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Found 2 results

  1. MaxPreps is a big mess. Here's an example.... • Palmetto Ridge has both Hardee and Lake Gibson scheduled for September 16 on MaxPreps. • Lake Gibson has both Lee County GA and Palmetto Ridge scheduled for September 16 on MaxPreps. • Lee County GA has both Lake Gibson and North Miami Beach scheduled for September 16 on MaxPreps. And that's not all, I've seen a lot of mistakes on other teams' schedules on MaxPreps as well. Also there's still a lot of teams who have incomplete schedules on MaxPreps even though the start of the regular season is about 6 or 7 weeks away.
  2. Hi Y'all, I was on MaxPreps lately looking at the rankings of teams in my area, and I found something fishy. This has do to with a team in my area, Hardee and Orlando Bishop Moore. As you see, Bishop Moore is ranked ahead of Hardee in both the MaxPreps National Rankings and the MaxPreps State Rankings. Bishop Moore is ranked 1865 in the nation and 136 in the state. Hardee is ranked 1867 in the nation and 137 in the state. However, Hardee is ranked ahead of Bishop Moore in the MaxPreps Class 5A Rankings. Hardee is ranked 23 in 5A and Bishop Moore is ranked 24 in 5A. How can this be? Since Bishop Moore is ahead of Hardee in both the National and State Rankings, should they also be ranked ahead of Hardee in the Class 5A Rankings? This is all strange and confusing. I would appreciate your input! Thanks.
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