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  1. Meant to say All-Florida teams. It was one last year that included Big schools and small schools All Florida if I’m not mistaken!
  2. Are they doing a All Classification/All Florida team this year? Meaning 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams regardless of classification. I know it’s a lot of work but was awesome to see the past few years!
  3. I have a question about Madison County! Does their student athletes physically attend the school or not? Read a comment on the All State thread that states they do not and are not truly a 1A school.. Are they bending the rules!
  4. That would be nice if Columbia could repay the visit. We were tough this year. Played a tough schedule. The problem is STA is tough to beat on any given year.
  5. When can we expect the All State Teams announcement?
  6. Do you have the overall stats for other teams in the State? Interested to see Atlantic’s overall standings..
  7. Are they getting transfers? Are they recruiting? Are they stealing kids:)
  8. I’ve been reading a lot on Madison County and how they are bending (cheating) the rules! I know transferring and unfortunately recruiting happens in the State! Being a S. Florida guy what exactly are they being accused of doing! I know they’re dam good every year and it makes no sense to me! They’re a 1A team with 7/8A talent.. I understand Pahokee and how they’re good traditionally but bewildered about Madison! Someone please explain!!!!
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