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  1. 1st off Wayne Hills was ranked #8 in New Jersey. So you saying that they were a top 50 team is only telling half the story, which u do quite well, could it have been easier to stay that Hills was a top 10 Jersey team. But NO that would give Pahokee props for pretty much man handling them!!! Secondly Trenton did destroy Dixie and from the team I saw that came to Pahokee, I wasn't impressed. Our kids came into that game without their head coach and it's starting Qb, but excuses are not warranted! This year Pahokee's team looks better than last years, is all I'm saying and that's ALL the original post was saying. But I guess you are a scientist that dissect and overannalize every comment made on this site. Continue to do you bro, I enjoy reading your misconstrued facts. Back to the schedule Yetta Green, Palm Beach Counties District athletic director says who plays who in our county, again know your facts, CATCH UP!!!!!
  2. For the smart guy in Broward , most of the teams you mentioned on Pahokee's schedule are district teams. Therefore they are mandated by the state to play them.... So we have no power to schedule teams in there spot!!!! Any other team we play is at least 2 classes higher and wanted to play us which is what most good teams do. Schedule higher classed team. Which makes great since!!!!!! Most teams tell us, what do we have to gain from playing a small school like you guys, if they lose, it's a disgrace, if they win they were supposed to. So throw that weak schedule stuff out the window. And since you like to reference Trenton, who did they play last year that made you SOO high on them... Again Mr Fact speaker, please know what your talking about before you put out your misleading facts!!!!! We win ships over!!!! CATCH UP!!!!!!
  3. Pahokee don't need validation from you, seems like your the one with the Pahokee problem!!!! Every time Pahokee or GC is mentioned, your fingers start to itch, like one of the Muck teams beat up ya best friend or something. Pahokee is ranked too high, the team that struggled against ridge, this and that! How many times have you seen Pahokee play this year???? And if your not dwelling in the past, how did Trention 2015 team get in our conversation, is 2015 now considered present? This coming from a FACT BASED GUY!!!!! And so what if Pahokee never gets back to level they once were, we were once on that level. Does that stop UM fans from loving UM!!!!! I love my team and got TIRED OF YOUR negative remarks. You don't favorites, I can see that the muck teams ain't on the list of teams that you whole heartedly support, that's fine, we're used to being treated like the step kids, FUEL!!!!!!
  4. Again negativity, and the guy that can't add. If I stayed in Miami for 10 years, how in the hell would I be able to be Alphonso Smith when he's not even 30. Was in college for 5 years and played in the NFL for 4. And your the guy that team NEVER wins and tries his best to negatively spray any other team that does good. Misrery loves company!!!!!! So enjoy your season and do one thing for me, CATCH UP!!!!!!!
  5. It doesn't bother me than your more impressed with Oxbridge, I'm honestly not impressed with BROWARD FOOTBALL AT ALL!!! So enjoy being mediocre because until one of those schools gets 6 rings, the2 words you get is CATCH UP
  6. And by the way I've played for PK and lcoached. I got rings, and can you validate your BROWARD COUNTY HOMERISM?????
  7. It's not my job to question the credentials of Seminole Ridges Head Coach, but I do know that he did a good job of preparing his team AFTER a loss. Got them ready to make a great showing against Out of state competition!. So you were being positive with your statements!!!! I really appreciate that!!!!!
  8. Just as I thought, YOU KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT PAHOKEE FOOTBALL, Palm Beach don't show us no love so it's always been THE MUCK vs Everybody!!!! So if your asking about the muck we stack up very well against anybody we play. The 19 state Championhips is evidence enough, and if your user name is Broward Handicapper, why in the world would you try to include Dade County in your conversation. I stayed in Miami for over ten years and I know for a fact Dade county boys don't like Broward dude, so try another angel!!!!!!
  9. 1st off Mr. Broward we will never know how Trenton 2015 would stack up against Pahokee 2016 because that team is gone, so that's literally a asinine remark! Secondly, the the horse I ride on carries Six state championships, so if I want to talk about Trenton or any team in Broward, I have that right. So if I win one this year or not, I still got more than Trenton and any PUBLIC school in Broward. By the way Boca gets it in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!!!!!!We don't play sub-par 8a teams, we play anybody who wants to line it up. Remember we used to play B. A. All the time until they figured out they we were for real. Keep calm....
  10. Can't call Pahokee the Trenton of 2015, cause that Trenton team didn't play one 8a team last year. And no one shouldn't have to give you any history on Seminole Ridge since you're the wise guy who bought them up. All the the post read was how Pahokee made a statement and you had to speak with the negativity. For the record it was never a struggle with Ridge, got two touchdowns called back for penalties, first game miscues, the same ones most teams makes in week one
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