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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Thank you for accepting my registration to join this forum board. As my username suggests, I will be posting old newspaper articles, yearbooks, and pictures of High School Football teams from the Florida Heartland area. For my first post I will be sharing something I found in an old local newspaper, The Champion. The Champion was a local newspaper in DeSoto County from 1895-1911. Archives of this newspaper can be found on newspapers.com and online at the Library of Congress, but it only last from 1906-1908. In the Thursday, July 23, 1908 edition of The Champion I found a mention about an upcoming Football game to be played at the Arcadia Baseball Park between Arcadia and Bartow on Saturday, July 25, 1908 at 3:30 in the afternoon. However, when looking through later newspapers I can not find a score for this game. Arcadia is today known as the DeSoto County Bulldogs. This 1908 mention is the earliest known mention of an Arcadia Football team. This makes DeSoto County one of the oldest High School Football teams in Florida still currently playing. Bartow, along with Lakeland had their first teams in 1907. Arcadia's biggest rival Wauchula (today known as the Hardee Wildcats) had their first team in 1909. Another Heartland team, Fort Meade I have their first Football team as 1912. When I have more time, I will be leaving some more info I have on here. Best Regards, The Heartland Archives
  2. 1.Northwestern BULLS 2.Miami Carol City Chiefs 3.Miramar/ American High Patriots.
  3. Would Florida High School Sports (any sport) and in particular football programs, players and parents be interested in a company that provides a service that makes it possible for athletes to be fitted and given the opportunity to wear the same Protective custom fitted Mouthguards worn by Professional athletes? An entire program, a team, or an individual -- can provide service on-site or online. Have your own in-house Mouthguard making company available to service every athlete. Team and program discounts, school customization, and a partner for fundraisers and sponsorship donations to the program. Thoughts?
  4. Can you guess the outcome of a football play that's paused halfway through? I'm a local videographer who's created a new video series featuring southeast Florida schools - you watch a play to a certain point and then enter a guess about how it will turn out. Then you see the result. Outcomes are often surprising, and every episode takes less than a minute to play. Fans of Florida high school football will love this, and I ask you to give it a try. If you like it, subscribe to the channel and get a new video every Monday throughout football season! Thanks for watching. Here's the link to the first challenge: https://youtu.be/fl1hP-oCgu0
  5. What stations can i listen to HS Football on? Who are the broadcasters?
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