Tuesday, 7

#1 Suncoast
#2 Boynton Beach
#3 Olympic Heights
#4 Somerset Canyons

Semifinal Matchups
#1 Suncoast vs. #4 Somerset Canyons, 6
#2 Boynton Beach vs. #3 Olympic Heights, 7:30

Quick Hit: Suncoast is by far the favorite to win this district after the season they have had. The big question here is what will Boynton Beach be doing. It was told by an anonymous source that Boynton Beach had forfeited several games after a brawl during a game against John I. Leonard a couple of weeks ago that resulted in Boynton Beach forfeiting several games. However, with that not fully confirmed by us, we are wondering what will happen. We will find out Monday night when the scores come in. However, it still does not change our thoughts that Suncoast will outright win this district.

Predicted District Champion: Suncoast