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  1. He was not hurt in the title game, He ran for 250+ yards and Three touchdowns, could've had four, but changed the play at the 3 yard line so the fullback could score!!! 561_Fan
  2. Pahokee's offense committed 7 turnovers!!!! Like I said before, we are not doing a good job of playing to our strength!!!
  3. Are you serious Muckcitypride1, We would not have beaten University or Dillard with our offensive playbook, I don't care who was ppalying
  4. I asked the oline coach and he told me that the running the zone locking scheme.!!!! What ever they are using it ain't working
  5. Maaaan, we really need to scrap that zone blocking scheme, because it's not working. We have too much talent to be tinkering with that this year. They should do it when we have nothing to lose!!! That's just my opinion!!!!
  6. Pahokee will not beat a good 1A team running the offense that they are running, sorry 561_Fan, but it isn't going to happen!!!!
  7. It depends on which Pahokee shows up, and I'm not talking about the kids. If the 3 yards and a cloud of dust coaches show up, then we will be fine. BUUUTTTT if the Texas Tech, gun and no-run coaches show up, we in BIG TROUBLE!!!!
  8. Call a Spade a Spade, our offensive coordinator has no clue. Can't beat a good team by throwing the ball ALL NIGHT LONG. We keep our Defense on the field and we stay in the gun!!!! We will not beat a nobody like that. Got 3-4 stud back that never gets touches!!!! sadddd
  9. What about Cocoa, Glades Central would be leading the state in titles for public schools if not for them
  10. A-Town 561, Pahokee has Raines on the muck early in the season so we should get a good barometer of where each team is!!!!
  11. Yeah, He ran through us!!!! He was one of the fastest backs that I saw since Antone Smith left Pahokee High School!!!! He was special!!!!
  12. Duke Johnson, Miami Norland slaughtering Glades Central. I was in attendance for this one. 1st half he was held in check, but after halftime this dude went bananas. WOW!!!! WHAT A SHOW!!!!
  13. I'm saying that a game SHOULDN"T BE DECIDED THAT WAY!!!!!!! If the kid stepped on the officials feelings, pull that kid to the side and let him know what is expected of him and the sportsmanship that he should display, BUT you DO NOT call a technical foul!!!! What that ref did was punish a whole team, high school, and city for one INNAPPROPRIATE action!!!! It would've been easier to let the game play out and talk to the kid after the horn, I bet the kid would've heard him, now the kid will look at the officials as villains for the rest of his life!!!
  14. You DO NOT CALL A FOUL IN THAT INSTANCE!!!!! Let the 4 seconds play out and pull the kid to the side and explain to him that he can't do that. Swallow your whistle ref and your pride!!!!
  15. Well Pahokee plays 4 teams out of your top 25, I would be content if they could muster a split in those games!!!!
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