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  1. Hey y’all, My apologies if this isn’t the right thread to ask this, but I’ve been looking around and this is the only one that made sense. My apologies to the moderators if I was mistaken. My football career went down the drain when I blew my shin in my sophomore year in college. However, I could never accept the fact that I cannot partake in the sport I love, so I found a way to stay in touch with it through betting. I mostly focused on the NFL and had great success in the first couple of years (I’ve always had a knack for math so numbers were never a problem for me). I soon found employment in the gambling industry and, lo and behold, I’m now in charge of my own team of experts looking to generate odds for each state’s college football teams. So, my company (--------) would very much like to invite you to check out our site and contribute to our growing community of football and gambling fans. Welcome!
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