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  1. So funny. How do the next 5 years look at Plant? If your son was at Plant, would you move him? The players are pissed rn.
  2. When your student moves out of district and you openly admit to finding him housing (so that he can move back in your district?) -that is recruiting. File an open records request for the transcripts from Weiner's hearing and the multiple kid's hearings. (Multiple) But stop blaming the FHSAA and stop saying there is no proof b/c in order to hold a powerhouse coach with connections accountable - there had to be enough proof. Focus.
  3. If you want evidence of his cheating call the FHSAA. The coach went through more than one appeal and they let some of it slide but he was still held accountable. Now our players that stood up for him feel violated since he is resigning. Every kid on this team knows what's up and who the transfers are. Too bad cheating didn't pay off for them this year. Now let's see who stays for next season.
  4. Plant got many transfers this year. One from out of state one from TC and many more. Not to mention Tampa players switching teams every year. One player went to Plant while his sister was at Steinbrenner. The QB transferred in his junior year. Go through their roster & see where all these kids are coming from & how many true 4 year students they have. Weiner has been benefiting for years off of this & this year it all worked out like it should have. Other players in county schools got looked at. There are more talented players in Hillsborough County than just at Plant/Armwood. Robinson and Jefferson will benefit from Weiner leaving. And the housing issues- Weiner is absolutely guilty of this one student and many more. He is lucky to be able to resign.
  5. Plant Football- Robert Weiner not returning
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