We are back!!! The FloridaHSFootball.com Podcast is back as we talk to Alan Verlander, Founder and CEO of Airstream Ventures, based out of Jacksonville. We learn more about who Alan is, talk to him about the founding of Airstream Venture, their High School 9:12 initiative, and then talk about this weekend’s Bold City Showcase taking place at The Bolles School in Jacksonville.

Show Timeline:


0:52 – Show Introduction

3:46 – Alan Verlander Introduction & Airstream Venture

7:30 – High School 9:12 initiative

16:50 – The Bold City Showcase

38:11 – Closing

You can follow Airstream Ventures on social media:

Twitter – @AirstreamV

Facebook – @airstreamventures

Instagram – @airstreamventures

You can follow the High School 9:12 initiative on social media:

Twitter – @highschool912

Facebook – @highschool912

Instagram – @highschool912

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