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  1. @nolebull813 Just curious. Who's your pick for this week's game between Hardee and Fort Meade? @Silver King Yeah, it annoys me that Charlotte and Port Charlotte take away players from DeSoto.
  2. Yes, Jesuit is Class 5A-Region 3. Most people believe Region 3 will be between them and Hardee. Both of them are undefeated.
  3. I agree with Hwy, it's way too early to make these predictions. However, if I'm going to pick a winner for Class 5A-Region 3, I would not pick Immokalee. They lost very bad to Golden Gate in a 37-8 game. From what I am seeing right now, I would pick either Jesuit or Hardee as winning Class 5A-Region 3. But remember it's very early to know for sure, so we should take these predictions with a grain of salt.
  4. Hi Y'all, I was on MaxPreps lately looking at the rankings of teams in my area, and I found something fishy. This has do to with a team in my area, Hardee and Orlando Bishop Moore. As you see, Bishop Moore is ranked ahead of Hardee in both the MaxPreps National Rankings and the MaxPreps State Rankings. Bishop Moore is ranked 1865 in the nation and 136 in the state. Hardee is ranked 1867 in the nation and 137 in the state. However, Hardee is ranked ahead of Bishop Moore in the MaxPreps Class 5A Rankings. Hardee is ranked 23 in 5A and Bishop Moore is ranked 24 in 5A. How can this be? Since
  5. Hardee, Southeast, and Booker are all on the top of 5A-11 with a 3-1 record in the district. Hardee upset Southeast 24-21 this past Friday after losing to Bayshore 8-7 the previous week in an upset. Southeast's and Booker's only district loss so far is against Hardee. Hardee will play DeSoto in the oldest high school football rivalry in Florida this upcoming Friday, while Booker & Southeast will battle it out. Here are the scenarios: 1. Hardee wins the District if they beat DeSoto. 2. Southeast wins the District if they beat Booker and Hardee loses to DeSoto. 3. Booker
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