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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Thank you for accepting my registration to join this forum board. As my username suggests, I will be posting old newspaper articles, yearbooks, and pictures of High School Football teams from the Florida Heartland area. For my first post I will be sharing something I found in an old local newspaper, The Champion. The Champion was a local newspaper in DeSoto County from 1895-1911. Archives of this newspaper can be found on newspapers.com and online at the Library of Congress, but it only last from 1906-1908. In the Thursday, July 23, 1908 edition of The Champion I found a menti
  2. 1.Northwestern BULLS 2.Miami Carol City Chiefs 3.Miramar/ American High Patriots.
  3. Would Florida High School Sports (any sport) and in particular football programs, players and parents be interested in a company that provides a service that makes it possible for athletes to be fitted and given the opportunity to wear the same Protective custom fitted Mouthguards worn by Professional athletes? An entire program, a team, or an individual -- can provide service on-site or online. Have your own in-house Mouthguard making company available to service every athlete. Team and program discounts, school customization, and a partner for fundraisers and sponsorship donations to the
  4. Can you guess the outcome of a football play that's paused halfway through? I'm a local videographer who's created a new video series featuring southeast Florida schools - you watch a play to a certain point and then enter a guess about how it will turn out. Then you see the result. Outcomes are often surprising, and every episode takes less than a minute to play. Fans of Florida high school football will love this, and I ask you to give it a try. If you like it, subscribe to the channel and get a new video every Monday throughout football season! Thanks for watching. Here's the link
  5. What stations can i listen to HS Football on? Who are the broadcasters?
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